I think Melania actually does have a kind heart. By all accounts, she’s a devoted mom. I don’t think she has any influence at all over her husband, and may even be abused by him. She should never have married him; I suspect she didn’t know what he was really like until it was too late. And now she’s stuck like a laminated paper.

I know many of you will say she’s a calculated gold digger. Not only do I choose to give her the benefit of the doubt, I also don’t see how someone with her background would have any way to have seen Trump for what he is before it was too late. Certainly plenty of women have found themselves in similar situations with men who are not wealthy.

Unfortunately Her husband is very much a bully among other things she called out as bad behavior and I believe he is aware and proud to be. She must realize that and it makes me wonder if she’s trusting speech writers and whoever to give her good counsel and yet they are using her to make a scanned statement about her husband. It’s very odd, and seems like an underhanded way of saying the POTUS is not a good leader by example.

With all that a side, cyber bullying is a real issue that needs to be addressed. Many people have committed suicide and countless bodily harm has come of it.