Top 10 Best Suitcases Makeup to Buy in 2020

resistant makeup bags and spacious are fundamental to good people and for those who need a place to store your makeup products. But to choose a great case, you should note a few points, as the number of partitions and the material of the product.

Brands like Jacki Design, Tully and Commerce Brazil have bags of extreme quality and beautiful designs. And to help you, we have prepared a tutorial of how to choose the best case. Also, we did a ranking of the top 10 bags of makeup. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Makeup Carrying Case

Choose your makeup case taking into account mainly the amount of compartments. Also, check product material, preferably aluminum, and note the weight and dimensions of the bag. We explained in detail below!

Choose agreement with Compartments Quantity

Top 10 Best Suitcases Makeup To Buy In 2020

The first point that we should observe when buying a makeup case is the amount of available compartments and spaces. The more partitions have, the products can be stored in an organized manner.

Typically, the bags have 3 to 6 partitions between compartments and sliding trays. And speaking of that, a very important point is to see if the partitions are movable, so it is much easier to remove them to better visualize the products.

Prefer products produced with Aluminum

Top 10 Best Suitcases Makeup To Buy In 2020

Another very important point of makeup bags is your material. After all, she probably will be uploaded to various places and it needs to be tough and durable. Thus, prefer bags produced with aluminum.

Aluminum is a great material quality and at the same time light, something essential for the suitcases. But beyond that, these products can also be produced with PVC. In this case, note that it is hard and good quality.

Check the weight and dimensions Maleta

Top 10 Best Suitcases Makeup To Buy In 2020

There are bags of different sizes and weights. You should choose watching what your need in time to save it and also to transport it. Below you can find the indication of each size, small, medium and large!

Most bags have firm grips and handles to load, being practical and easy to carry. But there are some very large makeup bags that have wheels, since the weight should be higher.

Top 10 Best Suitcases Makeup

Now that you have checked our tutorial, check out the top 10 market makeup suitcases! Selected small and medium-sized suitcases of the most varied designs and sizes. Check out and select your favorite bag!

Top 10 Best Suitcases Makeup To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Suitcases Makeup To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Briefcases Makeup

Professional makeup case P

Bag Luxury Rose Gold Makeup

To Makeup briefcase Scales

Suitcase Makeup Pro Tam. M

Aluminum case with drawers Retractable

In case Professional Makeup Diamond Top

Carrying Case Professional Makeup Paris

Makeup bag Stamped

Frasqueira case Makeup and Jewelry Paris

Consider Buying a suitcase Makeup Grande Professional

Professional makeup bags are perfect for makeup artists and people who need to carry large amount of makeup quickly and facll way. These suitcases, called dressing rooms, are virtually suitcases, with casters and plenty of space!

This type of case has a very high price, after all, is complete. They have mirrors, various compartments and are lightweight and easy to carry. But pay attention! If you travel a lot by plane, do not buy a giant bag or can not carry it with you.

Keep an Eye on Cleaning Time

Over time, the makeup case just messing, getting full of dust, glitter and lipstick marks. But how can we clear? Our tip is to always pass a cloth with alcohol in the case, letting it breathe a little cool, dry place.

Also, never clean the case with very abrasive cleaners such as chlorine and bleach. And for a more rugged carrying case, avoid storing it in the bathroom or in very humid, which can spoil the product and make-ups that are inside.

Check Our Makeup Instructions

Have you ever checked the bags of makeup, so now it’s time to choose what to put in it! In MyBest we have a number of articles with the indications of the best beauty products. You can not miss this. Click the link below and check it out!

makeup bags are items needed for anyone in love with makeup. loading practices, these products greatly facilitate the beauty routine and the work of makeup artists, amateurs and professionals, in addition to being a storage safe place.

To choose, always note the space and size of the case, to make sure that their products will fit and it will be easy to carry. And do not forget that we have the option of larger bags for professionals. You will surely find the perfect product to our list!