Top 10 Best Cheap Casio Watches (up to $ 400) to Buy in 2020

Casio watches are popular all over the world, not only by the variety of designs as well as the high quality and low prices. With so many different types of dials, bracelets, resistance levels to water and other factors, find the right for you can be challenging.

Therefore, we have prepared an article for you to explain in full detail how to choose your Casio watch, also including the ranking of the top 10 cheap Casio watches market! In the end, we still give tips for you even replace the battery in your watch. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Cheap Casio

There are many models of Casio watches with prices that fit in your pocket. But among them, there are many design differences, material, protection against water and technology. So let’s analyze point to point all you need to know before buying your own!

Choose Material Agreement with Use

First of all, it is important to think about what kind of bracelet is more appropriate for the occasions of your day to day. Watches Casio use bracelets in various materials such as resin, steel and leather. Understand more about each one and see which fits best for what you need.

The more casual look that suits many styles of clothing, Casio watches with bracelets resin fall well in many types of situations. For the comfort and lightness, the resin is also widely used in sports models. Available in various colors and unisex options, just find what suits you!

Steel bracelets are ideal for professional situations. Resistant and easy to sanitize, steel has a long and useful life, but is heavier and less comfortable than the resin and leather. His visual draws attention and is indicated for those who work with the public and wants to make a good impression!

Watches with leather bracelets are suitable not only for professional situations, but also for the most elegant weddings and parties. More discreet than steel, leather becomes more sophisticated printing, and also more lightweight and comfortable. Requires more care to have greater durability.

Check Water Resistance Level

Top 10 Best Cheap Casio Watches (Up To $ 400) To Buy In 2020

Many of the Casio models are waterproof, which is one reason they are so popular. But did you know that there are various levels of resistance to water? The classification is given in ATMs (Unit of Atmospheric Pressure), which runs from 3 to 20. The higher the ATM, the more resistance.

For situations of everyday life, such as washing the car, washing dishes or even take those rain splash, ATM 5 will suffice. Have to take a swim or go into the pool, the ATM 10 is the most recommended. If you practice diving, choose from the ATMs 15 or 20, depending on the depth.

Display Digital or Analog: Choose According to Visibility

The watch face is a very important factor that often does not receive due attention. It not only directly affects the visibility but also influences the style. Let us understand the differences and advantages of each type.

The digital models are great for those who need to check the often hours, as in the case of those who use very train and bus. With the time displayed in numbers, it is easy to check at a glance. Most models also shows the date and day of the week, which is even more convenient.

There are also versions equipped with a calculator function, calling for a more nostalgic look. Model perfect for those who want a style that refers to time when digital models were still something new and revolutionary in the market.

The analog dial is recommended for people who do not value much the speed, but seek a more casual style. The time is displayed by hands, which may not be ideal to know the exact time quickly. It has a more classical style, but do not go out of style.

Display the date and day of the week on the display is not exclusive to the digital display. Many analog dials also have that information. However, you need to make a manual adjustment in shorter months (February, April, June, September and November).

There are also hybrid displays, which combine digital and analog versions into one. This model is great for those who travel abroad frequently, because it allows you to leave one of the dials in Brazil of time and set up another for the zone in which you are traveling.

Check the Battery Type to Learn Durability

The type of batteries used in cheap Casio watches directly influence how long they will last. Review the options below, keeping in mind not only the life but also as is the procedure for replacing each.

With lifespan 2-3 years on average, watches with button-type battery are good options for those who do not mind having to change the battery in less time. To be used in a wide variety of models, it is easy to find a design option that you enjoy.

As usual you will have to pay a fee to replace the battery in specialty stores and is a relatively simple process, it is worth learning how to do on their own. Try under their responsibility, but at the end of the article we will teach a simple method to do this exchange!

If you do not want to have to keep worrying about substitutions, we recommend watches equipped with long-life batteries. With them, you will be able to use your Casio quietly for 7 or, in some versions, up to 10 years without battery replacement.

The batteries installed in watches have begun to be used from the moment they leave the factory, so do not necessarily will last exactly the time stipulated at the time of purchase. Yet still a great option for anyone thinking of using the watch for many years.

If long battery life is not enough, look for watches with solar batteries. By automatically recharge when receiving sunlight, completely eliminate the need for change. Technology “tough solar” Casio generates power even at extremely low light.

Energy is stored in a secondary battery installed in the clock running on a loading and unloading cycle. Over the years, the efficiency can go decreasing, which also reduces the operating time of the clock. In this case, you need to do proper maintenance.

Women Need to Have Attention with the Unisex Models Measures

In addition to the female models, there are also many options Casio watches unisex for women choose. Many prefer the discretion and lightness of smaller dials, but for those who enjoy the greatest, it is easy to choose between the models usually more oriented to the male audience.

Be sure to pay special attention to the length of the bracelet, which can be very long especially if you choose a more masculine model. If you can not try before you buy, make sure the strap is adjustable to have no risk.

Top 10 Best Casio of up to $ 400

Now that you know all kinds of cheap Casio watches and the differences in style, material and technology among them, we go to our ranking in the top 10 on the market. Check out!

Top 10 Best Cheap Casio Watches (Up To $ 400) To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Cheap Casio Watches (Up To $ 400) To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Cheap Casio Watches (Up To $ 400) To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Cheap Casio Watches (Up To $ 400) To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Cheap Watches Casio

Essential Care to Keep Your Leather Bracelet

If on one hand the leather bracelets are more sophisticated, the other are also the most vulnerable to dirt, and dry out over time. It is a delicate material, leather requires greater care to last enough. Let’s basic care:

Cleaning to Combat Dirt and Sweat

To be quite vulnerable to dirt and susceptible to the absorption of sweat, leather requires periodic cleaning so you’re always well maintained and lasts for a long time. But do not worry: the process is super simple and practical!

You will only need baking soda, water and clean rags. Use a tablespoon of baking for each tablespoon of water soup and apply the solution on the bracelet with a cloth. After 30 minutes, wipe with a cloth dampened only with water and let it dry in the shade. Easy, is not it?

Prevent Dehydration with products Appropriated

But another of leather bracelets is that dehydrate over time, reaching the point of the material start to peel. If this happens, the look of the bracelet will be compromised without the possibility of restoration. To delay it the most, it is essential to keep the skin well hydrated.

There are many moisturizers suitable for this on the market. The application is very simple and is done directly on the bracelet. Some products may slightly change the tone of the leather at the time, normalizing after complete absorption. Here is a good option to have at home:

When doing your research, keep in mind in which locations and times you’ll use your new Casio. outdoor activities, professional situations and outputs with friends ask styles and different characteristics as well, so think about that when analyzing the options.

There are so many watches with great prices made by Casio to find the ideal can not be that simple. But now, with all information of our article at hand, just check carefully each of the items we select and choose the one that meets what you need! What are you waiting for?