Top 10 Best Showers Lorenzetti in 2020 (Acqua Duo, Top Jet and more)

Bath’s time to relax, either at the beginning or end of a busy day. Have the best hot shower helps ensure that peace with efficiency and economy. Among the major brands Lorenzetti is the one that stands out, so we did a ranking of the top 10 Lorenzetti showers, with options such as Acqua Duo, Top Jet and more!

You may have heard a lot of words involving the choice of shower: power, pressure, pressurizer, resistance. Rest assured, it’s not a big deal! Let’s decipher the key features to consider when choosing the shower to your home. Continue reading and see!

Why I Prefer A Shower Lorenzetti?

Lorenzetti is a tradition company. Created in 1923, it has always been a pioneer in its productions. Electric showers, now a leading brand products began to be produced in the 50s and in the mid-70s the company launched an unprecedented way the shower thermoplastic material.

He was also responsible for the showers with electronic control and pressurizer in the 90s until today, the company reinvents itself in technology, offering unique resistance as Loren Ultra and innovative designs like the Acqua models, more compact. Always combining quality and innovation.

How to Choose the Best Shower Lorenzetti

The choice of shower Lorenzetti passes for technical reasons, to give the Inmetro seal, others relating to use, ranging from more models and also those relating to the place of installation and compatibility with the shower. Here’s how to identify these attributes, and choose the best for you!

Note on Some Important Technical Data!

The seal on the Inmetro gathers important data related to the electrical characteristics of the shower. In it you will find your voltage, efficiency, power and fuel consumption, for example. On the website of Lorenzetti you can access the Inmetro seal of all products!

In Inmetro seals of electric showers colors and letters mean power. The power shower is strongly related to its ability to heat the water. In cold places greater power is essential. Already in hot places the power can be smaller. Remember that the higher the power, will also be higher energy expenditure.

Power is rated by letters from A to G, in ascending order and measured in Watts. The first, is to power up to 2400W and the last L, to 9000W. Most showers have ratings D, E or F, or between 4601 and 7900W power.

A curiosity is that the same shower template may be commercially available in more than one power. Among the models Lorenzetti with voltage 220, the power varies between 3200W and 7800W. So stay tuned to choose the model with the best power to you!

In the Inmetro seal you also find the temperature rise capacity and the estimated monthly consumption. The consumption is measured in kWh and is based on the use of a shower with a shower of 8 minutes per day. With this data, you can estimate the monthly consumption of your home.

The temperature variation shown in Celsius degrees, and the warm water shower. For example, if the water temperature is around 10 ° C, a shower with temperature elevation up to 30 ° C ability, can release water to 40 ° C. Check this information and choose an efficient shower!

Prefer models with Electronic Temperature Control

There are two ways to control the temperature of the showers, the multitemperaturas and electronics. The first one allows the exchange of temperature with the shower off. In showers multitemperaturas Lorenzetti, you will find 3 or 4 temperature variations.

In electronic models you change the temperature during the bath with the shower running. They have a more gradual variation and unlimited levels, making it easier to find the ideal temperature. Thus, there is also an energy saving because you do not heat up too much water to have very disparate options.

To Increase the Water Pressure Turbo Search Models or Technology Press Plus

If you live on the top floor of a building or in a one-story house, you may have trouble with the water pressure. As a solution, the Lorenzetti offers two options, the Turbo models and Technology Press Plus. The Turbo showers have a built-in pressurizer such as a pump that raises the pressure of the water.

Technology Press Plus provides high performance at the same showers in low pressure situations, eliminating the pressurizer. It is important to mention that the models with pressurizer can have the price a little higher.

More choice spreaders or double for baths More Pleasant

Top 10 Best Showers Lorenzetti In 2020 (Acqua Duo, Top Jet And More)

Lorenzetti has several types of spreaders. The simplest are round and straight, dropping the water vertically. Spreaders can make smaller a little more water pressure. There are even larger (round or square) that make the water reach the whole body, giving more comfort.

