Top 10 Best HP Printers in 2020 (Deskjet, Laserjet and more)

If you are thinking of buying a printer, surely you must have considered buying an HP. She is one of the biggest brands in this segment and has an extensive portfolio that ranges from the most basic printers of the series Deskjet Ink Advantage to the laser models such as the LaserJet series.

But now you must be wondering, how to know which printer best HP amid so many options? Well, all the explanations to make your best choice you will find in this article! And at the end we prepared separate the top 10 HP printers to facilitate your purchase! Check out!

How to Choose the Best Printer HP

There are many choices of HP printer models. Each model is made for different profiles. To select the printer with the most cost-effective for you is important to understand some aspects of them. Check below!

Get to know the HP Printer Marks for Each User Profile

HP has several brands of printers for various types of users. It produces models for both domestic use and for small and medium businesses, large corporate environments and even for very specific segments such as the printing industry. Know then the best existing options.

This is a brand of small printers that use inkjet cartridge with black and tri-color printing. It is indicated for people who print and just need a printer at home. These printer models are versatile and print quality with both texts and images.

In this category there are multi-functional models (print, copy and scan) and models that only print. You can still choose between models with wi-fi and simpler models with only a USB cable connection.

For a high-volume color printing, we recommend the HP ink tank printers. They can print up to 8000 color pages and 6000 pages in black with a full tank and has a low cost per page, because instead of cartridges utilize rechargeable ink tanks that have a higher yield.

Inside the ink tank category there is the Ink Tank brand, which has multifunction models with and without wi-fi, and Smart Tank brand that has multifunctional models with the best in class print quality and has options to print in color or only black and white, and even models with FAX.

The OfficeJet printers are suitable for those with small and medium enterprises. They bring some special features as larger trays and individual color cartridges that are best for printing large volumes of colored graphs and charts, for example.

The OfficeJet brand has models with wi-fi to facilitate routine business. The advantage is that they make impressions without wires, directly from your phone or tablet for you to save time.

The Laserjet printers are suitable for those who print large amounts of text. Despite the high initial cost, long-term investment pays off, considering the low cost per page of these models. Instead of cartridges, these printers work with toner to make the impressions.

In brand Laserjet printers are multifunctional and options that only print. Most models are monochromatic, ie, only print in black and white, but there are also options with color printing, but are much more expensive models.

The brand HP Laser Neverstop brings laser printers options with toner tank. In these models you can recharge your laser printer as happens in the ink tank printers, so you do not need to buy a new toner, just buy the refill kit out much more into account.

This brand there are options of multifunctional models in addition to print, copy and scan, and print models only. Also, you can choose between models with and without wi-fi connection depending on your needs and investment you want to do.

For Best Value for Money, Your Choice As printing volume

HP’s printers use different methods of refilling with different printing capabilities. Some models use of 2 to 4 ink cartridges, others have a rechargeable tank. Already, for laser models, you must purchase a toner or opt for models with toner tank that are rechargeable.

Among the HP options, printers that print inkjet cartridge with black and tricolor are part of the Deskjet Ink Advantage brand. They are recommended for printing small amounts of text and images. For, despite the initial cost, its cartridges are expensive and do not yield much.

On average the black cartridge-size yields about 120 pages, and about 100 pages in color. There is also a version of the cartridges in size XL that yield up to 3 times more impressions than the common version, but is priced a little higher.

Inkjet printers with individual color cartridges are part of the Officejet brand, which is a line made with printers for professional use. The individual color cartridges, has the advantage of yielding more than the tri-color options, are indicated for higher volume printing.

Individual cartridges can make an average of 400 pages in black and 330 pages in color (3 colors together) at regular size. For these models there is also the size XL option that yield 1,000 pages with black and colored together 825 pages.

For those who need a high volume of impressions, both black and color, we recommend the printers supplied with tank for bottles of ink. You can find models of this style in brand Ink Tank Smart Tank and HP.

Bottles of ink yield about 8000 pages printed in color and up to 6000 pages in black with the bottle size XL. Among the models that print inkjet printers this is what brings the most cost-effective, considering the price of the bottle kit and the volume of impressions that place.

For those who print a large volume of texts and does not need color prints, the printers and HP LaserJet brand Neverstop that print laser are the best option! Because in addition to having a low cost per print, they print faster than inkjet printers.

