Child-Safe International has been a leading force in the protection and safeguarding of young travellers since 1995.

Arguably, in 2016 the need for awareness raising, training, and accreditation services exists more than ever. It is therefore with sadness that the Board of Trustees has concluded that the charity no longer has sufficient human and physical resources to remain a viable, effective, sustainable and competitive force within the field. Therefore, the trustees have agreed to close Child-Safe International. The Charity Commission has been informed of this decision.

Child-Safe will not be undertaking any new projects, providing any further training or offering professional advice. However, the e-mail address  will be monitored by the Trustees at regular intervals for the next few weeks in order for any essential loose ends to be wound up as smoothly and quickly as possible.

The Trustees wish to thank all those individuals and organizations who have been involved with or who have supported, directly or indirectly, the work of the charity over many years. We urge all those who share the aims and objectives of Child-Safe to seek ways to continue the essential protection, safeguarding, and accreditation work.