Top 10 Best Online Meeting Applications in 2020 (Zoom, Skype and more)

Applications for online meeting came not only to bring people together, but also as a key resource for home office work and distance learning. With several options, how to choose one that has the tools you need, make all the difference in this experience.

Among the most famous category are Skype, Zoom and Google Duo, with different styles. In this article you will learn the 10 best applications for online meeting and a complete guide on how to choose the ideal. Read to the end to check out all our tips and increase your productivity.

They work as the Online Meeting Applications?

You may have seen the video call as an extra feature in applications such as Whatsapp and Instagram. However, for business meetings, classes at a distance, or even conversations with friends in a larger group, you need to download an online meeting application with more features.

These professionals apps give freedom to the host to manage what happens in the video call. They also offer options so that members feel like they are in a face to face meeting. So it is important to choose one that fits best to your routine.

How to Choose the Best Online Application Meeting

There are several apps for online meeting, but analyze your host features and controls is essential to choose the best. Do not forget to also look at the number of participants, the call time and compatibility with your devices. Continue reading to understand all this.

Choose Videoconferencing Tool with Resources You Need

Top 10 Best Online Meeting Applications In 2020 (Zoom, Skype And More)

Especially for corporate use in the virtual experience should approach the most from the office, the more features, better for the job. Options such as screen and file sharing, and whiteboard, make all the difference in the time to explain a project or give feedback.

In addition to video, interact in text chat or audio it is also a plus. Many like to integrate the platform with apps like Outlook and calendar to start a meeting from them. Schedule meetings and set reminders are also features that help organize home office routine.

You have more than one team? Select an app that allows multiple concurrent rooms. Enable captions and automatic translation so that everyone understands the message and use your contacts to not have to create new ones. Polls and automatic reports are also an advantage of this app.

To Have Unlimited Access to Content, Prefer a App with recording capability

Top 10 Best Online Meeting Applications In 2020 (Zoom, Skype And More)

meetings recording power is very useful for both companies and for education institutions that use applications for meeting online. Thus, it is easy for teachers and managers have control of who participated in the video conference, comments and files sent, and the decisions taken.

In addition to knowing if the application has this feature, it is important to know how many gigabytes it can store, there are options with up to 1 TB of space for recorded content. Also check the recording format and where the app saves this file, if it’s in the cloud or on your own memory.

Check What is the Maximum Number of Participants Allowed by App

Top 10 Best Online Meeting Applications In 2020 (Zoom, Skype And More)

The number of participants that the application supports online meetings for each video call is a decisive factor when choosing. If you need a platform to talk in small groups, probably no problem, since most apps supports between 2 and 100 participants.

Already in talks to thousands of people (Webinars) or teams with more than 100 people, a platform will be necessary with a higher limit. Hence, it is important to consider the opinion of those who already use the application for some time, because the connection quality must accompany the size of the event.

For Large Drives, Search for an application with Greater Call Limit

Top 10 Best Online Meeting Applications In 2020 (Zoom, Skype And More)

As the limit of participants, to know how long the application to meeting online is able to support the same video call is essential. Conferences, lectures or training company, for example, can last more than a few hours.

The time limit for applications for online meeting can vary between 40 minutes, 1 day, or even be unlimited. Of course this increases the need for a good online support from the company responsible for the application, then note the comments of users of this service before hiring.

As host of the meeting, Learn Which Control Options You Have On Hand

Much more than just being able to add participants and create an online meeting, professionals in the host application has several tools to make organized video call. The start by setting a password for entry, expel participants, mute the microphone and remove the image of all.

Focused on applications for professional use, the host can choose to place another member as co-organizer, or assign privileges. It is also he who gives permission for guests to share the screen, use the whiteboard or even record the meeting for their own use.

Check If Your Devices Are Compatible with the Application for Online Meeting

One of the features that makes the applications for online versatile meeting is able to make video calls from anywhere with different types of devices. Some apps allow you to use both at once, or reduce the use of internet when you’re on the road or in the car.

Most online meeting applications are compatible with mobile, tablet and have a version browser to open the computer or notebook. Have applications that have videoconferencing only as an extra feature, usually work only on mobile devices. Keep an eye!

Consider What the Application Subscription Plans for Online Meeting Offers

Top 10 Best Online Meeting Applications In 2020 (Zoom, Skype And More)

Most applications for online meeting offers a free version with number of participants, duration and limited resources, or the full version during a test period. If its use is only for informal meetings between friends, maybe not worth close a plan.

But if you use for business meetings or classes at a distance, it is best to hire a subscription. Payment is usually made monthly, but some offer discounts for annual plans. In the most complete software, you can even customize your plan according to the used tools.

Top 10 Best Applications for Online Meeting

Now that you know the features and characteristics that make up a successful online meeting application, you’re sure will be easier to choose from the best. Check out the 10 video conferencing apps we recommend and get a more complete experience!

Comparison table of the Top Applications for Online Meeting


videoconferencing Teamlink

Blue Jeans Video Conferencing

Use a Project Management Application for Remote Work Team

If you have or is part of a team and are working remotely, you know how challenging it is to maintain communication at all stages of the project. Let everyone know the status of tasks, deadlines, and can communicate in one place, it makes all the difference in the outcome.

That’s serving management applications, to keep everyone updated on what’s happening in the company and avoid miscommunication. To see the options available, we recommend you read our article on the best Project Management Tools.

Knowing well that applications for meeting online has to offer is crucial to make the best choice. So do not forget to see if the features offered by each application meet the needs of their routine studies, work or personal.

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