Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games PS4 in 2020 (A Way Out, Borderlands 3 and more)

When it comes to playing video games, it is often more fun to do it with someone else, is not it? Fortunately, nowadays is no shortage of options for multiplayer games. This also applies to the PlayStation 4, which have titles from companies like Psyonix, Blizzard, Team17, Mojang and many others.

But with so many options, choosing the ideal game for you? To help you, we separate some interesting tips and prepare a ranking of the top 10 multiplayer games for PS4 available. Come on!

How to Choose the Best Multiplayer Game for PS4

With the current ease of access to video game consoles and the Internet, it is not difficult to find games with online features. But with so many options, choosing a title that will capture your attention for hours can prove challenging. To help you, we separate out some tips. Check out!

Choose Between Local Multiplayer or Online

Currently, most multiplayer games give greater focus to online gameplay, connecting distant players over the network. However, not all users can enjoy a stable internet and some people prefer to play with friends locally. Here are the main differences?

Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games Ps4 In 2020 (A Way Out, Borderlands 3 And More)

Games with support for local multiplayer are not as common today, but can still be found in casual titles, sports or fighting. In general, local departures normally allow up to 2 simultaneous players, but in some titles you can play with up to 4 people in person.

But it is worth mentioning that the more people playing, the lower the game screen, since all will be sharing the same monitor. This can be a nuisance especially in small TVs. Still, by place to be, this option does not require a good internet.

Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games Ps4 In 2020 (A Way Out, Borderlands 3 And More)

The online multiplayer is the most common in current gaming platforms. In it, the player connects to the network and can play with distant friends or random people from anywhere in the world. However, it is important to have a stable internet to avoid delays in communication or be unexpectedly disconnected.

In addition, for better connection and performance is recommended that the user play with same continent. For convenience, many games have automatically perform this process and put players coming on the same server.

Check the PS Plus Subscription Need

Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games Ps4 In 2020 (A Way Out, Borderlands 3 And More)

Many multiplayer games PS4 require a subscription to PS Plus to be played online. The paid service, and allows users to engage in games with players around the world, also offers 2 to 3 free games every month.

It also gives you access to exclusive offers in the online store of the console and additional functions such as cloud data storage. The monthly basic plan costs $ 25.90, but users can opt for packages into account, such as three months, for R $ 64.90, or 12 months, costing R $ 149.90.

Make sure the Game Supports Cross-Play

Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games Ps4 In 2020 (A Way Out, Borderlands 3 And More)

Recently, some PS4 games have been updated with support for cross-play, ie, allows players to participate in online matches with people playing on other platforms such as PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

If your desire is to play with a friend who has the same game, but playing in another platform, cross-play function is extremely important. So be sure to check this information in the product specifications before you buy!

Prefer games with Location in Brazilian Portuguese

Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games Ps4 In 2020 (A Way Out, Borderlands 3 And More)

Location in Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR) is fortunately easy to find in online games. Most major games today rely on location and text, sometimes even voiceovers. This makes gambling online more profitable for players not fluent in English.

With the presence of texts in your native language, you can fully understand the objectives, gameplay instructions and narratives presented by online title, and, of course, to have a much more immersive experience. So always prefer translated games!

There microtransactions and Expenses Can Mean Extras

It is common for online games including microtransactions items, characters and other additional content. These bonuses usually cost real money and therefore may result in extra expenses beyond the purchase of the game and subscription services online.

Many users feel aversion to this kind of content, since in the worst cases provide advantages to online players ready to buy weapons and more powerful skills. On the other hand, sometimes these additions are purely cosmetic, just giving the buyer a more beautiful look.

Keep an Eye on Age Rating

As with any other form of entertainment, it is important to keep an eye on the age group for which a particular work is indicated. A violent game, with strong language and other “heavy” topics, will probably not be the best for a child, and a child may not like adults.

This information can be easily found in the lower left corner of the game cover, with “L” suggesting free content for all audiences and numbers 10-18 informing obviously the minimum age indicated. Be sure to check this detail if you have children at home or you want to gift someone with the game!

Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games for PS4

You are already aware of some important details that must be taken into account when buying an online game. Now the only question is which product is right for you, is not it? Check out the following 10 online titles that certainly will provide you hours of fun!

Comparison Leaderboard Multiplayer Games for PS4

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

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multiplayer games provide a great activity among friends, whether they are present in person or online, with a variety of titles with cooperative or competitive gameplay. Anyway, with any game, the fun is guaranteed.

Remember to always keep an extra control ready in order to play a local game or make sure that your internet is good enough to play online. Also, be sure to check the rating of the game, right? Feel doubt, return to this article and reread our tips!