Top 10 Best Face Towels In 2020 (Karsten, Buddemeyer And More)

Top 10 Best Face Towels in 2020 (Karsten, Buddemeyer and more)

Who does not like a fluffy towel? Comfortable and soft, face cloths are the indispensable parts to ensure hygiene after using the toilet. More than that, the towels also complement the decoration of bathrooms and toilets, leaving the most sophisticated and cozy atmosphere.

But with so many beautiful towels can be difficult to choose just one! To help you, we’ve created this article with tips on how to choose an elegant towel, soft and resistant to the bathroom in your home. Check out our ranking of the top 10 face cloths brands like Karsten, Teka and Buddemeyer.

How to Choose the Best Face Towel

To purchase a fluffy towel and face to match the bathroom decor is necessary to analyze several factors. In this section, we explain how to analyze the best type of fabric, finish, size and color of your next face towel.

Choose Composition: 100% Cotton, or Cotton Polyester

face towels made of 100% cotton or cotton with polyester are the most popular market. To find out which one is softer and resistant, it is important to know the characteristics of each fabric. Learn more below.

face towels made from 100% cotton are synonymous with quality and comfort. These towels are usually thick and offer a soft feel and smooth the skin. Furthermore, they have a good absorption of water. So they quickly dry your body after bathing, however, are slow to dry on the clothesline.

Another reason to prefer the towels in cotton is that they are durable and resistant to several washings. Although more expensive, they are an investment that is worth it! They are also a good gift choice for honeymooners or for that friend who is moving to a new home.

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Towels made of cotton with polyester are a more affordable alternative. Containing addition of synthetic materials, they tend to be cheaper than the 100% cotton. However, these towels are less able to absorb water. The advantage is that dry faster on the clothesline.

Polyester leaves less fluffy towels. So to buy a quality face towel, fluffy and resistant, give preference to those with more than 90% of cotton in the composition. Another cool tip is to use towels with polyester outings with family, travel or even at the gym.

Prefer Towels Wired Hairstyle or Egyptian Cotton

The face towel wires are another important question that must be analyzed at the time of purchase. They influence the finish of the piece and functionality in everyday life. Brands often make towels with three main types of yarn: traditional, Egyptian cotton and combed yarn.

The face towels traditional wired can be cotton or cotton polyester. They are more popular, but less resistant than the other two wires. Egyptian cotton, a noble fabric provides plush towels and high quality. The wires are not long and balls accumulate in the tissue.

Towels with combed yarn are also soft and have high durability. This is because the fibers are combed and subjected to a process that removes impurities and ensures more shine to the hair. Some of the best market face towels have that kind of weaving.

Face towels with Weight 500 g / m² are softer

A good face towel should be soft and offer a soft touch on the skin. To ensure this, check the number of grams of fiber per square meter (g / m²) of the workpiece. In general, the greater the weight of the tissue, the greater the softness and absorbency of water.

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Thus, face towels from 360 g / m² are considered of excellent quality, but those with the minimum 500 g / m² are more thick, resilient and have high absorption power. You can find this information on the label or towel product description on the site.

Check the size Facecloth

Use a very small face towel can be uncomfortable and hygienic because it soaks faster. To avoid inconvenience, check the size of the towel before making the purchase. In general, the towels above 40 x 80 cm are quite large and more comfortable for the whole family dry hands.

Another cool tip is to check whether the size is compatible with the door towels, so your new towel will be well accommodated and the bathroom well organized. To carry, do not worry about size. Even a large face towel is compact enough to easily fit in your backpack gym.

Buy Towels Combine with the bathroom decor

The face towel is a great decorative item for bathroom or toilet. With various colors available, choose a piece that matches the set of towels or other bathroom items. But if you wish, you can dare and create modern combinations with your new face towel.

White face towels and pastel shades are suitable for creating elegant environments, however dirty easily. Already colored guarantee a relaxed atmosphere, but usually fade quickly. To avoid this, it is important to pay attention to washing methods indicated by the manufacturer.

Top 10 Best Face Towels

Investing in a large face towel, fluffy and beautiful offers comfort and leaves the most stylish bathroom. Check out the following our ranking with the best towels for the market face and make a good buy.

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Comparison table of the Best Face Towels

Top 10 Best Face Towels In 2020 (Karsten, Buddemeyer And More)
Top 10 Best Face Towels In 2020 (Karsten, Buddemeyer And More)
Top 10 Best Face Towels In 2020 (Karsten, Buddemeyer And More)
Top 10 Best Face Towels In 2020 (Karsten, Buddemeyer And More)
Top 10 Best Face Towels In 2020 (Karsten, Buddemeyer And More)

Face towel to Buddemeyer

Face Wire Hairstyle towel

Duomo Facecloth

Lumina Facecloth

Frappe Facecloth

Valentina Facecloth

Facecloth Hanna

Facecloth Holly

Facecloth Meire

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Ready! I bet now you know how to choose the best face towel that will offer the comfort you and your family need. To make a good choice, do not forget to evaluate the composition and type of wire and the weight of the towel. Also check the size and color match your bathroom.

If a question in choosing, just read again our article and follow our tips. See also our ranking with the best towels for face good brands and with the best quality in the market. His ideal towel should be there waiting for your click!