I walked into a furniture store once with my partner looking to be mature with our tax returns for once and spend them on a quality mattress. We were greeted by a very nice man who took us around the store for literally hours.

I spent a fortune on my mattress which is supposed to have some sort of special springs – I don’t even know anymore. 3 years later there is a dip in my mattress in the spot where my butt is, and now my lower back hurts every morning when I wake up. I’ve rotated it before for the same reason. Now I can’t rotate it anymore without their being a dip in the mattress. I need to contact the manufacturer as I’m using the best pillow for side sleeper to help.

I can confirm this when I was mattress shopping and doing research. Customer service for warranty issues was even worse to sort through. Had to get the better business bureau involved before anything was done. The mattress I originally had started three years of chronic back pain. I probably should have sued for rather than asking for a new mattress (that’s actually too firm for me, btw. My futon mattress is more comfortable and that was free )

It’s better to shop at a large retailer because they have those return policies and they do NOT want you returning anything so they’ll be more invested in your comfort and as long as you get a mattress protector you should be solid for 8 to 10 years so 96-120 months divide by your sale price then you will see that it’s not so unreasonable.