Vegetable milk: Top 10 Best Leites Coco to drink in 2020 (Ducoco, Do Good and more)

Whether by intolerance, allergy or own choice, coconut milk is a healthy alternative and tasty cow’s milk. It can be eaten fresh or in recipes, and offers many health benefits such as cholesterol control and strengthening the immune system.

Although it can be done at home, the truth is that not always have time available, then, to facilitate their routine, brands like Monama, Do Good and Ducoco produced great options ready to drink. Check out the following our tips and also the Top 10, with the best market coconut milk.

Know the Benefits of Drinking Coconut Milk

Vegetable Milk: Top 10 Best Leites Coco To Drink In 2020 (Ducoco, Do Good And More)

Vegetable milk enriches the eating plan, providing many important nutrients to our diet. Produced with the pulp of the ripe fruit, coconut milk, all ready to drink, it is rich in good, nutritious and very tasty fat, perfect for those who want to avoid lactose and health care.

It provides energy for the body, since it is easily digested, and is a source of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc and phosphorus! Too right? Lauric acid also present in coconut, contributes to the increase of good cholesterol and strengthen the immune system.

With many health benefits, coconut milk also helps to control blood sugar because it is a drink with low-carbohydrate, which provides satiety. Moreover, it is a great vegan food for people allergic or intolerant to lactose, as it does not have this component.

How to Choose the Best Coconut Milk Drink

Make sure that we choose a healthy food is not always easy, is not it? So we will help you choose a tasty and nutritious coconut milk. For this, the first step is to check the list of ingredients of the product and thus choose the most pure and healthy compositions.

Coconut Milk Drink, Liquid or powder? Choose agreement with Consumer Form

Vegetable Milk: Top 10 Best Leites Coco To Drink In 2020 (Ducoco, Do Good And More)

Coconut milk to drink can be liquid or powder, and the best choice depends on how you intend to consume it. Net versions are practical and perfectly replace cow’s milk, but as have several ingredients, keep an eye in the presence of food additives.

Already the powdered coconut milk, super easy to store, offer more pure and free from additives compositions, so they are ideal for those who consume the drink frequently. Just be careful at the time of preparation! As the concentration of the ingredients is higher, the energy value is also very high.

See Ingredient List: Coco should be one of the First

Check the list of ingredients must be one of your first steps at the time of purchase, that because the order of ingredients corresponds to the amount used. Therefore, so that the coconut is the main ingredient of the drink, it has to be one of the first items listed.

In the powder versions, which have simpler compositions, coconut is usually the single ingredient or appears first. Already in the formulas of liquid coconut milk, it is usually the second, second only to water, which is entirely appropriate for a beverage ready for consumption.

Make sure the Formula Presents Food Additives

Vegetable Milk: Top 10 Best Leites Coco To Drink In 2020 (Ducoco, Do Good And More)

In addition to the fruit, the compositions of coconut milk to drink may contain food additives such as acidifiers and preservatives. Additives are chemical compounds that have no nutritional value and are part of the formula to preserve, provide more color and flavor to the drinks.

Although they are allowed a certain amount, by regulatory agencies such as Anvisa and FAO, it is best to avoid them, because excessive consumption can be harmful to health. Those who drink vegetable milk daily should have careful attention and bet on organic options, which are more pure and natural.

Other food additives found in vegetable milks coconut are the emulsifiers and thickeners, which appear in the ingredient list as gums, starches and lecithin. In this case you do not have to worry, as they are mostly obtained from natural sources and provide no risks.

Avoid coconut milk with sugar in Composition

Vegetable Milk: Top 10 Best Leites Coco To Drink In 2020 (Ducoco, Do Good And More)

If you have a balanced diet, you know that excessive sugar consumption can bring health risks, such as insulin insufficiency and a few extra pounds. Therefore, remember to check if there is added sugar in coconut milk to drink you intend to buy.

It is preferable that the drink has no sugar or it is listed at the end of the ingredient list. Be careful, because in addition to the known name, sugar can also appear with other nomenclatures such as granulated sugar, maltodextrin, honey, malt extract, glucose, dextrose and maltose.

Consider the Leites Coco to Drink with Differentiated Flavors

Although most of the coconut milk to drink have pure taste, that is, authentic taste of tropical fruit, some mark bet on different flavors for you to enjoy. Chocolate, coffee, vanilla, matcha and even formulas with spices are some of the options market.

Importantly, the flavors are unique and super delicious, but these compositions have more ingredients to result in the pleasant taste. So do not forget to check the presence of other ingredients, mainly sugar.

Top 5 Best Leites Coco Liquids for Drinking

Discover below the 5 best coconut milk to drink on the market, the liquid version. Stay tuned to the components of the formula and prefer drinks that have the tropical fruit among the first ingredients listed, so as to enjoy your vegetable milk without restrictions.

Vegetable Milk: Top 10 Best Leites Coco To Drink In 2020 (Ducoco, Do Good And More)

Table Comparison of Top Milk Coconut Liquids for Drinking

Top 5 Best Milk Coconut Powder for Drinking

If you decided you want to try the coconut milk to drink to dust, then find out what are the best products. With pure and free compositions of additives, it is worth investing in this version to be well economical and ideal for frequently consume.

Comparison Leaderboard Leites Coconut Powder for Drinking

Tal Learning to Do Delicious Drinks with Coconut Milk?

If you are unsure to mix the authentic taste of coconut with their recipes, we will teach you two delicious drinks for you to try to do here at home. So you can please your palate, betting on a super nutritious and healthy ingredient. Come on!

To make this delicious milkshake, with the unmistakable taste of prestige, you will need: 50 ml of coconut milk, 3 balls of chocolate ice cream, 1 tablespoon grated coconut soup and chocolate syrup to taste. You can replace the ice cream and the syrup for another flavor if you prefer.

Preparing it is very easy! You just need to hit the ice with the coconut milk in a blender and add the grated coconut, until he realized that the mixture is homogeneous. With a touch of confectionery, garnish the side of the glass with chocolate syrup and pour the drink, ending with shredded coconut on top.

Who does not love sip a cappuccino in the afternoon coffee? So let’s learn how to do this only drink with ingredients of plant origin. For this, separate the following items: 200 ml of coconut milk, 300 ml and a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder and follow the following step by step:

Heat the coconut milk and pour 2/3 into a cup, along with the coffee. The rest you will aerate and form a espuminha, for it gives to use an aerator or a hand mixer, or even a fouet. When you have doubled in size, pour in the cup carefully and sprinkle the cinnamon on top to finish.

There you go, now in addition to knowing how to choose a healthy coconut milk, you also found the best options available in the market and also learned two delicious recipes. Too much! Always remember that, check the list of ingredients is super important to your decision.

Powder or liquid, this vegetable milk is an incredible alternative to the traditional cow’s milk. Share our tips with vegan friends with those who are seeking a healthier life and those who are lactose intolerant. Then just take advantage of this super tasty and nutritious drink!