Both of my kids have tablets. Their tablet time is limited and is always used when I have easy access to see what they are doing it the games they are playing. My daughter does have access to YouTube, but only to certain things (cookie swirl c, Hailey’s magical​ playhouse and song lists I’ve already composed). I check her search history from time to time and she hasn’t ever broken from our agreement. She knows that her tablet will be taken away indefinitely. My son did have access to youtubekids but would come ask me if something was appropriate for him. Unfortunately, things being the way they are I had to disable YouTube and YouTube kids from my son’s tablet. However, seeing as both of my kids will ask if something is appropriate for them, that leaves me to think I’m doing something right with the way I handle their internet access. I don’t want my kids seeing unrelated videos like basal thermometers advertised to them.

We have a rule about internet access. If they want to download a game or watch YouTube it has to be around mom or dad. And they always ask if it is appropriate or not. Even in Disney movies they close their eyes on kissing parts. I think that is so cute and shows me that my husband and I are doing great as well…

A lot of parents use it as a tool to keep their kids busy. We are active outdoors and go to parks all the time and there are rarely more then one other child there. There’s a reason all of the tech guys from silicon Valley have tech free children, it’s because they know of they’re addictive properties and that kids miss out on the all important social aspect of life. We as a society are loosing that, hence the absence of kids at the park.

I’m not against computers, I see their benefits and use them daily, I am simply saying that the young influential and fast growing brain of a child needs stimulation, they need to touch trees and dirt and feel the burn of a scraped knee from learning to ride a 4 wheeler or playing using a punching bag for child.