Top 10 Top Battery Chargers in 2020 (AA, AAA, 9 V and C.)

Buy batteries often not good for your pocket or the environment. Therefore, the battery charger is an essential accessory for anyone looking to save at the same time it contributes to a more sustainable world, avoiding the disposal of a product as polluting as the stack.

Sony, Elgin, Mox and Multilaser are just some of the brands that sell the magazine in different versions. If you have any questions about how to choose the ideal model, find out what criteria to analyze and be based on the ranking of the top 10 battery chargers that we present below!

How to Choose the Best Battery Charger

Not to err in the choice, we need to know if the model is compatible with rechargeable AA and / or AAA, which the voltage and if he has any extra function, among other things. Following, we will better explain each of these and other criteria. Follow.

Check Compatibility Device

Please observe the different compatibilities charger. The first and most important is the size of the stack that we can use it, but there are other equally essential. Not to throw money out, pay attention to these details, they can often go unnoticed.

The charger stick batteries, AAA, and the large battery charger, AA, are the most common. In some cases, the model is compatible with 2 sizes, bringing specific spaces for each of them. But there are also versions that only charged one of these patterns, not working with others.

In addition to these popular models, you can find chargers for other battery sizes, such as the C and D type, used in flashlights and portable stereos, for example. There are still some that are recharging 9V batteries, frequently found in wireless phones and toys.

You can find batteries of different loads such as 900 mAh, 2000 mAh and 2700 mAh up. The higher the ma-hour (mAh), the longer it takes to load. So that they are properly recharged, it is necessary that the charger is compatible with the battery power capacity.

Using batteries in incompatible chargers could damage them and cause other damage. Therefore, most of them brings specifications regarding the recommended capacities. And there is also the charger intelligent battery, which can identify this information automatically, avoiding accidents.

Top 10 Top Battery Chargers In 2020 (Aa, Aaa, 9 V And C.)

Most models are able to charge four batteries at the same time. However, there are some more compact versions, with space to recharge only two at a time. On the other hand, we still have the chargers for 8 or more batteries simultaneously, which are much larger and generally cost more.

In this regard, the trick is to choose according to the amount of batteries you use in everyday life. Typically, 4 battery chargers are a great option for those who need to use a little, but for those who need to recharge several of them frequently, you may want to invest in the largest model.

Prefer Models That Have Less Charging Time

Top 10 Top Battery Chargers In 2020 (Aa, Aaa, 9 V And C.)

The battery charging time depends on factors such as the amperage them and the charger itself, for example. Generally, the batteries of lower capacity, such as 800 mAh, spend about five hours to recharge, while the 2700 mAh can reach more than 10 hours.

To not have to stay a long time waiting for the charged battery, give preference to models that do the work in a shorter time. Some of them may even count on a quick charging function similar to that found in most modern cell phones, able to expedite the process.

Bet on boots with Security Features

Many people have the habit of leaving the batteries recharging at night while they are asleep, only withdrawing from taking the next day. This is not a problem as long as your device has a security feature. Otherwise, there may be small accident and damage.

Functions such as timer, auto power off after full charge and short circuit protection are great to prevent overcharging and other problems. With them, the use of the charger is much safer and you can even leave it running throughout the morning without worrying.

Consider the boots with Extra Features

The load indicator LEDs are present in virtually all models. Through them, you can know whether the battery is still reloading or if the process is over, and watching the light is on or off or if there is change of color of the lights.

Another feature is the digital display, present in smart chargers. In this small display, it is possible to check the percentage of charging voltage, the remaining time to complete the charge and battery life, among other details, depending on the device.

Note also the battery charger with USB port, more versatile, that can be plugged into a computer or other device, eliminating the power cord. These and other functions are very useful to improve the user experience, but may make it more expensive device.

Invest in Bivolt Chargers for Use in Any Region

Like most of the latest electronic gadgets, most chargers are multi-voltage, ie work in making 110 V and 220 V. However, it is not difficult to come across some models that can only be used in one of these voltages .

To avoid having problems, prioritize multi-voltage devices, especially if you will take you on trips (usually the voltage change from one place to another). Connecting 110 V appliance in a 220 V can burn the charger while otherwise affect the ability to function.

Top 10 Best Battery Chargers

Saw how important it is to check some small details to avoid buying a product that does not meet your needs? After knowing these important criteria, it is time to know what are the top 10 battery chargers for sale in Brazil. Check out the ranking below!

Top 10 Top Battery Chargers In 2020 (Aa, Aaa, 9 V And C.)
Top 10 Top Battery Chargers In 2020 (Aa, Aaa, 9 V And C.)
Top 10 Top Battery Chargers In 2020 (Aa, Aaa, 9 V And C.)

Comparison table of the Best Cell Chargers

Batteries and Battery Charger

Intelligent Charger for 8 Batteries

Rechargeable Battery Charger

Eneloop Lite Battery Charger

Battery Charger with USB Output

Rechargeable Battery Charger

Battery Charger AA AAA 9V

AA Battery Charger / AAA

Bivolt Battery Charger

Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries and Charger

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Now that you have learned all about battery chargers, and chose her in our top 10, check out our article on the best AA and AAA batteries. There you find a top 10 with the best rechargeable batteries of Elgin, Sony, Panasonic and other great brands. Click the link below!

After reading, you’ve certainly will be easier to choose a rechargeable battery charger for easy routine. Also consider, at the time of purchase, give preference to universal models that run on batteries of any brand, to avoid uniqueness problems.

That said, it’s time to put into practice everything you have learned here, taking advantage of the tips and suggestions in our previous article. Make a great buy and do not forget to come back to the text if you have been in any doubt. We are here always on hand to help with anything you need!