Top 10 Best Kitchen shears in 2020 (Tramontina, World and more)

The scissors is a tool that facilitates and everyday life in the kitchen. With kitchen scissors you can cut meat, chop vegetables and even open bottles swiftly and effortlessly. Fortunately, there are models in the ideal market for different types of food. So you’re ready for any recipe!

Brands such as Tramontina, World and Home Ke offer amazing and functional models. To help you make a good purchase, we prepared a complete guide to choosing the best kitchen scissors and a ranking of the 10 best market kitchen shears. Check out!

For Serving Kitchen scissors?

Top 10 Best Kitchen Shears In 2020 (Tramontina, World And More)

The kitchen scissors is a practical tool used for cutting food of various thicknesses and sizes. With it you can carve meat and chopping herbs and vegetables quickly and agile. So, who uses the scissors gain more time and do not try so hard in the kitchen.

This tool can also open bottles, packaging, oysters and even crack nuts if you have extra features in their cables. Not need support, you can cut the food on top of the pans. With so many advantages, it is no wonder that it is increasingly present in Brazilian cuisine.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Scissors

To choose the best kitchen scissors is important to consider factors such as utility, blade material, size and weight, extra features and even cleaning. In this section, we will explain each of these details. So, you can not go wrong when buying your next pair of scissors.

Choose Agreement scissors to Use

Each kitchen scissors cutting is indicated for a particular food. In this section we will explain the characteristics of each model so you have no doubt at the time of choice and buy the best scissors to your routine in the kitchen.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Shears In 2020 (Tramontina, World And More)

The multi-purpose kitchen shears are able to cut everything from chicken and fish to vegetables. This is possible thanks to the curved blades, long and sharp that can cut accurately foods of different textures and densities.

Some multifunction shears have serrated blades or grooves that offer greater convenience when it comes to cutting food. There are also models with detachable blades, they are functional since they facilitate the cleaning and sharpening the cutting.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Shears In 2020 (Tramontina, World And More)

The kitchen scissors for herbs and spices is the best option to save time when it comes to flavor the recipes. Multilayered, it has the power to cut different types of herbs and vegetables into uniform strips. This prevents the waste of food and helps create sophisticated dishes.

Being compact, these scissors allow you to chop the food on the pan or preparation bowls. The blades have a unique design that make the light and precise handling. Moreover, it has the ability to cut bundles of sheets, and seasoning at once.

The carver kitchen scissors is the best model to prepare recipes with meat, as brush and bones bones of chickens, steaks and fish. The cuts made by this scissors are sharp and accurate, achieving slicing up the pieces of harder and lean.

Made of durable material, the shears can handle all the force applied when you brush the bones. The cable design is adapted to engage the fingers and 4 provide greater support at the time of cutting. So, they are indispensable into the kitchen accessories.

More prefer scissors Light with 20 cm

Top 10 Best Kitchen Shears In 2020 (Tramontina, World And More)

Not to have difficulties using the tool check the size and weight of kitchen scissors. Models with about 20 cm in length are ideal for cutting foods with varying thickness and height. But if you want to cut only packaging, then a smaller scissors are ideal.

How will you use the scissors and often have to hold it for some time, it is important that it is not too heavy and not tire your hand quickly. To prevent this from happening, check the weight of the scissors in the product information and choose those with less than 200 grams.

Scissors with Are More Resistant Steel Blades

Top 10 Best Kitchen Shears In 2020 (Tramontina, World And More)

The shear blade material is another point that should be taken into consideration. The best market models are those made of stainless steel, having a high durability and be resistant to rusting. These materials usually have a sharp edge for a long time.

Give preference to the cable with scissors or polypropylene plastic. They are more hygienic because it does not accumulate bacteria, clean and easy. Also opt for models with rubberized detail. They avoid discomfort in your hands while you are cutting the food.

Kitchen shears with Extra Features Are More Functional

Best kitchen shears are equipped with extra features that ensure more features. The safety lock, for example, is a good choice because it holds the tool closed when not being used. There are also scissors with springs that reduce the effort during cutting.

Also, it is good to opt for scissors with protective covers. They prevent the blades from being damaged or accumulate bacteria. How will you use the scissors on the kitchen day, it is important that it be equipped with useful features such as can opener, oysters and nutcracker.

Make sure the scissors can be washed in Internet Connection

To ensure practicality time to sanitize the scissors, make sure it can be washed in the dishwasher. In this way, you can keep the blades free of bacteria and dirt in a fast and practical way. To check this information, see the manufacturer’s instructions in the product description.

If the model is not compatible with dishwasher machine you will need to do manual cleaning. In such cases, water, soap and a chuck cleaning. If your scissors for the collapsible type, wash the parts carefully and dry thoroughly before reassembling it so she would not miss the wiring.

Top 4 Best Kitchen shears Multipurpose

Now that you know how to choose the best kitchen scissors! We developed a ranking with models that stand out in the market. Below, you can see a selection of the best 4-purpose scissors for your kitchen.

Comparison table of the Best Kitchen shears Multipurpose

Top 3 Best Kitchen Scissors Seasoning

Have you ever thought chopping herbs more practical, easy and safe? Check out this section our top 3 of the best kitchen shears to create more spices and tasty recipes.

Comparison table of the Best Kitchen Scissors Seasoning

Top 3 Best Kitchen shears carvers

If you are looking sturdy shears for boning meat chicken or preparing fish, check below the top 3 of the best carvers scissors kitchen.

Comparison table of the Best Kitchen shears carvers

I bet after reading all the tips you already know how to choose the best kitchen scissors to your home or work. To have a well-equipped kitchen is interesting to buy a model of each or at least buy a multipurpose scissors.

When buying, be sure to check the resources of scissors, and if it is right for the recipes you plan to prepare. Good scissors kitchen should also be sturdy and comfortable to wear. Whenever you have any doubt, read the how to choose or check indications ranking.