Their problem solving skills definitely need work. I don’t see that as generation specific though. My parents are the same age, my father figures things out pretty well but my mother just never seems to get it.


I don’t think they are stupid but you must admit they are a good example of how the school system is letting all our children down. Its obvious if you think about it that the receiver needs to be lifted to make a call. Its simple logic. The phone has two states and in one it cant make calls yet they continue to make the same mistake over and over and over and over and over and over again. Lots of overs eh. I’m trying to stress how often they make the same mistake without resorting to thinking about it.

In my opinion they are stupid for that reason but its not their fault its the education system. Well their parents too share the responsibility but they too are just victims of one of the worst education systems in the developed world. The only thing America is really good at is making, selling and using guns and sending people to prison.

Actually no it’s very simplistic. If that were true we would be confused by a phonograph or the original telephones which are also easy to operate. In actuality, society is DUMBING DOWN. kids today are lazy. Not all kids but also not all kids are this stupid. This is representative of lack of education and common sense.

Getting our children through college to move with technology paying and earning money for the next generation to progress to a new era. Past generations of pioneers have paved the way that must not be forgotten . Remember as I settled into old age I look back knows I have worked hard and your time as the next generation has come to lead the way for the next .

When you are old I hope you are respected for what your generation has done. Hope you read this we all get old . I am glad to be out of the rat race and have made a lot of money to enjoy my travels .