Top 10 Best Common Batteries and Alkaline in 2020 (AA and AAA)

Batteries are very useful in our day to day, being present in wall clocks, flashlights, cordless phones, remote control and numerous other devices. Disposable versions (which can not be recharged) are very easy to find and are always ready for use.

Brands like Duracell, Rayovac, Elgin and Sony are among the most popular manufacturers of this type of battery. And if you are in doubt about which one to choose, just check the following tips, as well as take advantage of the suggestions shown in the ranking of the top 10 stacks of the market that we prepared!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Conventional Cell

Top 10 Best Common Batteries And Alkaline In 2020 (Aa And Aaa)

Conventional batteries are common and alkaline, and they have advantages and disadvantages with respect to rechargeable batteries. First, have a higher voltage than the rechargeable battery (1.5V to 1.2V), which makes a difference in the most demanding uses, such as in the flash of cameras.

Another favorable point is the price, usually lower than that of the rechargeable batteries, serving those who are with the budget. It is worth highlighting the ease of finding it because it is sold in almost any type of trade, being always available in large quantities.

On the other hand, the conventional battery can end up having a high cost for those who need to use many of them often, and have the potential to pollute the environment if not disposed of properly. If you are looking rechargeable batteries, check out the best in by clicking the following link:

How to Choose the Best Common Battery and Alkaline

There are different types of cells, which may have greater or lesser performance as the used compounds. You also need to check whether the size is compatible with the device. To find out what other criteria to evaluate the time of purchase, check the following explanations.

Choose agreement with type

The most common type of batteries in the market are common, most economical and lasting less, and alkaline, more durable and more expensive. By knowing a little more about them, you will have the chance to choose better next time you go shopping.

Top 10 Best Common Batteries And Alkaline In 2020 (Aa And Aaa)

Also called dry leclanche cell, it is formed of materials such as zinc, graphite, manganese dioxide, carbon powder, ammonium chloride and water. Due to its physical and chemical characteristics, it has a shorter duration and is more suitable for devices that require light and continuous discharges.

portable radio, remote control and wall clock are some of the equipment on which this type of battery takes better. But do not leave it for long periods in them, if not continually use them as zinc wrap can corrode and leak, damaging the appliance.

Bringing sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide in place of the ammonium chloride common version, the alkaline battery can store a larger amount of energy. Consequently, it has last longer than the common cell, being quite popular, even costing a little more.

It is suitable for devices that require faster power for prolonged periods discharge energy. digital cameras, toys and speakers are some of the electronics in which it performs well, reaching durability up to 5 to 10 times higher.

Make sure the size is suitable for your appliance

Before buying, stay tuned to the unit cell size. In most cases, the devices on the big pile, also known as AA, or AAA battery, technically called AAA. It is possible to use the product stack AAAA, C cell or cell D.

Remember that the sizes are not compatible, ie you can not use an AA battery in a product that requires AAA battery, for example, and vice versa. To find out, simply open the battery compartment equipment and check this detail or search the device’s instruction manual.

Prefer Kits with 4 or More Cells to Save

In addition to the packaging with two batteries, the manufacturers usually provide kits with four units or more. Generally, blisters with stacks bring a discount, more advantageous purchase 1 pack of 4 batteries than 2 cards with 2 units each, for example.

With this, you can save and at the same time, have extra batteries to power when they are in use run out energy. For appliances that consume a lot of battery, this is the best alternative because it avoids having to purchase new batteries frequently.

Check Term Recommended Use

Batteries lose power over time, slowly, even not in use. So it is essential to check the period of recommended use on the purchase, information found in the own cell or packaging. In general, the term described shows the month and year of expiry, such as “01/2030”.

This way, you avoid taking a product that has far less load or no energy, if you are near their expiration date. Typically zinc batteries (or common) have expiration dates around 2 years, while alkaline reach 10 years or more.

Top 5 Best and AA Alkaline Batteries Common

We see how there are many important points to consider and which can be crucial to make a good choice? Next, we present the top 5 AA batteries on the market. Check out the ranking that we developed based on the above factors, for the versions of this size.

Top 10 Best Common Batteries And Alkaline In 2020 (Aa And Aaa)
Top 10 Best Common Batteries And Alkaline In 2020 (Aa And Aaa)
Top 10 Best Common Batteries And Alkaline In 2020 (Aa And Aaa)

Comparison Chart of Best AA Batteries

Top 5 Best in Class AAA Alkaline Batteries and

And in the case of versions of AAA, also sought, which are the most prominent options? See, then the ranking of the top 5 batteries toothpick for sale in Brazil, also prepared with the indicated characteristics.

Comparison Chart of Top AAA

Caution: Do not Recharge Disposable Batteries

After a few weeks (or months) of use, the battery charge is exhausted. And now, what to do? Many people try to recharge ordinary batteries, putting the boots. There are even those who appeal to other tactics, such as inserting the battery in the freezer to get it back.

But it is important to know that all manufacturers recommend not recharge ordinary batteries or alkaline. This can cause accidents such as explosions and leaks, bringing risks to users. So when you finish battery power, it is okay to discard it and use a new one.

Choosing a good common battery or alkaline can make all the difference for both the performance of electronic and for your pocket. As there are many available brands and with different characteristics, you need to carefully examine all the factors discussed here, not to regret the choice.

If you have been in any doubt, reread the tips in this article and take the suggestions of our ranking, divided between AA and AAA sizes, the most popular. We are hoping to make a great purchase, choosing a product best suited to your needs!