Top 10 Best Universal Remote Controls for TV to Buy in 2020

You’ve probably suffered from a remote control broken or lost. In such cases, the best solution is to purchase a universal remote for the TV. This type of remote control can be compatible with your TV and other electronic devices, such as DVD and Home Theater. It is much more practical!

All universal control has many features, but the advantages and prices ranging between models and brands. Find out in this article what you should consider when buying. And enjoy our selection of the 10 best options on the market, of great brands like General Electric and Multilaser.

What Is a Universal Remote Control?

Top 10 Best Universal Remote Controls For Tv To Buy In 2020

The universal remote control is nothing more than a scheduled object to control different TV sets, even if they are of different brands. Some models work only with the TV, while others can be used with various electronic equipment such as DVD.

If you ever wondered how they work, know that it decodes the codes of various electronic devices, that is, it “understands” the equipment and then connects with it. The most versatile options are compatible with different devices and TV models. It is a very convenient!

How to Choose the Best Universal Remote Control for TV

Choosing a universal control may seem challenging, but do not worry because we will help you understand the features of this amazing object. To begin with, the compatibility with your TV is essential, but also pay attention to the scope and functions offered.

Check What Devices Are Compatible with the Control

Top 10 Best Universal Remote Controls For Tv To Buy In 2020

The first step to choosing your universal remote control is to verify which electronic devices it can control. There are models programmed only for TV and others who work with various equipment such as DVD, Home Theater and even audio devices.

These models, which can control various equipment, are considered super practical, since with only one control you can operate most of your home devices. But with all this technology, know that they are often more expensive than the options compatible only with the TV.

Confirm that the remote control works with the brand and model of your TV

Top 10 Best Universal Remote Controls For Tv To Buy In 2020

Before finalizing your purchase, it is very important to check if the control is compatible with your TV. Most universal controls work with major TV manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and Sony. To be sure of this information, check the description of the product or packaging.

In addition, some brands tell what kind of technology is compatible with the control, such as LED, LCD and plasma. Although not a standard information, you can also find descriptions receiver that meets the control commands, satellite or cable TV. Keep an eye!

Prefer controls with On the Range Less 8 Meters

Top 10 Best Universal Remote Controls For Tv To Buy In 2020

Has nothing more boring than having to get off the couch to change the TV channel, is not it? To avoid this situation, check the remote control range and invest in models that offer at least 8 meters. This distance is usually sufficient to control TV directly from the couch.

But if you want to use your control with other equipment such as audio devices, it is better to opt for a range of 20 meters. So, you can change away from music. Therefore, the choice depends on the use that you want to remote control.

Choose models with additional functions, such as learning capacity

Top 10 Best Universal Remote Controls For Tv To Buy In 2020

How about a direct access button to your favorite apps? With the learning resource, also known as Learn, some controls can map out new features, that way, you can create shortcuts and have a personalized experience.

Some controls now offer this facility without configuration. They feature shortcut buttons for key applications such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. If you are a fan of streaming services and search convenience, this can be a super differential.

In addition, there are controls that offer differentiated features such as the Air Mouse, which combines the functionality of a keyboard with a mouse. This type of command can be used both in its Smart TV, and the computer. It is perfect for controlling multiple devices from the same control.

Do not Forget to Check the Control Supply Type

Although seem just a detail, remember to check what type of battery required for the control operation. Most models need batteries, which is not included, then add in your purchase appropriate batteries, which can vary in quantity and type.

Top 10 Best Universal Remote Controls for TV

Check out the following our selection of the top 10 universal remote controls for TV. The ranking has options just for your TV, or compatible with various electronic devices. Do not forget to check if the chosen control is compatible with the model of your TV!

Comparison table of the Best Universal Remote Controls for TV

Universal Remote Control for TV

Universal Remote Control Mini Wireless Air Mouse Keyboard Wireless

Universal Remote Control for up to 8 devices

Universal Remote Control 3 in 1

Universal Remote Control Mini Wireless Air Mouse Wireless Keyboard Android

Universal Remote Control Learning Function Learn

Zapper Universal Remote Control for TV

Giant Universal Remote Control for up to 4 devices

Universal Remote Control for Smart TV

Universal Remote Control for LCD TV

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With all this step by step it was far easier to decide what the best universal remote, is not it? Check the compatibility of control with your TV and other electronic devices, such as DVD and Home Theater, so you guarantee practicality and a great buy.

Models with additional functions such as learning, are profitable and worth. Oh, do not forget to tell the family that, with universal controls, no more need to worry if the original model is broken. We wish good buy and relaxing moments of leisure!