Top 10 Best Guard Bases / sunscreen with color in 2020

The importance of daily use solar filter is unanimity among experts. It is essential to protect our skin from damage caused by solar radiation, such as premature aging and skin diseases. To facilitate this essential care, many companies are combining the benefits of the protective facial foundations, with super practical and functional products.

renowned brands such as Maybelline, Lancome and Shiseido offer bases with excellent coverage, moisturizing functions and control of oil. All this combined with the practicality of solar protection. We have prepared this guide with amazing tips for you not to err in the choice of his, as well as a ranking of the best brands in the market. Check and find out the ideal base for you!

How to Choose the Best Base with Sunscreen

Choosing the ideal base for you can become much simpler if you take a few points into consideration, as the ideal texture, composition suitable for your skin type and the coverage that best meet your needs. Meet our guide to these and other important points in choosing not to miss!

Currently, the market offers several bases texture options: liquid, creamy, compact or mousse. Each has its own peculiarities, which can make your life easier and rather optimize your user experience if chosen correctly. To make the most of their make, know the advantages and directions of each.

Besides coming in a super convenient carrying case to carry the bag, the compact bases and powders allow for easy reapplication throughout the day. The sunscreen usually included in the formulas is the physical type, which ensures efficient protection without leaving the base heavier, as with other textures.

Powder bases are the most recommended for sensitive skin, because they contain less aggressive agents, and the mixed and oily, dry touch by providing more. dry and mature skin should escape this format, since they tend to score very fine lines.

The liquid and creamy bases are indicated for those who need more humectants. Furthermore, they have a broader range of effects in masking stains and flaws. For oily or combination skin, the bases with mousse texture can be the best choice. Easy to spread over his face, offer uniform finish of the fluid, with dry touch that oily skins need.

As the reapplication of such base is impractical, it may be that you set aside throughout the day, losing the benefits of sun protection. Using a compact with protector can be a good outlet to touch up her makeup during the day without forgetting to protect against radiation of the sun. Another way out is to apply a colorless sunscreen under the base to ensure longer-lasting protection.

The Korean design innovation are gaining the hearts of consumers around the world. The cushion brings a stored liquid form based on a kind of cushion in a case like the compact formats. To apply, simply press the sponge on the pad, which releases only the amount needed for the application.

The base cushion provides a light and natural finish, but may be applied in layers for greater coverage. Another advantage is the ease of touch up throughout the day, ideal for keeping the effect of sunscreen. Moreover, with fluid texture, spreads easily on the skin without leaving it sticky. Economic and super practical.

Choose Base Agreement with Your Skin Type

When choosing the most appropriate base with sunscreen for your skin in addition to the texture of the product, also consider your skin type. Imagine a combination skin fighting with a base with oil in the composition? Goodbye glamor, make hello melting! To avoid embarrassing situations and ensure a beautiful look with healthy face, give your skin what it needs.

If the skin on your face is oily, you need a base to touch dry and matte finish. Preferably, the oil-free formulations, especially if choosing a basic liquid or creamy texture. The compact base powder, are ideal for promoting a more sequinho finish, helping control oil throughout the day.

As for the so-called combination skin, which are normal, but with oily in the T zone (forehead and nose), there are two options. Liquid foundation for a more natural finish or cream base for greater coverage. Always finalize the make with a compact in oilier area. This will ensure adequate standardization, controlling oiliness only where needed.

Top 10 Best Guard Bases / Sunscreen With Color In 2020

If you have sensitive skin, you should opt for hypoallergenic bases, free of fragrances and parabens. Stay alert as the composition of long-term bases or water-resistant, since they usually have mineral oils, which are more difficult to remove and will irritate your skin. Prefer products with the formula vegetable oils, soothing effects prioritizing ingredients.

The powder bases are the most suitable for sensitive skin, since they have a more sequinha texture with simple composition and without oil. Keep an eye on sun protection factor. Prefer the bases with less protection, because the higher the factor, the higher the load of aggressive ingredients to your skin. The ideal is to invest in products with SPF 15-30 and reapply more often throughout the day.

Especially paras dry skin, the presence of moisturizers in the formula, such as vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, is very welcome. As vitamin E is able to reduce the damage caused by free radicals, hyaluronic acid helps to maintain the skin moisture.

Of course, these benefits can also be availed by those who have oily skin or mixed, but are dry skin the most benefit. On the other hand, never use a base for oily skin if you have dry skin, because the trend is even more drying your face.