More elaborate options have more than one burner, allow the lighter jet shower or greater with shower. It is still models in which the spreader is mobile, varying the direction of the water. Relax model, for example, has multi-directional jets, you can choose the direction.

Opt for resistors with Technologies that Improve Your Endurance

Electric showers may require the exchange of resistance, but this need not be a difficult task. Lorenzetti models available with different technologies. Some have resistance type refill or quick change, it comes in a bracket that engages and disengages the shower easily.

The armored resistance model “Blinducha” has copper coverage that gives you more strength and durability. There is also the unique strength of the brand, Loren Ultra. Unlike common in spring format, it is flat in a single material. Its distinguishing feature is the high performance with long-lasting.

To Associate Types Water Heating, Look for Hybrids Showers

The showers hybrids use electricity and other heating methods such as solar, by accumulation or gas. It detects the need to drive the electrical resistance heating of the water. An innovation thinking in your pocket, comfort and environmental sustainability.

It works like this: you turn on the shower and the electrical resistance works by releasing hot water immediately. If any other heating system, when the hot water system of this second get to the shower, the resistance will be turned off, keeping the run by gas or solar heating. Amazing!

Models Acqua Duo Flex and Flex Advanced give you this possibility. They also come with LED lamp technology that change color indicating the system used. There are other models compatible with solar heating, but without automatic heating technology change.

Check out some conditions for the installation of shower!

Besides knowing about the shower features you intend to buy, you need to know some information about the installation location. hydraulic and electrical systems must be compatible with the shower so there is no unpleasant surprises when installing or take your bath.

Top 10 Best Showers Lorenzetti In 2020 (Acqua Duo, Top Jet And More)

The voltage is measured in volts and indicates the potential of electrical current required to turn on the unit. In Brazil you can find products that work in two voltages: 127V and 220V. Currently not produce more 110V products as has happened in the past and in other countries.

To buy a shower is important to know the voltage (or voltage) of the electrical system which will be installed. This is because connecting a product with lower voltage than the electrical burn can do it by getting too much energy. And unlike the current may be unable to make it work.

Top 10 Best Showers Lorenzetti In 2020 (Acqua Duo, Top Jet And More)

Check also the amperage of the circuit breaker where the shower is installed, the maximum distance between the device and the circuit breaker and, finally, the gauge (thickness) of proper wiring for the model. This information is in the product manual and must be compatible with the shower and the house system.

Among the various options Lorenzetti, you will realize that most need breakers with 30 amps, 32 or 40A. also varies little demand for different gauges of wire, requiring mainly wired 4:06 mm².

What will give the pressure in the water course is the distance between the installed shower and water tank. The greater this distance, harder will reach the water in your shower. It is measured in meters per water column (mca) and each shower will have a minimum and maximum pressure it supports.

See the technical specifications of the shower which its pressure. Most showers Lorenzetti has 1 to 40mca pressure, ie operate with a water column from 1 to 40 meters. Models with lower pressures usually have internal pressurizer.

Top 10 Best Showers Lorenzetti

After knowing the advantages of Lorenzentti and the main features to be observed in the showers, see our ranking with the top 10 Lorenzetti showers! Notice that we put the products in voltage 220V for easy comparison, but all are found in 127V too!

Top 10 Best Showers Lorenzetti In 2020 (Acqua Duo, Top Jet And More)

Comparison Leaderboard Showers Lorenzetti

Top 10 Best Showers Lorenzetti In 2020 (Acqua Duo, Top Jet And More)

Duo Shower Electronics Turbo

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The choice of a good shower is essential to ensure the most relaxing moments in the day. A tradition of brand and quality as Lorenzetti point already part of the way of your purchase! But as you can see, it is still important to understand their demands and personal and structural priorities.

Here, we seek to help you to buy a shower Lorenzetti considering all the most important aspects and already you have advanced 10 tips from the products more prominence in the market. Do not hesitate to refer back to this article and our ranking at the time of your purchase and good bath!