Toners for HP laser printers have a high yield of 1000 to up to 3000 pages depending on the model. And the HP Neverstop models print up to 5,000 pages and do not require a new toner. Just buy the refill kit to fill the toner tank.

Functions In addition to printing, Opt for Models Multifunction

Top 10 Best Hp Printers In 2020 (Deskjet, Laserjet And More)

For each brand (LaserJet, Neverstop, etc.) HP brings multifunction models options that allow addition to making prints, scan documents and make copies and simple models that only print. If you need more of these other features worth investing in a multifunction printer.

Models that only prints are cheaper than the multi-function, so if you only need this function, do not spend for nothing. Especially in the laser printer that has a high price, this type of analysis is very important because the higher the more expensive number of features will be the product.

Choose models that print 15 PPM or more if You Need Print Very

Top 10 Best Hp Printers In 2020 (Deskjet, Laserjet And More)

When you need to print a high volume of pages, printing speed also becomes an important factor. The fastest printers are definitely the laser. Some models like the HP Laserjet Pro M404dw can print an average of 38 pages per minute (ppm).

To make a comparison with the options that print with inkjet, the most basic models like the Deskjet Ink Advantage line make an average of 6 pages per minute, more sophisticated models with individual cartridges reach 15 ppm in black and 26 ppm color printing.

Check! More as DPI, More Detailed Sao Impressions

Top 10 Best Hp Printers In 2020 (Deskjet, Laserjet And More)

The print resolution is measured in DPI (dots per inch), it measures the number of dots that are printed in the area of ​​2.54 cm² (1 inch). If you need to print images in detail, it is good to keep an eye on the printer resolution

For texts, just resolutions of 300 dpi or less. As for printing pictures with a good quality, we recommend resolutions of 600 dpi or higher. If you are looking photo quality with more realistic colors prefer models with 1200 DPI or more.

Prefer Printers with Wireless Connection

Top 10 Best Hp Printers In 2020 (Deskjet, Laserjet And More)

HP brings wireless connectivity options. HP Smart application through is no longer necessary to have a computer connected to the printer. With it is possible to print, scan, and configure the printer to maintenance directly from the phone or tablet.

You can also make connections using the direct wi-fi, which eliminates the need for a wi-fi router. Just connect your smartphone or tablet to the network printer and send the files for printing. In addition, some printers are compatible with Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint.

Top 6 Best HP Printers and Ink Jet Tank

Now that you are inside the universe of HP printers and you read all the tips needed to be able to choose the one that fits your print volume, see our ranking with the top 6 inkjet and HP ink tank and make your choice!

Top 10 Best Hp Printers In 2020 (Deskjet, Laserjet And More)

Comparison table of the Best Printers and HP Jet Ink Tank

Multifuncional HP Smart Tank 514

HP Multifunction Ink Tank 416

Multifuncional HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2676

Impressora HP Officejet 7110

Multifuncional HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2136

Impressora HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 1115

Top 4 Best HP Laser Printers

As you already know, after reading our tips, the laser printer models are suitable for large volumes of impressions, as well as lower cost per print, these are very fast! Check below the ranking of the 4 best printers HP laser!

Comparison table of the Best HP Laser Printers

Impressora HP Neverstop Laser 1000w

Multifuncional HP LaserJet Color Pro M180NW

Multifuncional HP Laserjet Pro M28w

Impressora HP Laserjet Pro M404dw

Adora Photos? Consider Buying a Printer Dedicated to This Art

If you love taking pictures, then consider buying a photo printer HP Sprocket. It prints photos in 5×7 size that can become beautiful adhesives. It is a portable printer that weighs less than 200 grams so you can take it everywhere and print your photos at the time!

HP Sprocket application gives to add borders and emoji your photos, and you can send them to print directly from the social networks. In addition to wi-fi, this model is bluetooth connections and even NFC, which is a technology that makes communication between compatible devices only approaching them.

An interesting fact is that this printer does not use ink. The secret is in HP ZINK photo paper that is heated by the printer at the right temperature so that the desired color skirt on paper in the correct locations.

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HP offers a variety of printers ranging from the simplest to just print to the multifunctional wireless connections options. Therefore, when choosing evaluate all the points mentioned in this article not to have bugs!

And if you stay in doubt, go back and reread the information in this article and take a look at the ranking of products, your ideal choice can be there! Enjoy also to read about other interesting topics on our website and find quality products and useful for you!