Top 10 Best graters to Buy in 2020 (Tramontina, Nicer Dicer and more)

The grater is a tool that can not miss on a daily basis the kitchen, right? With it in hand, you thin, Cock and slice vegetables, cheeses, chocolates and even fruit quickly and very convenient way. And to help prepare elaborate dishes, it has blades that cut the ingredients in a sophisticated way.

But with so many models on the market, choose the best for your kitchen is not easy. To help you make a good decision, we prepared this article with tips on how to analyze each model and a ranking of the top 10 brands such as graters Tramontina, Nicer Dicer, BR Home and more.

How to Choose the Best Grater

The grater is an indispensable accessory to improve your performance in the kitchen and prepare food with agility. To hit the choice, you should consider the model, materials, functions and extra accessories. We will explain more about each of them in this section.

Choose Model Ideal for your kitchen

The grater model also influences the performance in time to cut food and even in the kitchen space. In the market, you will find three main types of manual graters: flat, tapered and handle. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of each!

Ideal for soft and soft food grater plan has only one face with the blade grating ingredients for up to 3 different in size from thinner to thicker strips. Practical to use in any kitchen, this tool is easy to store in drawers or hung on the wall.

The multipurpose grater is another variation of the flat pattern. It comes with more than one type of blade, which can be embedded in the product during use. In the market, you can also find graters plans equipped with protective for hands, they guarantee more safety in food preparation.

The conical grater is characterized mainly by having a different blade on each side. This allows you to grate hard food in different sizes, thicknesses and formats. They also offer greater accuracy and safety during use.

To facilitate handling, this type of grater has a handle at the top and some of them even are rubberized not to hurt hands. However, they have a larger structure and that can take up space inside the kitchen drawers.

The grater with handle is ideal for those seeking more convenience in the kitchen. To use this tool, simply put food on the laminated part, turn the crank and then the food will grated. The model usually fitted with different blades to grate foods into various sizes.

Cheeses, vegetables and potatoes are some examples of foods that can be grated with practicality in this tool. The grater is safe and easy to use and can be handled by people of any age. Also stands out from other models because it is simple to wash.

Graters are resistant Stainless Steel and Sharp

Top 10 Best Graters To Buy In 2020 (Tramontina, Nicer Dicer And More)

The material is the main item that you should consider before buying the grater. This is because it is he who will determine the durability of the piece and resistance in time to grate food. Best graters market are those with the base and blades made of stainless steel.

The stainless steel models usually have a high resistance and the blades are sharp and efficient, ideal for grating hard and soft food with agility. Moreover, the material is resistant to rusting and can be washed in a dishwasher machine.

There are also graters with steel blades, but with the plastic base. These models are lightweight and hygienic, but they are fragile and can crack in the areas receiving more pressure. If you choose this type of grater, use to prepare light food and do not apply too much force.

The more blades Grater it has, Best

The blades are responsible for grating food textures, sizes and shapes. So it is important to check this piece carefully before purchase. In general, this utensil can grating ingredients in four thicknesses: thin, wide, thick and ultra thick.

The fine is indicated for hard foods such as ginger, cinnamon and lemon. Already wide it is perfect for grating cheese and chocolate into small thin slices. On the other hand, the bulk can grate foods into thick chips. Finally, the ultra thick blades can cut into sticks.

In the market, you still find graters equipped with blades for slicing and cutting fruits and vegetables. Preferably invest in graters possessing various types of blades, so you will have several cutting options in a single tool.

Prefer models with Protectors Hands

When choosing a grater, prefer those that come with a guard hands. This safety accessory protects the fingers of the grater blade, avoiding accidents and cuts during use. Its shape also allows to grate small ingredients safely.

The graters with protectors are also a good option for those who do not have much experience with the accessory and not want to get hurt. With it, you can can also have more security when storing the grater in the drawer after use.

Graters with Food Waste Collectors avoided

To make the day to day in the most practical kitchen graters some brands have launched models with useful accessories. The most famous of them is the collector, this piece is engaged in grater and store the vegetables, cheeses and chocolates during use. Thus, you avoid clutter in your kitchen.

With the collector, you avoid waste of food falling out of the sink or staging table. It also decreases their contact with bacteria and other debris. What’s more, some models have a meter to help you grate the ingredients in the right quantity.

Top 10 Best Graters

Now that you know how to choose a good grater, we put together a ranking of the top 10 graters market. Check out our selection and find the ideal for day to day of your kitchen!

Top 10 Best Graters To Buy In 2020 (Tramontina, Nicer Dicer And More)
Top 10 Best Graters To Buy In 2020 (Tramontina, Nicer Dicer And More)

Comparison Leaderboard Graters

Top 10 Best Graters To Buy In 2020 (Tramontina, Nicer Dicer And More)
Top 10 Best Graters To Buy In 2020 (Tramontina, Nicer Dicer And More)

Multifunctional grater House Chef

Grater Br Home Plan

Grater 3 in 1 pot and cover Mimo Style

Grater utility Tramontina

To Prepare Delicious Spaghetti Vegetable Use Vegetable Cutter

The cutter spiral vegetable has gained every day more Brazilian kitchens thanks to its practicality. This is because it has a structure similar to a pencil sharpener: just put the vegetable inside the piece and turn it to be grated in perfect strips.

Ideal for making the famous spaghetti vegetables and prepare elaborate dishes. In this model, the blades are located within the grater, avoiding cuts during use. But beware: the cleaning of this type of cutter is usually not easy, because the food often get trapped inside the blade.

The grater is a useful tool in the kitchen, right? With blades of different formats, you can grate vegetables, chocolates, cheese and even fruit into strips and certain sizes for your recipes. With it, you can prepare recipes quickly and style.

Not to miss in the purchase analysis model, material, blades and accessories and choose the best grater for day to day in your kitchen. If you feel doubt, check our ranking with the top 10 graters market, so do not miss it.