Top 10 Best Nail pliers to Buy in 2020 (World, Tramontina and more)

Loose cuticle can be a real nuisance, is not it? At this time, there is nothing better than to have at hand the best nail pliers to solve the problem. And if you are manicure, it is important to have a tough professional pliers and sharp nails to clean the clients.

But choosing the best is not an easy task, as there are several brands of nail pliers in the market like World, Tramontina and Enox. To help you, we make this buying guide with tips on how to choose and a ranking of the top 10 nail clippers. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Nail Pliers

Now we will explain what you need to consider before buying the best pliers nail. With our tips will be easy to find an easy to use template, tough and hygienic for your daily life. Come on?

Choose Agreement pliers to Use

Although some people use the same pliers nail for everything, it is important to use the right model according to the need. Check below what types of pliers and advantages of each.

The pliers nail will leave your hands clean. Created for cutting and shaping the nail, a piece is produced with rounded blades which follow the shape of the nails. He usually has a robust and durable format to cut the hard toenails, for example.

This clamp also has springs on the cable that facilitate the use and decrease the force applied during use The model is also easy to use and provides precise cuts in the toenails and hands. It can be used as a substitute for traditional market nail clippers.

The cuticle nippers is the ideal tool to remove excess skin near the nails and toes. Its main feature is the thin sheets, in the right format to remove the cuticles gently and without hurting the skin.

The curved shape of the cable also helps in time to remove the cuticles as it ensures better support for cleaning the nails. To hit the purchase, make sure the product packaging has the specification that the pliers is cuticles.

The pliers desencravador aids in the removal of ingrown nails, either of the hands or feet. It is equipped with thin and sharp blades that reach even the most difficult parts of the nails. Although like the other models, it is delicate and has a precise cut.

In general, the indication of the pliers for ingrown toenail comes on the product label, so stay tuned. It should be used only by a trained professional. After all, this is a delicate process and can cause other complications if done the wrong way ..

Prefer stainless steel pliers, they are durable and Sterilizable

Top 10 Best Nail Pliers To Buy In 2020 (World, Tramontina And More)

A good nail pliers is one that does not rust and is durable. To find such a model, it is important to check the workpiece material. The stainless steel pliers are the best in the market because they are resistant to oxidation and strong, it does not break easily. Moreover, they are very sharp.

There is also the nail pliers made of carbon steel market. Despite being a cheap model, it is not durable and rust quickly. Pliers of this material are recommended for personal use, ie for those who usually do manicure at home.

Nail pliers with Antideslizantes cables are More Secure

Top 10 Best Nail Pliers To Buy In 2020 (World, Tramontina And More)

The manicures know to have the best nail pliers in hand makes all the difference in time to make the customer manicure. However, if the pliers have a slippery cable, it is likely that the instrument slide and you wait any longer to take the cuticles and cut the nails.

For convenience, some brands have designed pliers models with non-slip cable with stretch marks that facilitate handling and give more firmness of pliers in his hand. Professionals appreciate this feature because it offers more safety during use.

Give preference to pliers Sterilizable Autoclave

Top 10 Best Nail Pliers To Buy In 2020 (World, Tramontina And More)

The nail pliers is an object that should always be sterilized after use. This practice prevents the accumulation of bacteria and transmission of diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis B. Therefore, prefer to sterilizable pliers marks.

In general, pliers stainless steel can be cleaned either in the greenhouse as in an autoclave. But the method most effective and recommended by ANVISA is autoclaving. After all, the camera maintains uniform temperature throughout the process and uses the moist heat to destroy bacteria.

While carbon steel pliers can also be sterilized, the process should be done in a greenhouse. The camera uses a dry heat to sanitize that does not oxidize the pliers. However, the greenhouse is not indicated by ANVISA, because it does not completely eliminate the virus and also presents risks of contamination.

Top 10 Best pliers A

Now check out the top 10 nail clippers for cutting, clearing nails and cuticles withdraw from the market. Are models of renowned brands and well evaluated in the internet.

Top 10 Best Nail Pliers To Buy In 2020 (World, Tramontina And More)
Top 10 Best Nail Pliers To Buy In 2020 (World, Tramontina And More)

Comparison Leaderboard pliers Nail

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Cuticle Professional Pliers

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Choose Best Varnishes Your Manicure Kit

Now that you know how to choose a good pliers, how about buying the best nail polishes for your manicure kit? Click the link below and check out our article with tips on how to choose a good glaze and a ranking of the 10 best products.

A full manicure kit should have at least pliers model for each type of use. To make a good purchase, put our tips into practice and choose the best nail pliers for your needs at work or routine care of nails.

Be sure to check out the top 10 with pliers better evaluated and the best brands in the market. We root for you to make a great purchase! Enjoy and share the article with your friends, maybe you have someone in search of a new nail pliers, is not it? Good shopping!