Since weaning I have been drinking coca cola at least 1 liter a week (in average). Until now I have nothing abnormal and I still go on drinking it. It’s amazing how something as simple as coke can be used for many other things other than drinking. I still don’t understand how if something like this could clean all that, what the damage it will be doing to our bodies and it is still be allowed to be sold as a drink… showing me other uses of Coke; this would further increase the company’s turnover. I have also notice I don’t like things as sweet as I used to. Regular sweet tea is super sweet to me.

Coke as the name indicates, was originally having extractions from coca leaves. Aborigines from the Amazon jungle chew coca leaves when feeling hungry. The coca ingredient in Coke was later removed or being substituted to conform with the FDA regulations.

As as coke cleaning things, wouldn’t club soda work too or Sprit, because coke sometimes stains too. Also it’s not really the cheapest way to do those things and still get the same effect. So unless you drink half a coke and think, Oh wow that’s enough soda for me today. Hum, I guess I’ll just go clean my toilet bowl with the rest, I’m not sure it’s something people would actually do other than to just test to see if these things work.

When your car battery has leaked battery fluid, and it’s caked on the battery top (around the connections) just pour a coke over the battery (put something under the car to catch the drips!) and it cleans up the residue on the battery!

Many years ago, my granddaddy went to laundromat, back when oil was king in TX. A man walked in with very greasy clothes; he put clothes in washer, added detergent & a can of coke. When the washer finished he pulled out clean clothes. Granddaddy decided to not drink coke anymore, but he knew how to get greasy clothes clean.

Any carbonated drink can remove Rust and Calsium build up.

Alkaloids present in drinks can act as a bug repellent.

Stains in this video are phenolphthalein containg base(Na2CO3) which easily reacts with the Carbon dioxide containg in the drink which removes the color of the indicators. That’s a simple acid base reaction with an indicator.