Top 10 Best Eyelash Adhesive

Top 10 Best eyelash adhesive to Buy in 2020 (DUO, Macrilan and more)

For natural lashes or those babadeiros lashes, a good eyelash glue is essential. Choose this type of product is not always easy, as there are various models available in the market. Features such as the absence of chemicals and transparency need to be considered at the time of purchase.

Knowing the variety of products, we have prepared a complete guide with several tips and suggestions on how to choose. In addition, we have prepared a ranking of the 10 best adhesives market eyelashes. In this ranking you will find brands such as DUO, Macrilan and Kiss New York. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Glue Eyelashes

Hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist tested, formaldehyde-free or latex are some of the features that can be found in models of eyelash glue and can benefit the health of your eyes. Learn more about all these details below.

Opt for adhesive Hypoallergenic and Ophthalmologist Tested

Top 10 Best Eyelash Adhesive To Buy In 2020 (Duo, Macrilan And More)

Being a product that has direct contact with our skin, some observations need to be considered. The first is whether the product is hypoallergenic, that means they have gone through sensitization tests and were classified as products with less risk of causing allergies in humans.

Another important point is to see if they are ophthalmologist tested, this means that the products were evaluated in people with the presence of an ophthalmologist, and less likely to cause reactions in the eye areas. For safety, be sure to check these details!

Avoid Colas with formaldehyde or latex in Composition

Top 10 Best Eyelash Adhesive To Buy In 2020 (Duo, Macrilan And More)

Two chemical ingredients found in very eyelashes glues are formaldehyde and latex. It is important to take care of these two components if your skin is sensitive or not. The formaldehyde and latex can trigger allergies and eye irritation.

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Thus, whenever possible prefer choosing adhesives that are free of these components in its formula. This type of glue usually has value a little higher, but opt ​​for products thus avoid possible inconvenience.

Cola with Active Ingredients Helps fortify the Eyelashes

Top 10 Best Eyelash Adhesive To Buy In 2020 (Duo, Macrilan And More)

There are few glues on the market that have active ingredients, but opt ​​for products with these ingredients in the formula can help the growth and health of the wires. Vitamin A, C, E, and aloe vera are assets that can usually be found in the compositions.

Aloe vera, also known as aloe vera, helps strengthen, moisturize and nourish the strands of eyelashes, and contain soothing properties that help prevent irritation. Vitamin A, C and E help in the growth of eyelashes, moisturizing and maintaining healthy, as well as C and E are great antioxidants.

For Long Term, Select Product Waterproof Water

Top 10 Best Eyelash Adhesive To Buy In 2020 (Duo, Macrilan And More)

It’s not cool to be without the false eyelashes in the middle of a party or event, is not it? So it is important that the eyelashes are sturdy and firm. To avoid problems like this, opt for a eyelash glue waterproof.

Usually this type of glue is water resistant and has a longer duration than other products available in the market. But it is worth mentioning that glue waterproof often not proof tears and sweat. The pH of the tear is different from the water, so if you cry your lashes can take off.

They are glues Transparent Leave Natural Appearance

Top 10 Best Eyelash Adhesive To Buy In 2020 (Duo, Macrilan And More)

eyelash adhesives are commonly found in two variations, white and black. White usually become transparent to dry, leaving the natural makeup. Black adhesives do not change color, therefore become apparent in makeup.

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Some people use black adhesives to let one aspect of eyeliner. But to let the natural makeup is necessary to use a liner over to give finish. Not to have error and avoid rework, prefer transparent adhesives.

Glue tube with applicator brush More than Easy Use

In general, adhesives of cilia can be found in two forms: the tube and pipes applicator brush. The tubes, if not avoided when tightening the packaging, can waste product, and are more difficult to apply for beginners in makeup.

Packaging with applicator brush are more practical and easy to handle. Simply applying the glue to the tip of the brush across the eyelash extension, may be in tuft or not. Packaging tube with applicator brush prevent product waste and make use of the process faster.

Top 10 Best Adhesives Eyelashes

Now meet our selection of the top 10 glues eyelashes. In this ranking you will find products with different characteristics, such as white glue, black, especially for sensitive eyes and more. Enjoy!

Comparison Chart of Top Adhesives Eyelashes

Super Glue Fixing 48 hours Colorless

Brush On Adhesive With Vitamins

Super Glue Fixing 48H Black

Cola Long Term 16H Aloe Vera Colorless

Eyelash Adhesive Clear-White

Cola Long Lasting 16 Hours

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Besides a good eyelash glue, good false eyelashes make all the difference in the final result of the makeup. Knowing this, we have prepared a complete guide with valuable information to choose a good option. Click the link below and visit our product!

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Now that you have learned many tips and saw our suggestions and indications of the best eyelash glue available in the market, you can now make your choice through our ranking. We are sure that any of them will meet your expectations!

Remember: If you’re new in makeup, opt for adhesives that have the applicator brush, because they are easier to use. Whenever you see that doubt about glues eyelashes, come back here and read our tips. And if you liked this article, do not forget to share!