As one of the co-chair’s for the South Playground Society (fundraiser group for Isabel Public School), I have found this to be very interesting!

I agree whole-heartedly that our government (no matter past or present) should indeed provide funding for our new schools to have playgrounds. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and as parents and community members, we are left to pick up that slack. It’s a lot of slack!

The price tag for a playground the size that Isabel needs is approximately $4-500,000. This does not include swings, or ground prep. It does seem like an outrageous amount, I agree with that as well. But that’s one quote from several companies we’ve received, and it’s an Alberta company, and the lowest quote to date.

On top of that, forming a society is no easy task, and the process was started well over a year ago and only recently were we able to actually start the fundraising portion of the process.
We have a long way to go, a lot of money to raise, and we really REALLY need the help and support of our community as a whole.

The current fundraiser we are running is a BBQ, courtesy of  No Frills, in conjunction with the stores ‘Give a little, help a lot’ campaign, where donations can be made at the till as well. We were there today, we will be there tomorrow, and we will be back next weekend (Sept 3 & 4).

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us so far!


Government stopped funding for playgrounds quite a few years ago. Every new school has to fundraise if they want a playground & it’s usually put together by volunteers. Maybe get more involved with fundraising & volunteering