Top 10 Best Eyelash Curler to Buy in 2020

The eyelash curler is the one must-have for women who are keen to look at a powerful look. Despite the makeup lovers ensure that he leaves the incredible eyelashes, still has a lot of people afraid to use the bender lashes. After all it is easy to use, or you can pinch your eyes?

Tweezerman, Revlon and Vult offer great options and with little practice, make any woman fall in love with the effects. Check out our article to understand which features are most appropriate to the shape of your eyes, and still enjoy our ranking with the 10 best eyelash curler market.

How to Choose the Best Eyelash Curler

The eyelash curler can even have a complex shape, but choose a great option to highlight your look is easier than it sounds. To hit the purchase, it is necessary to pay attention to some details such as the type of opening and the material, as well as the shape of your eyes, that makes all the difference.

Choose Agreement Curvex with the format of your Eyes

Top 10 Best Eyelash Curler To Buy In 2020

Observe the shape of your eyes is the first step to choosing the ideal eyelash curler. It should fit perfectly to your lashes, from root to tip. Who has the small, almond-shaped eyes should invest in an accessory to flatter curve to reach all the wire extension without difficulty.

Who already has the biggest eyes and rounded can bet on models with the larger and more angled curve. Although these details are not always described by the manufacturers, you need only observe the product carefully, and consider the opinion of those who have tested, which can help a lot.

However, rest assured if you have difficulty in defining the curve is flatter angled or just looking. Most brands cares to provide modelers lashes with a curvature that fits all eye shapes!

Prefer the Eyelash Curler Metal: Modeling Need and Great Durability

Darling of professionals and makeup lovers, metal eyelash curler are firmer and press the fiozinhos the lashes with precision, ensuring that perfect curvature. Another advantage is that the material is super durable and you can use the same eyelash curler for long.

Currently, all brands invest in the metal to produce the bender, especially for the great result and durability that the material offers. Just be careful not to press too wires. Also if you are an allergy sufferer, since the metal can irritate the skin.

Decide the Opening type More Comfortable for You

Top 10 Best Eyelash Curler To Buy In 2020

Although many models are described as ergonomic or anatomic the curvadores eyelashes may have different shapes of the grip and thus opening. The most common types are the ones that work like scissors and those with spring.

The scissors eyelash curler allows, at the time of modeling, the person setting the force with which you press the lashes. Since what works with a spring exerts pressure smoother because the cilia are bent by their own spring force, which reduces the impact.

Another point you should notice is the size of the open space to fit the lashes. There is no specific recommendation, the decision must be in accordance with what is most comfortable for you. Some women prefer to open more, because they consider easier to achieve all the wires.

Prefer the Curvex with Replacement Rubber

Besides all the features of the eyelash curler, it is also very important to check whether it offers replacement rubber. As it is a frequently used object, the rubber must be replaced every three months to continue offering the same comfort and firmness to the eyelashes.

Some brands now offer an extra rubber band, sold together with the eyelash curler, while others do not allow the exchange of the pad. In this case, you need to buy a new bender when the rubber need replacing. Confirm this data in the description or on the product packaging.

Recognized brands in the world of makeup, learn to follow the 10 best eyelash curler options available in online stores. Suitable for various eye shapes with opening scissor and spring. With this ranking will be easy to find the most comfortable for you!

Top 10 Best Eyelash Curler To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Eyelash Curler To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Eyelash Curler To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Eyelash Curler


Curvex Procurl Lash Curler

Curvex Eye Lash Curler

Curvex Eyelash Curler

Bet on Eyelash Curler for Eyelashes Thermal Awesome and Lasting

Perfect for all women, the thermal eyelash curler are designed to help those who have short lashes to accurately model and achieve that look as desired: with fiozinhos super curved and high. It works with batteries and favors a much more lasting modeling.

The problem is that using the thermal eyelash curler may require patience and be very laborious, since the curves usually take a few minutes to form. This type of bender is recommended for eventual use as there are reports that the constant application of heat can damage the wires. Keep an eye!

How Tips Using Eyelash Curler with Ease

You already know that the eyelash curler contributes greatly to a look striking, but you can use it properly and avoid unwanted pinches? If the answer is no, know that it all starts with a good cleaning. It is necessary to clean very well the wires before modeling the eyelashes.

For this, a good tip is to clean the entire face, and if you realize that you still have mask remains on the wires, use a cotton swab with makeup remover and remove all traces. Then place the good eyelash curler close to the root of the lashes, so that the curve already start at the beginning of the wires.

Once positioned, press the bender for a few seconds, the recommendation is to count up to 10. The great secret is to tighten the wires without pulling them because that’s how you can start or break your lashes. Finally, apply your mask preferred eyelashes and bump with the look!

For a look Powerful Check out the Best Masks Eyelashes

Now that you know the mask super lashes complements well the effect produced by the eyelash curler, discover the best options in the market. To check the news, click on the links below and still ensure more prominence to your look with large, elongated and curved wires.

Bending and lengthen lashes with eyelash curler is really an important step to achieve that look powerful and striking. After reading our article, of course, the quality of your makeup will evolve further, thanks to the great choice of eyelash curler, you will.

The shape of your eyes as well as the material and the opening of the eyelash curler are features that should guide you in your selection. Whenever you are in doubt, go back to our article and check both of tips how to choose, as the best options in the market. Then, just raze to make!