Top 10 Best Headphones AKG to Buy in 2020

Whether professionally or to listen to music with quality leisure time, the AKG headphones are popular worldwide. With the main lines Y, N and K, and several models like the K414p, Y500 and N700, each with specific functions, it can be difficult to find the best for you.

So, in this article we will explain everything you need to know how to choose the best AKG headset for you, whatever your purpose. To further facilitate your purchase, we prepare the ranking of the top 10 AKG headphones to buy online. Continue with us and see!

Why the AKG Headphones have become so popular?

Top 10 Best Headphones Akg To Buy In 2020

AKG is an audio products manufacturer founded in 1947. By always have maintained a high standard in sound quality, faithfully reproducing the original sound in all frequency bands, has become one of the brands most used in the world, both as casually professionally.

One of the main advantages is that even your headphones offer this standard of sound quality, allowing even those who use only as leisure can enjoy products tested and used by professionals. AKG offers several options to suit even the most demanding users!

How to Choose the Best Ear AKG Phone

With so many functions and features, it is normal to be a little confused when researching the different models. So from now on we’ll analyze point to point all you need to know before buying your new AKG headset!

Select the type of agreement Headset with Your Routine

There are several types of headphones that you will find: circumaural headphones, supra-ear, earbuds and in-ear. The differences go beyond size and style, then it is very important to know the characteristics of each to buy the model that best fits your routine!

Also known as “over-the-ear” or “circum-aural”, is the type most commonly used in more advanced headphones and, therefore, is the most used in professional studios. Its format completely covers the ears and, because of the size, it also allows the use of larger speakers, which can be advantageous.

Besides being the most widely used format in the most advanced models, it is also the most comfortable, which is important for those who make use of long sessions. But a circumnavigation of earphones is its size, which can become inconvenient in everyday life. Some headphones are foldable, reducing this problem.

The above-ear headphones have a more compact format than the circum-ear, positioning on the ears, but without getting to cover them. This is great for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a headphone in a more convenient format, especially for many models are foldable.

A disadvantage of this format is that, by the way is positioned, tends to annoy or even hurt a bit after a while. So it is not the recommended use for long sessions. If you still be interested in a supra-aural, prefer larger models for added comfort.

Models-ear or in-ear (IEM), fit into the ear canal and transmits the sound directly to the ear drum. Therefore, its power is lower than the models above and circum-ear, being more suitable for casual use than professionally.

It is important to always check the seal, because the less sound leak from the phone, the better the perception of bass frequencies. They are ideal for those who do not want to be carrying a headphone up and down. Discreet and easy to carry, they are the best option to use in physical activities or travel.

For Greater Fence, Choose System Acoustic Closed

The acoustic shells can be closed, semi-open and open. As you can imagine, closed are the most prevent sound leaks, and isolate external noise. It is ideal for those who want more privacy or to use in noisy places. It is the most common type, as we shall see in the rankings.

Already in the open models, openings in the back of the shells cause the sound frequencies do not get “stuck” inside the headphones. But those who think this is just a disadvantage: many professionals prefer this type to be what plays the audio as closely as the original!

The semiopen are halfway between the other two types. Their openings on the back are smaller than the open models, making the sound leakage is reduced. Best suited for those who want all the benefits of other formats, although without the same efficiency.

Stay Cable Free with Bluetooth Models

Top 10 Best Headphones Akg To Buy In 2020

The faster and less interference in the audio signal transmission, wired headphones are still champions in terms of sound quality. So, they are still the safest option for professional use. As for the use on a daily basis, bluetooth models are great choices for most people.

Despite the inconvenience of having to be recharged, the bluetooth headphones are unbeatable in terms of practicality. You can, for example, leave them around the neck throughout the day without any wires holding you back. Prefer models with high durability to reduce the frequency of recharging.

Today the models with detachable cables are also becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to take advantage of two options: audio playback with higher definition when the cable is connected and more convenience and practicality when used in Bluetooth mode.

Prefer Headphones Unique Functions for Even More Benefits

To take advantage of even more technology that AKG headphones has to offer during their research is worth giving special attention to models that offer extra functions such as vibration control or adjust the noise cancellation level. Let’s get to know each of these functions!

Top 10 Best Headphones Akg To Buy In 2020

If you want to enjoy a high definition sound, it is interesting to be able to reduce the noise generated when playing some music. For this, headphones that have two layers of diaphragms and Varimotion technology are recommended because they can reduce unnecessary vibrations that alter the sound.

The models of headphones that have vibration control can offer a more faithful sound reproduction, eliminating distortion from the low frequencies to the most acute. If you want to have this benefit, this function is present from the most advanced models.

Avoid sound leakage is ideal for not bothering anyone nearby. But you can hear what happens outside is also important to walk in the street or to speak to someone without removing the headphones all the time. So, take control of the noise canceling is very advantageous.

The function Ambient Aware can be used both in their default settings “Standard,” Studio “and” Surround “as manually setting the tone and bass levels, mids and highs. With this, you can adjust the sound according to the environment and situation where you are!

Top 10 Best Headphones AKG

Now that you know all the details that should be analyzed when choosing your headset, it’s time to check out the selection of the 10 best AKG headphones market!

Top 10 Best Headphones Akg To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Headphones AKG

Top 10 Best Headphones Akg To Buy In 2020

K240 MKII Professional Studio Headphones

K92 Closed-back Headphones

Y500 Wireless Headphones

IP2 High-Performance Monitor

Headphone Compacto K414p

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For being such a brand recognized in the music and always adopt the latest technology, the AKG headphones usually have a higher cost. If the values ​​do not fit in your budget right now, do not worry! Check out our selection of the top 10 phones up to R $ 150 and find your own!

Now that you know the main features of the AKG headphones makes it easy to decide among the many quality options that the brand offers. It is interesting to start deciding between the types of headphones that you please more and then think about which model offers ideal features for you.

The best headset will depend on the type of use. Check the items on our list and then choose your own! And if you know someone who is also looking for a AKG headset, do not forget to share this article. Good shopping!