Top 10 Best Socket Extensions to Buy in 2020

Having an outlet extension at home or at work, is indispensable. With this device you can connect multiple devices into a single outlet. And the best anywhere you want! There are countless models of retractable extensions and ruler format to choose from.

For the extension cord meets your needs, it is important to choose the right model. In this article, you can see what are the main factors that should be analyzed at the time of purchase and a ranking of the top 10 extensions of making brands such as Tramontina, Daneva and Multilaser.

Extension or Line Filter? Understand the Difference

At the time of purchase it is important not to confuse taking long and strip. Although they are similar such devices have functions and support different electrical charges. Basically, the extensions are used to connect multiple devices to a single outlet.

On the other hand, line filters perform the same function, but are equipped with fuses and circuit breakers that protect equipment from a short circuit or overload of energy. Some models have stand by feature, which helps to save energy.

So, opt for an extension when you have few available wall outlets and a power strip if you want to protect your electronics from power surges. In this article, we will teach you to choose the best extension jack to connect your appliances.

How to Choose the Best Outlet Extension

To choose the best extension making is crucial to analyze some points before purchase, such as format, sockets, type of pins, wire length and voltage. See tips in this section how to analyze each of these aspects.

Choose the socket extension by Format

The socket extensions are manufactured mainly in retractable formats and ruler. They each have advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before making the purchase. Opt for one that best suit your needs and routine.

The main benefit of extension retractable making is that you have no difficulty in time to store the cord, simply rotate the reel and wind the cord into the extension. So with the confidence that the wire will not be damaged and will not be exposed.

Generally, this type of extension has a round and compact, ideal for use in any corner of the home or even while traveling or workshop. However, this model has a reduced amount of outlets, compared with other extensions of the market.

Top 10 Best Socket Extensions To Buy In 2020

To connect multiple devices from a single source, the rule-making extensions are the best, since they have a larger amount of outlets. Also, you can find models with designs, sizes and different colors that match your home or work.

The rule making extensions are thin and take up little space underneath the tables. There are also models with holes to fix the wall and turn into a fixed length. Unlike retractable, the slit extensions wire is exposed after use, which may be considered a nuisance.

See if the extension has the sockets Quantity You Need

In the market, there are extensions of 1 to 5 taken and to make a good choice reflect on the amount of equipment you will connect to it. In practice, if you will use the extension in the office, choose models with more than 3 inputs and use various electronic at the same time.

Another cool tip is to opt for extensions with 2 taken more than you need. That way, you are prepared if you want to connect other equipment, and even does not lose space if the jacks of electronics are large and take up space in the extension.

Plugs 3 Pins No Fits into 2-Pin Plugs

Another factor to consider when buying is whether extension of the jacks are compatible with the plug of electrical appliances. In general, the Brazilian outlets and plugs follow the pattern 2p + t consists of two pins over 1 ground wire pin, which makes the grounding of the electrical connection.

The only exception is that a 3-prong plug (2p + t) does not fit into female sockets 2 pins. In this case, you need to buy an adapter to make the connection to the power grid. On the other hand, the 2-pin plugs are compatible with both the outlets of the type 2p + t as with the 2-pin.

Taken 45 or Far Apart Facilitate Various connection equipment

Although extensions are equipped with multiple entries for taken, we can not always take advantage of all of them at the same time, is not it? This usually happens when we need to connect larger plugs or sources in the extension. They take up space and reduce the extension functionality.

In such cases, the best solution are the extensions taken away entries or inclined at 45ยบ. These models facilitate the connection without blocking other input. Extensions with nearby entries, or 90, are an option for those who will connect devices with simple plugs.

Until Cables 5 Meters Are Ideal For Home Use

The cable size is an important buying criterion, it is he who will set the distance of the extension in relation to the wall socket. There are models with cables up to 5 meters are ideal for home use and in small places such as living rooms and bedrooms, for example.

But if you need an extension cord with greater range, the cables 10 and 20 meters are more interesting. With them, you can be more mobile and keep it connected devices that are away from the outlet. They are also ideal for places with little movement of persons.

Connecting devices need Powerful? Check the Load Max Supported!

To turn powerful equipment without overloading it is important to check the maximum electrical current supported by the extension. Manufacturers produce models with two types of amperage: 10 A or 20 A. Caution! Do not use adapters to connect devices with current of 20 A to 10 A extensions!

As Brazil is the voltage at 127V or 220V, with the extensions 10A taken generally support powers up to 1270W (127V) and 2200W (220V). There are also more powerful options such as those taken 20 A, can withstand up to 2540W and 4400W respectively.

In practice, the extension 10 connected to the 127V voltage support equipment that does not exceed the sum of the powers 1270W as one microwave 900W, 100W and 1 mixer blender 1 of 270W, at the same time. As for the type 20 A, support higher power 2700W, ie, more powerful equipment.

Importantly, the extension must have the same rating from the wall outlet. That’s because, in addition to making 20 The extension support more load, the holes of the sockets are wider, the pin plugs also and extension wires are thick, to withstand high power.

Top 10 Best Socket Extensions

The following is the ranking of the top 10 market making extensions. In the selection, we consider the section purchase criteria How to Choose and customer reviews so that you find the ideal extension to your home or business.

Top 10 Best Socket Extensions To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Socket Extensions To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Socket Extensions To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Socket Extensions To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Top socket extensions

Extension socket 30 Meters

Extension socket 10 Meters

Extension socket 3 Meters

Extension socket 1.5 Meters

Extension socket 3 Meters

Extension socket 5 Meters

Extension socket 3 Meters

Extension socket 10 Meters

Extension socket 5 Meters

Extension socket 3 Meters

We hope this article has helped you to choose the best extension socket. Remember to make a good purchase simply consider criteria such as size, number of outlets, types of plugs and footage that match their needs.

If you experience doubt at the time of purchase, review our tips or see our ranking. The products indicated are of high quality and strong brands. So you warrant the purchase of a safe and useful extension for you.