Invest in bases with SPF from 15

Top 10 Best Guard Bases / Sunscreen With Color In 2020

The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) indicates the time that we may be exposed to the sun without suffering erythema, or skin redness. The degree of protection varies according to the strength of each skin. If you are exposed to the sun 10 minutes before turning red, then an SPF 15 product will protect your skin for 150 minutes (15 x 10). A product SPF 30 will protect you for 300 minutes and so on.

Thus, if the skin is very clear, with little resistance to sunlight, give preference to bases with higher SPF. Brown and black skins may choose to lower FPS, as they have more strength and support a longer time without showing any reaction.

Important to consider that while savers with higher SPF promise prolonged effect, the indication of dermatologists is that the product is reapplied every two hours. This is because, over time, the protector can lose its effect, either because it was absorbed by the skin or because it has been diluted by sweat and other external factors.

Non err in color, Identify Your undertone

Top 10 Best Guard Bases / Sunscreen With Color In 2020

A base with the wrong tone can end his make. If you are confused about which one to choose color, the trick is to identify your skin undertone: hot, cold or neutral. Not sure which is your? Look at the veins in his arms. If they have a greenish tint, then your undertone is warm. If they are blue, your undertone is cold. If you are a mixture of the two, your undertone is neutral.

Who have warm skin should opt for yellow backgrounds bases. Already the skins of cold undertones look good with more pink colors. Who has skin neutral undertone combines both buff and with pink. Always be attentive to the base name: many of them come with “warm” to describe the warm tones and “cold” to the cold. The undertones are valid for any skin color.

Frequent sweating asks Bases Water Resistant

Top 10 Best Guard Bases / Sunscreen With Color In 2020

If you play sports or sweats a lot in the day-to-day, the solution to make is not melt on the basis waterproof. The water-resistant bases are also an option for those who go to the beach or pool. But beware, these cosmetics have oils in the formula, so it should always be taken with Cosmetic Removers, not to harm the skin.

For Greater Protection, Change the basis for a sunscreen with color

Top 10 Best Guard Bases / Sunscreen With Color In 2020

If you need a more effective sun protection for day-to-day and want a light toning the face, our suggestion is to consider using a sunscreen with color. It is easy to find products that offer a Sun Protection Factor 50 or 90, in a rare base, combined with a basic light cover effect.

In addition, the colored sunscreens also offer protection to what we call visible light produced by electronic screens and harmful for those suffering from melasma. The disadvantage is that these products offer a few color options, usually ranging from light beige to medium.

Top 10 Best Bases with sunscreen to Buy Online

Now that you know all the factors to be taken into account when choosing your base with sunscreen, you can now make your purchase with more security. There are great products available on the market. So we prepare a ranking of the top 10 foundations with sunscreen to buy online. See the specifications of each one, choose the most suitable for you and good shopping!

Comparison table of the Best Bases Shield / Sun Care


UV Protective Compact Foundation (Refill)

Superstay Makeup 24 Hours

Base Velvet Matte Mousse 3 Em 1 Glam

Base Net superfluid

Colorstay Pump Combination Oily Skin Buff

Teint Idole Ultra Cushion

Solar tint filter

Ideal Soleil Effect Base

Base Max Defense Gel Color

Learn to Prepare Your Skin and Make Make Lasting More

A clean and well moisturized skin is capable of doing miracles by their make. This is because, when careful, the skin tends to have more closed pores, which will prevent the absorption of the base, leaving it intact for much longer. This effect is achieved by simple measures that can be part of your daily routine and will bring incredible results.

The first step is to wash the face. Use soap and water appropriate to remove all impurities. Once dry, apply a suitable toning your skin type. It will help tighten pores and control oil. Apply the moisturizer to the face of your choice. In addition to restoring water, moisturizer will form a protective barrier for your skin not being assaulted by make.

If you want to enhance the prolongation effect of your makeup, apply a primer after hydration. It evens the skin, further closes the pores and acts as a kind of fastener to the base. Saw how simple it is to raze that make you look beautiful and intact for hours in the face? Make these care routine and you will notice a difference in your skin!

Combine the Base to Solar Filter Colorless to Increase Protection

If you want a base with high covering power, but spends a lot of time exposed to the sun, the tip of experts is to combine the two products. You can use any base of your choice and, before applying, protect your face with a colorless sunscreen with a high protection factor.

The good news is that if you use a foundation with sunscreen, will be further powering the protection of his face, as the factors of the two products will be added.

The bases with guard are great allies of those seeking an ever beautiful skin and well cared for. Now you know everything you need to choose a base right for you, and know the best options available online. Runs to put into practice everything you have learned and ensure a diva skin.

Hopefully this article useful in your choice. Do not forget to come back whenever you have any questions!