Top 10 Best Shavers Philips to Buy in 2020

Philips is one of the leading brands in the market shavers, along with Braun and Panasonic. There are many options available for sale, as the line

and Series 5000 and 6000. Each has its advantages, which can make it a bit tricky to find the best for you.

Therefore, this article not only will explain everything you need to know to choose the ideal model for your type of beard, but also prepared a selection of the 10 best shavers Philips! Then continue with us and good shopping!

Learn To identify differences between a shaver and trimmer

Top 10 Best Shavers Philips To Buy In 2020

There are many electrical appliances that have been developed for the care of the beard. Generally divided between trimmers and shavers, they are often confused by many people, including because some products end up fulfilling the two functions.

A beard trimmer cuts the most versatile and can be used also for the nose and ears, for example. Also allows you to adjust the cutting length, very useful for those who want to vary in style. On the other hand, his cutting system can not trim too close to the skin.

But the razor can cut the beard more efficiently. Although the cut is not as close as that of a traditional blade, can approach much more of this result than a sideboard. Using the format of three rotating blades Philips is ideal for sensitive skin.

How to Choose the Best Shaver Philips

Now that you know what are the main differences that Philips shavers offer, it’s time to get to know the products themselves. Let’s analyze the main points you need to consider before making your purchase!

Choose by Product Line that Best Meets Your Need

Philips has several lines of razors to make your life easier. Each will be indicated depending on the situation. Let us know the most popular!

For those who have no time to lose, have a razor Philips 5000 Series is a great choice! Protecting up to ten times more than a traditional blade, multiprecision their blades have a system “Lift & Cut” trimming up to that most stubborn and difficult to achieve wire.

5000 Series models feature a fast charging system that allows up to 30 minutes of use, or even a complete shave with only five minutes to load! It is an ideal option for those who need to gain a few more minutes in your day and that works very well for most men.

The shavers Philips 6000 series have an anti-friction coating that helps the blades to glide easily over the skin, reducing friction and reducing considerably the chances of causing any irritation.

Mobility in five directions of MultiFlex heads also makes it easier shave and smooth, adjusting to facial contours to reach all areas easily. With the 6000 Series, you can shave 13 to 17 times on a full charge. The ideal line for those with sensitive skin!

The Philips shavers AquaTouch also classified in other series in some cases, allow a shaving beard with dry, moist, with gel for shaving and even in the shower! Blades with multiprecision technology glide easily over his face and cut the hair efficiently.

even reach the most difficult areas becomes an easy and comfortable job with ergonomic Flex heads that move in 5 directions. But the Lift & Cut system provides a cut closer shave, but without harming your skin. It is a popular line, as we shall see in the ranking of products!

Many older models of shavers Philips, as the Series 1000 and 3000, are still easily found on the market. Besides counting on the reliability of the brand, they are also inexpensive shavers, and a great alternative for those with the tightest budget.

If you are interested by one of these options, always be sure to check the availability of parts for these models if any maintenance is needed in the future. Check the validity of the guarantee is also important, so be aware before you make your purchase!

Choose models with Ergonomic Head Shaving for More Practical

By its larger size, the blades of electric shavers can not reach all areas or deal with the face of the curves with the same ease of a conventional blade. To resolve this issue and let the shaving even easier, many models have ergonomic heads.

Being mobile, they will adapt to face the curves as the movement of the razor. Thus, it is much more comfortable to reach even the most difficult areas, ensuring a more symmetrical shaving and better finish.

Prefer Shavers with batteries lasting at least 30 minutes

Shaving with an electric razor usually requires a little more time than with a conventional blade. By the same token, it is very important to check how much usage time each product offers with a load.

We recommend at least 30 minutes of autonomy, which is sufficient for most people. If you want to have more time, there are also options that work for up to 1 hour. It is worth mentioning that some models feature quick charge function, allowing a complete razor with 5 minutes of charge!

For His Enduring More Shaver, Ensure Clear Be Easy

The rotating blades have a more complex structure than the linear alternating, which requires special care in cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, we recommend choosing models that facilitate this work, for example, more modern lines that can be washed directly into the water.

To Shaving in Shower, Select Models Waterproof

Top 10 Best Shavers Philips To Buy In 2020

If you want to have the option to shave not only dry, but also for bathing or even use gel or foam, make sure the model you are interested is actually waterproof, otherwise you may end up not supporting the use .

In general, the current lines are very resistant and can be smoothly used in all types of situations mentioned above. If you are considering buying one of the oldest models, give special attention to this to avoid the risk of damaging the device.

Top 10 Best Philips Shavers

Now that you know the characteristics of the main lines available on the market and what kind of beard or situation each is most appropriate, check our ranking with the top 10 Philips shavers!

Top 10 Best Shavers Philips To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Shavers Philips To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Shavers Philips To Buy In 2020

Comparison Leaderboard Philips Shavers

Shaver AquaTouch Precision Series 5000

Norelco Shave Heads Turbo+

Electric Shaver Dry / Wet AquaTouch

Electric Shaver Dry / Wet

AquaTouch Electric Shaver Dry / Wet

Know OneBlade, one of the most popular devices from Philips!

As you may have noticed the ranking products, all models of Philips electric shavers have rotary triple blades, but there is a different machine and very popular that uses a single blade and promises to shave, trim and circumvent any beard size: Philips OneBlade !

It is an interesting option for those who want to use an electrical appliance, but with a way to handle similar to a conventional blade. That is to say that it is a preferred option for those who do not have sensitive skin. Check out more details about this great product!

Check also the Best Shavers & Trimmers Electric Other Brands!

Philips is one of the leading brands in the electric shavers market, but it is always good to know other products before making a purchase, including dressers options, is not it? Thinking about it, we separate our items to the best shavers and electric trimmers. See below!

Now that you know all the advantages of a Philips shaver, no more reason to continue using their traditional blade that ever, is not it? Remember to choose the optimal number and give priority to aircraft with at least 30 minutes of battery.

Attention also to important factors such as the facility to wash and also water resistance, if they do not want to shave dry. Now just check the items on our list and choose your to feel the full benefits of Philips shavers skin!