Top 10 Best Inflatable mattresses to Buy in 2020 (Mor, Intex and more)

Have an inflatable mattress is super useful, is not it? With it you are prepared to receive the unexpected visit, camping or traveling to the beach at any time. The air mattresses are compact and easy to use. What’s more, ensure a good nights sleep without back pain the next day.

Brands like Intex, Nautika, MOR and Jilong offer amazing models. There are inflatable mattress options of double and single, for all tastes. To help, we’ve created this article with tips on how to choose the ideal product for you and a ranking of the top 10 market inflatable mattresses.

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Mattress

When choosing the inflatable mattress it is important to consider factors such as pump to inflate, dimensions, capacity, material and extra features. Next, we’ll explain each of these details. So you will hit in full when choosing your mattress!

Choose agreement with Mattress Model

To sleep in comfort is important to choose the perfect mattress size for you. In the market, you will find two main models: inflatable mattress single and double. Check out the dimensions, capacity and recommendations for each.

Inflatable single mattress is a wildcard model. It serves both to those who want to sleep alone in the camp or want to have an extra bed for home visits. This model measures 75 to 99 cm wide and 185-191 cm in length.

Although accommodate only one person, on the market there are single mattresses resistant and able to withstand up to 130 kg. Another advantage of these models is that they are compact and easy to carry to anywhere.

If you go to sleep accompanied on the trip or want to offer more comfort for your visits, then bet on inflatable mattress double. This model usually be between 132-152 cm wide and 188-203 cm in length.

In the market you can find models that can support up to 295 kg. Being very spacious, stay tuned to the site the size where you will inflate the mattress. Camping in some cases you’ll have to buy a bigger tent to fit this model.

Prefer Mattresses with durable materials and Comfortable

The material is another item that should be analyzed carefully, as it will provide comfort and strength during use of the mattress. Most of manufacturers produce models of PVC or vinyl, they are durable, resilient and at the best, can be transported easily.

To take advantage of good sleep, prefer air mattresses covered with velvet. This fabric is soft and provides excellent comfort at bedtime. Another advantage is that it allows you to slide while sleeping on it.

Choose Between Mattresses with Handpumps or Power

There are two models of pumps for inflatable mattresses available on the market: manual and electric. Each has its advantages, disadvantages and indications, so it is extremely important to know more about them before closing the purchase.

The mattresses with manual pumps are practical because they allow filling anytime and anywhere. Some models already have pumps embedded in the mattress, so you do not need to buy one. Prefer models with foot inflators, they are easy to fill and do not require much effort.

Although practical, this kind of pump takes longer to fill. So be prepared to spend a few minutes in this activity. Avoid using too much force and see if under the mattress no stones or perforating materials, so you avoid tears and product damage.

The electric pumps are a good choice for those seeking practicality. After all, unlike the manual models, the mattress can be filled in a few minutes and without effort. In general, the pumps are embedded in the mattress and you just need to insert the socket 110 or 220 V, depending on the product.

However, it may be difficult to use the pump in outdoor travel, no electricity nearby. An alternative is to use the car battery, but buy an adapter in advance and bring extra batteries. Also stay tuned for the voltage of the mattress and buy the right for your home.

Check the mattress-ons Resources

To ensure convenience in use, the best air mattresses comes with super useful extra features. One is the repair kit, which is nothing more than an adhesive paste for you at the place where the mattress stuck. It is a handy item when you go camping and stick accidentally mattress.

Another item that helps a lot is the carry bag. With it you can carry the mattress anywhere with more convenience, it is also easy to store after use. There are also options with built in pillows, waterproof and fast emptying valves.

Top 10 Best Inflatable mattresses

Once you understand how to choose model, now it’s time to meet the 10 best inflatable mattresses market. Check out our ranking below and have your choice!

Top 10 Best Inflatable Mattresses To Buy In 2020 (Mor, Intex And More)
Top 10 Best Inflatable Mattresses To Buy In 2020 (Mor, Intex And More)

Comparison table of the Best Inflatable mattresses

Top 10 Best Inflatable Mattresses To Buy In 2020 (Mor, Intex And More)
Top 10 Best Inflatable Mattresses To Buy In 2020 (Mor, Intex And More)
Top 10 Best Inflatable Mattresses To Buy In 2020 (Mor, Intex And More)

Inflatable Mattress Single

Inflatable Mattress couple Dura-Beam

Inflatable Mattress Single

Inflatable Mattress couple

Inflatable Mattress Single Zenite

Inflatable Mattress Single Flocked

Inflatable Mattress couple Dura Beam Fiber Tech Tecnology Standard

Inflatable Mattress Single Deluxe Single-High Dura-Beam

Inflatable Mattress Star Couple

Invest in a spacious tent for Camping

After choosing a sturdy and comfortable inflatable mattress, how about planning a trip outdoors? The camping tent is ideal for protecting you and your family during your adventures in the camp or on the beach. To learn more about choosing the ideal tent, visit the link below!

Now that you know all about inflatable mattresses, it’s easy to choose the model that best suits your needs, right? With our tips, you will be able to buy a comfortable and sturdy mattress for your travels or visits.

To facilitate the choice, check our ranking with well assessed mattresses, with prices to suit every budget. But feel doubt, see our article again. If you know anyone else looking for an inflatable mattress, be sure to share this article and help more people to buy better!