Top 10 Best Stretch Mark Creams to Buy in 2020

Stretch marks are common brands for men and women, which can cause discomfort and affect self-esteem. The creams for stretch marks help to mitigate them and there are several options, such as Cicatricure and Mustela. To choose the best you need to analyze the formula, the texture and the proposed treatment.

In this article, we will explain why stretch marks appear on the skin, how to choose the best product as well as a ranking of the 10 best creams for stretch marks in the market. Want to discover which one is right for you? Check below!

Why the streaks appear on the skin?


When a region of the body rapidly expands the collagen and elastin fibers are broken. They lose their original structure and the results of this process are scars, we know as stretch marks. This effect is characteristic of weight gain in pregnancy and hypertrophy process.

The cream for stretch marks rearranges the broken fibers and improves the appearance of these scars. However, it is most effective when the marks are reddish or purple. The white streaks are already “cured” of the inflammatory process and it takes a more elaborate treatment so that they disappear.

How to Choose the Best Cream for Stretch Marks

Who is looking for a cream for stretch marks have a common goal: to fight the dreaded scars. To achieve results you need to choose the best cream, according to your needs, the product formula and so on. Below, we help you with some tips.

Need Treating Existing Stretch Marks? Bet on Reduction Creams


A cream for stretch marks can act in two ways: preventing the emergence of new brands and treating and reducing the marks. The purpose of most of the products is to deliver these two benefits simultaneously, but some of them only prevent or treat only.

In pregnancy it is natural that the woman’s goal is to prevent the emergence of these brands. But people who have many stretch marks by the body may prefer a cream treatment. In general, creams with this double function are practical and deliver more of a benefit at the same time.

Search Formulas ingredients such as glycolic acid and Rose Hip Oil

Top 10 Best Stretch Mark Creams To Buy In 2020

A cream for stretch marks meets in its formula a number of potent agents to combat these marks. Some of them are highlighted for bringing more noticeable results. It is worth checking the presence of these agents in the formulations, so we’ve listed the most common:

Other important ingredients such as spark Asian, camelina oil, almond oil and urea are recurrent in creams for stretch marks. It is also natural that the count formula with more than one of these agents to enhance the results.

Cream, oil or gel: Choose According to Your Skin and Preference


The creams for stretch marks are found in three different textures: cream, oil and gel. Importantly, none of them are more effective than others. You can guide your choice according to your skin type. Dry skin, for example, may benefit more products in cream and oil.

Another point that you can take into consideration is your personal preference. Many people prefer the antiestrias gel not to weigh on the skin and facilitate the routine, especially when it comes to wear the clothes. But the oil favors the massage the affected area.

Is Expecting A Baby? Look for Antiestrias Cream for Pregnant Women


In pregnancy it is important that there is a concern for products used by the mother. They can affect the baby seriously and permanently, especially when it is a product of continuous use. Urea appears in many creams for stretch marks but can cause malformations in the fetus.

Today there are already several products and lines dedicated to the treatment of stretch marks in pregnant women, as this is a common problem that phase. If the product is not directed to this end, the ideal is to seek the appointment of a doctor.

Can be More Beneficial Investing in a product with Increased Volume

Many creams for stretch marks can cost more than R $ 300.00 a few grams or ml. Although high-quality products, cream for stretch marks tend to be a product of continuous use. This means that you will only see results after a few weeks of weeks of use.

In this case, it may be advantageous to invest in a cheaper option and guaranteeing more product. This will depend on your needs. Who needs to address discrete and small brands can benefit from a more expensive option for longer. Understand what is most advantageous for you.

Top 10 Best Stretch Mark Creams

Now it’s time to give a ranking of the 10 creams for stretch marks that stand out in the market. Recalling that all selected products are of excellent quality. They were organized according to the cost-benefit ratio and its popularity. Get to know each of them and the value in the main e-commerces.

Comparison table of the Best Stretch Mark Creams


Antiestrias Bio-Oil Oil

Cicatricure Gel for Scars and Stretch Marks

Creme Antiestrias Mustela Maternite

Creme Antiestrias Massage Cream for Stretch Marks

Gel-Creme Antiestrias Fittie

Creme Antiestrias Elast Plus

Woman Isdin Antiestrias

Cream Antiestrias Luciara

Creme Antiestrias Elastcream

Creme Antiestrias Striactive Body

Tip Extra: Not Open Hand Creams Sun Care When Using Acid

Some antiestrias creams containing acids in their formula. Depending on the concentration, the skin can become more sensitive and mainly exposed to the sun. So if you go to the beach during treatment with the cream, you should hold sunscreen.

Remember that not all brands indicate the need to use protection during treatment of stretch marks. However, it costs nothing to prevent problems that provide more care for your skin. When in doubt, consult your dermatologist.

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There are a variety of creams for stretch marks, each with its formula, its active ingredients and textures. The time of action of these products may vary, but it is important to use them continuously, according to the indication of the manufacturer. Only then can guarantee the results.

He found the ideal cream for stretch marks to you listed in our rankings? So be sure to check it out in the main shopping and guarantee your treatment! Enjoy also and meet other tips Category Beauty and Health!