Top 10 Top 40 And 43-Inch Tvs In 2020 (Samsung, Sony And More)

Top 10 Top 40 and 43-inch TVs in 2020 (Samsung, Sony and more)

If you love big, high-resolution TVs, then you come to the right place! In this article, we will talk about TVs of 40 inches and 43 highlighting their different functions and specifications. After all, it is important to know well about the product to make the best choice, is not it?

Therefore, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to everything you should know before buying a 40 or TV 43 “and even put together a ranking of the top 10 best TVs. There you’ll find options from brands such as LG, Samsung, Sony and others . Check out!

Why Choose a TV 40 or 43 inches?

Top 10 Top 40 And 43-Inch Tvs In 2020 (Samsung, Sony And More)

40 or 43 inch televisions are perfect for those who like big screens, but does not have very spacious rooms to put them. The models of this size are perfect for those who want to stand at a distance of about 2.4 meters from the TV.

Therefore, 40 and 43 TVs “have a versatile size to be used both in living rooms and in rooms. Another positive point is that from this screen size you can find more resolution options ranging from full HD up to 4K .

In addition, the audio power of the models of this size also tends to be higher, it is possible to find models with technologies like Dolby Audio and Surround Sound. He became interested in a TV 40 or 43 “? Then check out our tips below and choose the best for you!

Measures as a TV 40 or 43 inches?

To ensure that your 40 or 43-inch TV will fit in your rack is important to know how measures a TV of this size. We know that 1 inch corresponds to 2.54 cm, but that does not mean a 40 inch TV will be 101.6 cm (40 times 2.54 cm) wide!

In fact, the size in inches of televisions measure is equivalent to the screen diagonal, ie the distance between the upper edge and the opposite bottom end. But it does not help to know that your TV will fit or not in our room, right?

What you must know it is the dimensions of the models 40 and 43 inch screens are average of 55 cm to about to 95 cm in width and depth can be 9 cm thicker models and 6 cm in thinner. Check the exact measurements at the time of purchase.

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How to Choose the Best TV 40 or 43 inches

With so many options of models and brands is difficult to decide which TV to choose, is not it? To make the best purchase observe characteristics such as resolution, operating system, sound and image technologies and more. See more details below.

4K TVs prefer for a more Rica Picture Details

Top 10 Top 40 And 43-Inch Tvs In 2020 (Samsung, Sony And More)

Among the models with screens smaller than 40 inches it is very difficult to find products with high resolution, most only HD. Among the TVs of 40 and 43 inches, you can find models with Full HD resolution (most common) and up to 4K, also known as UHD.

4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) has about 4 times more pixels than Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). So are TVs able to offer very sharp images, vibrant and rich in detail. Moreover, the trend is that more and more content is made available in 4K so do not get left behind!

Know also that some TV models have IPS panels. This technology expands the screen viewing angle, so even those who are a bit next to the TV can see all the pictures without quality loss. It’s a great resource for anyone who has living room with side sofas that are not in front of TV.

Keep an Eye on the Operating System of the Smart TV

Currently the three major operating systems for TV are the Tizen (Samsung) webOS (LG) and Android TV. Android is good to be familiar and rely on the vast application Option Play Store.O LG’s WebOS is intuitive and pleasant to use and allows you to change the settings without pausing the schedule.

Samsung’s Tizen is also a nice use system with GameFly option, which by subscription gives access to an extensive catalog of games to the TV. The disadvantage of both Tizen as the WebOS is that although they have the main services, they do not have an application option as varied as Android.

There is also a Linux system that is simpler. He does not have many application options, but has major as Netflix, Youtube, etc. Already, the Roku system, which is already known in the United States, brings a simple layout and easy to use, with automatic updates that add new features.

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Prefer TVs with HDR Technology for Best Images

The HDR is a technology quite popular on TV these days, because it improves image quality allowing a greater contrast of colors and balancing tones. The result is that TVs with this feature can deliver images closer to reality captured by the human eye.

There are different standards of HDR technology, and Dolby Vision the best so far. It brings the greatest contrast and color depth among all. It is also common to find HDR10 nomenclatures, HDR10 + and HLG, which are other HDR standards.

Give Preference to TVs with Power 20 W Audio

Among the options Models 40 and 43 inches on the market, there is a small variation in audio power. Most models have a sound system with 20 W of power, but some products have a less powerful audio with only 16 W or even 10 W

Keep an eye also on TV with audio technologies that bring better sound quality. Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual technology: X surround sound and bring to the TV sound more immersive and realistic with crisp dialogue and enhanced bass.

Browse TVs with Relevant Resources for You

Top 10 Top 40 And 43-Inch Tvs In 2020 (Samsung, Sony And More)

Between market TVs you can find different options for features that make use of much more practical device. There are, for example, models that allow screen mirroring your smartphone, tablet or other compatible device on the big screen TV without any wires.

Some TVs come with integrated Chromecast that lets you share content between your phone and the TV without restricting cell phone use. Others have the function Picture in Picture to watch two screens at the same time, and there are already TVs with artificial intelligence that learns your tastes to allow better user experience.

In addition, there are models with voice command, which lets you control your TV just talking. Much more practical, is not it? We liked these features? So before you buy be sure to check which of them has a TV.

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Prefer models with at least one USB port and 2 HDMI

Top 10 Top 40 And 43-Inch Tvs In 2020 (Samsung, Sony And More)

HDMI and USB ports are essential to connect your TV to other devices through cables. You will need the HDMI input in order to connect game consoles, nootebook and other devices on your TV. With USB you connect USB sticks or external hard drive to watch them saved content.

So it is important to pay attention to the number of HDMI and USB ports to have no difficulty in connecting all the appliances you need. Prefer TVs with at least 1 USB inputs and 2 HDMI inputs. In the market there are also models with up to 3 HDMI and 3 USB ports.

Top 10 Best TVs 40 to 43 inches

Now that you’ve read all the tips necessary to choose the best TV should already have in mind what kind of TV you want to buy, is not it? So, check below the ranking of the top 10 TVs of 40 and 43 inches. Maybe your ideal TV is here!

Table Comparison of Best televisions 40 and 43 inches

Top 10 Top 40 And 43-Inch Tvs In 2020 (Samsung, Sony And More)

Smart TV LED 40″ Samsung Ultra HD 4K

Smart TV LED 40″ Philco

Smart TV LED 43″ LG FHD ThinQ AI

Smart TV LED 43″ Sony

Smart TV LED 40″ Samsung

Smart TV LED 43″ Philco

Smart TV LED 40″ Philco

Smart TV LED 43 “AOC Roku TV

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Amid so many options prices, makes and models of TVs it is necessary to understand some of the features available to not disappoint you end up buying a model. Each TV model has different features to suit all kinds of people.

Use all the tips we have given in this article and choose the best model for you! If you have questions about other products, make sure you take a look at our website and read other articles on various subjects.