Top 10 Best Watches Timex in 2020 (Expedition, Ironman and more)

Timex watches are synonymous with tradition and quality. Several generations have fallen in love with a watch model this century-old brand, which remains more relevant than ever. There are watches Timex male, female and unisex, for all styles and tastes.

There are several lines of Timex watches such as Expedition, Ironman and Weekender. To help you choose the perfect watch, we prepare a complete article about what you should observe. We also set up a ranking of the top 10 Timex wrist watches. Do not waste time and check out!

Timex Watch Is Good?

Since 1854 Timex manufactures watches that mark people’s lives. This American company has developed true icons in wristwatches, symbols of entire generations. Not surprisingly, their watches are worldwide hits as deliver quality at a fair price.

Timex watches are sturdy and functional, many also have a different design, which strengthens the style of the brand. If you are looking for a sports watch, casual or even to venture into the bush, Timex certainly has a reliable option. There are hundreds of models!

How to Choose the Best Watch Timex

The first step to choosing the best Timex is to know the different lines of the brand. Thereafter, it is necessary to evaluate between digital and analog, the material of the box, the presence of background light, additional features and water resistance. Learn more about each aspect below.

Know the Different lines of Timex Watches

Timex has literally dozens of watches lines. Next, we’ll know the most popular and highlight their attributes. Certainly, there is one with which you most identify with?

The Timex Expedition watch is perfect for people more adventurous. Full of functions, this line watches provide accuracy to calculate periods laps (laps) and have well advanced alert systems. More “wild” design is a tough watch, ideal for campers.

The Timex Ironman watch is very famous among athletes. The triathlon practitioners: running, swimming and cycling love the features of this watch. There are many functions for sports such as lap count, alarms and timer. The design is modern and it is practical to use on the go!

Timex line for the day to day is called the Weekender. These watches are beautiful and perform the primary function of showing the hours, minutes and seconds. In general, they are analog, with hands and large numbers. Timex Weekender models have male, female and unisex, for everyone!

Timex has dozens of other lines! Some explore creativity in style, while others vary the composition and functions. Not all lines are available in Brazil, which is a shame. For example, here it is harder to find and limited commemorative Timex watches.

A highly successful line is the Timex Heritage or T-80, with a retro design, 80s Watches Timex Easy Reader have large numbers, easy to read, and also more nostalgic. Among the modern lines, Intelligent Quartz uses technology to add functions to watch!

Prefer a Digital Clock If You Use Moving

wrist watches can be analog or digital. The oldest are analog models, which have mechanical systems that rotate the hands. They are accurate, however, it can be difficult to read the time and other information as is in motion.

If you have a busy life, like playing sports or want convenience, choose the digital models. On the screen appear the hours and other information clearly visible. Digital watches may also have additional functions on analog, an advantage for those who love technology!

Steel boxes and resin Are More Resilient

The Timex watch is composed of the bracelet and the case where the display is. The box can be made of steel, plastic or rubbery resin, the latter being the least resistant material. Steel boxes can withstand impacts, however, the metal can wear out over time.

Already the rubbery resin box provides a protective layer that protects the watch mechanism and prevents wear. Steel and resin are visually very different then, as both have good strength and durability, consider the box that most fits your style.

Select Watch Timex Indiglo with Light

Timex invented the light green background on wrist watches, with Indiglo technology. Made to provide the reading of the clock information in low light is a practical and effective remedy. Some Timex watches have Indiglo light. Always prefer a model that has, because it’s very practical!

Check Additional Features

Especially digital models may have functions that extend the usefulness of the wristwatch. These watches can control laps (laps) to record each. The timer allows the countdown time, moreover, audible alerts and vibrating call the user’s attention.

Some models of Timex watches can even connect to your smartphone and receive notifications, such as smartwatches. The chronograph is perhaps the most technical feature of Timex watches, it accurately measures various time intervals and records it on the display in small windows!

For Sports Under Water, Prefer watches with resistance at Least 30 m

Top 10 Best Watches Timex In 2020 (Expedition, Ironman And More)

Those who practice water sports needs a wristwatch water resistant. In general, Timex watches have a capacity to endure the rain (described as resistance to 5 meters of water). However, for those who practice sport is better to have a margin, the ability of 30 meters.

Top 10 Best Wristwatch Timex

As you now know everything you should follow to choose the best Timex wristwatch, it’s easy to make your decision. We will further facilitate your choice with the top 10 of the best Timex models available at the time!

Top 10 Best Watches Timex In 2020 (Expedition, Ironman And More)
Top 10 Best Watches Timex In 2020 (Expedition, Ironman And More)
Top 10 Best Watches Timex In 2020 (Expedition, Ironman And More)
Top 10 Best Watches Timex In 2020 (Expedition, Ironman And More)

Comparison table of Best Wristwatch Timex

Timex Expedition Shock

Timex Ironman

Timex Weekender Female

Timex Heritage Clock

Timex Expedition Shock

Timex Easy Reader

Timex Intelligent Quartz watch

Timex Ironman Run Male X50

Timex Move X20

Timex Ironman Female

Now you know how to choose the best clock Timex wrist. There are hundreds of options available, but with the information passed here is easier for you to select the most appropriate to their profile. We also present a list of the best female Timex watches, male and unisex.

In the ranking are some of the best watches Timex the moment, then it will be easy to choose one to use or give someone. If you liked this article and know a person who is interested in the subject, do not waste time and help her choose the best Timex. Share!