Top 10 Best Pie Ways to Buy in 2020

Who does not love a good pie, is not it? But for pie look pretty and sexy it is essential to choose the right way. So today we will show you everything you should consider when buying a form for pie.

In addition, we developed a ranking of the top 10 market forms. In it you will find high end brands such as Tramontina, Rock and Kehome. At the end, check gold tips to unmold your pies. Keep reading.

How to Choose the Best Form for pie

A good way is essential to produce a uniform pie without cracking and beautiful. So we need to consider several points when choosing the ideal medium. Below we will indicate all of them. Check out!

Decide the Size and Shape Format By Number of Portions Wanted

Top 10 Best Pie Ways To Buy In 2020

To decide the optimal size of your form, you must first decide if you want a round or rectangular shape. The slices of a pie made in a round shape will be triangular, like a pizza. Already the rectangular shape will be rectangular as well.

After deciding the shape of the form, think of how many slices you want to serve. round forms 20 to 24 cm in diameter portions 12 can serve up, since the rectangular 21 cm by 9 bits. The higher the form, the more portions can be served. However, slices of a round pie may be too great if the form has more than 28 cm in diameter.

In rectangular models it is easier to decide the size of each slice. Just think that square slices 7-10 cm side usually serve well a person and make the accounts for the ideal shape size according to the number of people who want to serve.

Decide Depth Agreement with Ideal Recipe

Top 10 Best Pie Ways To Buy In 2020

The depth of the form should be decided according to the recipe you want to do. pies, for example, are at best forms of 7 to 12 cm deep. This also applies to sweet pies that take dough over the pie too, as in the case of apple pies.

As for pies shallower or lead some coverage after baking, like lemon tarts, forms with 4 or 5 cm deep are a better choice.

Wavy edges prefer to Pies Sweets

Top 10 Best Pie Ways To Buy In 2020

The edge of the texture of your way can make all the difference in the final appearance of the pie. Embroider wavy give a more gracious air to the recipe, so they combine well with sweet pies. However, be careful because it can be a little difficult to unmold the cake in such ways.

The shapes with smooth edges look good in pies of any kind. Therefore, they are more versatile. If you want a form that can be used in any recipe, choose one with smooth edges.

Consider the Material type in the Choose Time

The type of material can make all the difference in taste, texture and beauty of your pie. So it is essential to choose well.

Top 10 Best Pie Ways To Buy In 2020

The forms of aluminum or steel usually retain more heat, so bake the pie faster and can leave the most golden masses. If this is your goal, these forms are ideal.

In some cases they have non-stick coating, which makes it easy to unmold. However, using this coating can start to drop and it takes care to wash non-stick forms. So although help on the one hand, on the other may not be very practical.

Top 10 Best Pie Ways To Buy In 2020

The main advantage of silicon is able to be brought to the oven to the freezer and even without damaging the microwave. In addition, it also makes it easy to unmold without breaking the dough, since it is very flexible.

One of the few disadvantages of this material is that it usually can not be made to fire too high. Therefore, always check the temperature to which material is able to withstand.

Removable forms with Funds are Practices in Unmould Time

Forms with removable bottom are ideal for pies unmold easily. Some models have totally loose bottom and can be removed at any time. In others there is a kind of latch leaving the bottom even more trapped.

The disadvantage of these forms is in them, net mass may end up leaking. If you want a way as to make cakes too, the ideal is to opt for one that has latches, but know that there will still be risk of leaks.

Opt for Kits with Multiple Ways to Have More Options

Choose a kit with various forms can be a good way to have several options. You can choose to kits with the same shape and sizes varied or kits with various formats and sizes approximate.

The first option is good for those who live alone, but usually receive several friends and family. While the second may be more feasible for those who live with two or more people, since the forms tend to be larger.

Check oven temperature Supported by Form

It is essential that you check the oven temperature supported by the form before choosing. Some recipes should be baked at very high temperatures of the oven and without the ideal medium toxic materials can give off the same way or can be discarded.

One form of silicone, for example, going to the furnace at a higher temperature than that withstands may melt. While a coating with nonstick can end up peeling.

Top 10 Best Ways to Pie

Now that you know all about shapes, the time has come to know the best market products. See our selection and choose your logo!

Comparison table of the Best Ways to Pie

Tramontina Bakery Square Shape

Shape Round for Pie and Cake

Set baking dish with Removable Fund

Rectangular Shape Nonstick

High rectangular shape

Form for pie in Rose Format

Silicone shape to pie

Mini Forms for Pie

Now that you know what are the 10 best ways for pies and all the details that should be noted when choosing one, you are ready to have their own way. We hope that you make a great choice. Return to the article whenever you need!