Organised Groups

Child-Safe in Sport and Organised Groups

All adults have a duty of care for the children with whom they work. It is good practice to have a child protection policy within your club or organisation and in doing so, help to prevent potential offenders from accessing children. Child-Safe in Sport and Organised Groups is an information and resource pack targeted at sports and other organised groups involving young people. This brightly coloured pack contains comprehensive safety advice and guidance for club leaders, organisers and volunteers, enabling and supporting the introduction of robust risk management processes and procedures.


Users describe the pack as “brilliant”, “very practical”, “excellent”, “just what we need”, “a real time saver”.


Alan Shearer from Newcastle United Football Club says “Every child in every society, has the right to grow up in an environment which is dedicated to his or her protection.”


Child-Safe, through the work of the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, is now becoming synonymous with effective child abuse prevention, both at a local and national level, as well as in some international arenas.


Every country has laws and regulations governing how children and young people are treated. Most have signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This guarantees children’s rights as citizens to protection and basic, good quality levels of care.


  • Child-Safe¬†encourages the promotion of good practice, coupled with preventive advice packages and books.
  • Child-Safe¬†succeeds in developing a diverse range of Multi-Agency approaches to child protection.
  • Child-Safe¬†continues to stimulate wider international activity and debate for the protection of children and younger people.
  • Child-Safe works towards the creation of appropriate legislation, regulation and Codes of Conduct within the UK and Europe, to protect our children and young people.