Top 10 Best Peanut Folders to Buy in 2020

Peanut folders became popular among practitioners of physical activities. They provide increased energy, and other benefits and incredible flavors. peanut pastes are available in full versions, or with the addition of other ingredients, such as cocoa and hazelnut.

He was unsure of which one to choose? Then see our tips and learn more about the benefits of this product to health. Check also the ranking of the 10 best peanut pastes, excellent brands like Power One, Mandubim and Vitapower. Add this delight in your diet!

What are the Benefits of Peanut Pasta?

Top 10 Best Peanut Folders To Buy In 2020

The peanut butter is very popular in the US and there is consumed within the sandwiches. In Brazil, it has gained many consumers, especially those who practice physical activities. Because it is rich in nutrients, protein and good fats (omega 3,6 and 9).

A purer composition employs only the crushed peanuts as a base. However, some brands add different ingredients and natural sweeteners to saborizacao such as cocoa, hazelnuts and honey. The peanut butter offers several benefits to our health.

Some of them are: strengthening of bones, increased energy, aid in gaining muscle mass and weight loss. In addition, they contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and have yet, with a delicious flavor.

How to Choose the Best Peanut paste

Choose the best peanut butter is not a difficult task. Just evaluate your habits or dietary restrictions, combined with physical exercise. However, some details like the taste, texture and nutritional table, are also important. See our tips below!

Choose Agreement paste type with Flavor Desire

Top 10 Best Peanut Folders To Buy In 2020

The 100% whole peanut pastes rely only on its composition, therefore, have the characteristic taste of peanuts. Moreover, they are free from sugar, lactose and gluten. Therefore, they are ideal for those who have an intolerance to these components, or those following strict diets.

Already folders with added flavor, usually rely on ingredients like cocoa, hazelnut and white chocolate. They are ideal for those who got sick peanut taste and look for a different flavor. Some brands also add whey protein in folders, increasing the gain of muscle mass.

The flavored pastes may or may not contain added sugar, lactose and gluten. Keep an eye on the list of ingredients that make up the product to choose the appropriate option for your diet!

Choose Folder texture for Different Forms of Consumption

Top 10 Best Peanut Folders To Buy In 2020

The peanut pastes have a difference with its texture. Creamy are smooth, thinner and have no peanut granules. Therefore spread more easily in the food. They are ideal to spread on bread or eat with fruits such as banana and strawberry.

Already crispy folders, have peanut granules in its texture. They are thicker, so it can be difficult to spread on the bread. They are great for the preparation of vitamins, tapioca filling and accompanying cold snacks.

Check the Nutrition Facts Table information such as Energy Value and Fats

Nutritional table of peanut pastes provides important information for those who follow restrictive diet, or want to enhance the results from training. It is essential to check the amounts of kilocalories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Top 10 Best Peanut Folders To Buy In 2020

In simpler terms, the energy value is related to energy we get by eating a food. Or rather, in the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This energy value is expressed in the packaging of peanut pastes, in kilocalories (kcal).

The amount of kcal will be informed according to one portion (a tablespoon, ranging from 15 g to 30 g). It should be observed by those who follow a restrictive diet or has a nutritional monitoring and could ingest a certain amount of calories per day.

The recommendation of nutritionists is to ingest a maximum of two tablespoons daily peanut butter. So for those who practice physical activities. Since those who do not practice, they should consume more sparingly.

Top 10 Best Peanut Folders To Buy In 2020

Carbohydrates provide quick energy to the body, ideal for pre workout. Protein helps the growth of muscles and tissues. Since fats are reserve power sources, digested and “burned” slowly.

Below is a portion (tablespoon) of peanut pastes, typically provide:

The amount of these components will be important for those who want to get the benefits mentioned. For example, if you want more energy throughout the day, look for folders with a higher concentration of fat. If you search for something specific, be sure to check this information!

Top 10 Best Peanut Folders

Now that you know all the benefits of peanut folders, see our selection of products! We have put together folders with different flavors and textures of known brands. There are also vegan options without added sugar, lactose and gluten. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Peanut Folders

Integral Crunchy Peanut paste

White Chocolate Peanut paste

Peanut paste Full Mandubim

Pasta Peanut Brownie Cream

Crunchy Peanut paste

Pasta Peanut Protein Brigadier

Crunchy Peanut paste Amendomel

Pasta Peanut Power Amendo

Pasta Peanut Coffee Break

Pasta Peanut Vegan Putz! Cookies and Cream

Try: Smoothie Recipe with Peanut paste

The peanut butter can be consumed in various forms from the more classical (on bread), the cake recipes and vitamins. She is an excellent tapioca filling option, combined with fruits such as strawberry, banana and blueberry. Another delicious choice is the smoothie. Want to learn how to do?

See the list of ingredients:

Separate the above ingredients, beat all in a blender and voila! The banana smoothie with peanut butter is ideal for pre or post workout and also is a great choice for breakfast!

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Peanut folders fell to the popular Brazilian taste. They are beneficial to the health of those who practice physical activities or not. Also, they have different flavors and textures, pleasing every palate. Are great choices to accompany snacks or breakfast.

In this article, you gave important details for choosing the best peanut butter. Remember to consume in moderation and if necessary, seek the appointment of a nutritionist. Enjoy this stuff? Then share with your friends the benefits of this product!