Top 10 Best Post Translucent to Buy in 2020 (Vult, Payot and more)

The translucent post are essential items for those seeking a natural makeup, light and sophisticated. After all, by having ultra fine texture and do not add color to the skin, the product is virtually imperceptible. The matte finish can vary between lit or a mixture of both, is called natural matte.

Brands like Vult, Adverse Payot and offer options for all skin types, and lightly pigmented versions of yellow or pink to better adapt to the tone skin. Want to know how to choose? Then check out our tips below. Then check our ranking with the top 10 post translucent market!

In general, facial powder serves to finish on the skin, leaving it sequinha and disguise imperfections. Among the types of post available, the translucent is one of the most naturally and gives lightness to make. No wonder it is the darling of many women even in the days of summer.

This lightweight aspect is mainly for its texture is very thin which leaves the makeup charged. Another important feature of post translucent is that they guarantee coverage without adding color, since they are transparent. Plus light weight, this makes it adaptable to all skin tones.

How to Choose the Best Translucent Powder

To choose the appropriate translucent powder is important to consider some aspects, such as ingredients, finish, extra benefits and more. Below we will explain better about each of them. Check out!

Choose Between White powder, Rosado and Accord Yellow with Tone your skin

Top 10 Best Post Translucent To Buy In 2020 (Vult, Payot And More)

Theoretically the translucent powder suits all skin tones. However, in practice, things may be a little different. Some women with black skin, for example, realize that the tone ends up being a bit gray when using white translucent powder / transparent.

Of course this is not a rule, in most cases white translucent powder works very well. But to meet women who do not adapt to it, many brands develop versions with yellow and pink shades.

Yellows are suitable for brown or black skins, since the pink is ideal for fair-skinned women who also do not adapt to the white translucent powder. Just like the traditional version, these also do not add color, but have lighter pigments that adapt to a specific skin tone.

To cover imperfections, Opt for powder with HD Technology

It is natural that at certain times the skin is slightly reddish or suffer with acne, spots and large pores. As these aspects may bother some people, there are several products that help disguise them, including HD technology is widely used in post translucent for this purpose.

It is a technology that combines various microparticles with high power of adhesion to the skin cells. Moreover, they reflect and adapt to ambient light, causing an optical illusion, as in the case of post translucent containing minerals, such as mica.

Oily skins need Post with assets that control the sebum production

Top 10 Best Post Translucent To Buy In 2020 (Vult, Payot And More)

One of the main complaints of the oily skin of women is excess sebum produced throughout the day. After all, this ends up leaving the skin glowing and sticky, which causes discomfort and aesthetic sense. If you also suffer from it, know that there are several post translucent able to help you.

Many brands develop special formulas with ingredients that decrease this framework, including tapioca starch, rice powder and zinc oxide. These assets help to give those insured in brightness, since they absorb oils from the skin and not clog pores!

Post Translucent prefer that offer benefits Extras

In addition to seal the makeup, disguise imperfections and ensure a more natural makeup, some post translucent even promote skin care. Discover below what extra benefits the post can offer!

There is no doubt that inadequate sun exposure causes a lot of damage to skin health. In aesthetic terms, for example, the most significant sin is the early appearance of blemishes and wrinkles. However, the consequences can be even more serious.

The damage resulting from such exposure can cause skin cancer. So it is very important that in addition to protecting the face with sunscreen, you choose to make-ups that have SPF. In the market, you can find post with SPF of up to 50. Be sure to check!

Top 10 Best Post Translucent To Buy In 2020 (Vult, Payot And More)

Surely you must have heard about free radicals, right? These elements are great villains to the quality of the skin. Their actions cause blemishes, wrinkles and sagging, which makes them some of the main responsible for skin aging.

Our body has of course the necessary tools to neutralize them, but it is interesting to help you through this process. An excellent way to do this is to use cosmetics and makeup enriched with antioxidants such as vitamin C, assets that combat these villains beauty!

Top 10 Best Post Translucent To Buy In 2020 (Vult, Payot And More)

Every type of skin needs hydration, whether dry or oily. After all, moisturize your face ensures freshness and softness to the dermis, and help maintain its protective barrier. Knowing this, our tip is, wherever possible, choose makeup with moisturizing assets.

Post translucent fortified with B vitamins, minerals and rice powder, for example, are excellent choices. Are assets that improve skin texture, without weighing the makeup. Is not it amazing that a product is makeup and moisturizing at the same time?

Products Vegans Are Free of Animal Cruelty and Aggressive elements to the skin

conscious consumption has been one of the main issues when it comes to cosmetics and makeup. Therefore, it is noticeable consumer behavior change, which increasingly seeks to understand the production process of the products they consume.

An example of this is the significant increase in demand for vegan makeup. The great advantage of these products is the free formulation tests and animal ingredients. So if you identify with that thought, always make sure the brand is vegan!

Another point to consider are the ingredients in the formula. Many people have the most sensitive skin, prone to become irritated when in contact with parabens and synthetic dyes. In addition, there are those who have an intolerance to gluten. So, look for free post these assets.

Top 10 Best Post Translucent

Now that you know what points to consider when buying easier to choose a translucent powder that suits you, right? So check now our ranking with the top 10 translucent post!

Top 10 Best Post Translucent To Buy In 2020 (Vult, Payot And More)

Comparison Leaderboard Post Translucent

Dermosoft Powder Compact SPF 50 Translucent Antioleosidade

Eco Cosmetics Face Powder Translucent With Vitamin C Natural Vegan

Powder Translucent Yellow Instamatte

Fit Me Powder Compact Translucent

Banana Po Finisher Translucent Facial

Translucent Face Powder

Facial HD Translucent Powder

Translucent Powder Chocolate Vegan

Using Powder Translucent?

The application of translucent powder should be done similarly to the ordinary powder, however, you need some extra care for your makeup look perfect! Apply the powder with a broad brush is always a good option, it spreads well the product and ensures natural appearance.

Despite the result achieved with the brush please most people, this is not a rule. So much so that some brands already inserted in your post translucent sponges and blenders to facilitate the application. Whatever tool you use, just do not forget to blend well the powder so that it is not marked.

Remember that if the translucent powder excess is applied you run the risk of going out with the super white face in the photos, that famous effect “burst”. To avoid this, we also suggest that after application, you take a picture with flash to see if this really everything in order.

Check also other indications of makeups

Translucent powders are essential for a light make-up and sophisticated. However, there are several other important products to have a perfect make. Primer, Base and BB Creams are some options that can not be lacking in necessaire. Learn how to choose these products on the links below!

The makeup of the universe is really wide, is not it? Every day we spend the brands are more concerned with producing products that meet the individual needs of women, after all, each skin has its own peculiarities.

However, as we can see, some aspects are virtually universal. Points as tone and texture should be analyzed for all before purchase. Also be sure to consider the extra benefits of the product as well as the absence of aggressive asset to your skin. Good shopping!