Top 10 Best blenders with glass cup in 2020 (Oster, Philco and more)

Full of utilities, the blender is very common in the house of the Brazilians. He grinds and mixes foods and can be used in recipes such as juices, smoothies, pasta, sauces, among others. Those having beaker are easier to clean and does not retain odors support higher temperatures.

To help you in the purchase of this indispensable tool, we chose the 10 best blenders with glass cup on the market. We seek among the leading brands like Oster and Philco and identify the main features you should note the time of purchase. Read more below!

Why Buy a blender with glass cup?

Top 10 Best Blenders With Glass Cup In 2020 (Oster, Philco And More)

When buying a blender you can choose mainly between models with acrylic glass and glass. The glass cup can be heavier, but has a number of other advantages. The main one is hygiene. Glasses are easier to clean and does not retain odors.

The glass does not scratch and not lose transparency, avoiding bowel that can accumulate bacteria and keeping the food visibility. They are tougher, more enduring high temperatures and can perform hot recipes without disorders. The choice of glass cup, no doubt, is synonymous with money.

How to Choose the Best blender with Glass Cup

Even after the decision to buy a blender with glass cup, you should still pay attention to some important details! The power, the number of speeds, the type of blade are some elements that make all the difference in the efficiency of the product. See how to choose your own!

To Crush Ice and Food Hard Choice Models with Power Over 700 W

Top 10 Best Blenders With Glass Cup In 2020 (Oster, Philco And More)

In general, power is synonymous with blender performance, ie, the intensity and speed of operation. Measured in Watts, varies between 400W and 900W in most models. At higher powers, you can grind hard food and faster.

Power below 400W are more limited, only grind very soft foods. Between 500 and 700W work well for most preparations using raw fruits, cooked vegetables, cake batters, etc. But if you want to grind frozen fruit, raw vegetables or ice, opt for powers above 700W.

Jagged blades may be a differential for crushing More Difficult

Top 10 Best Blenders With Glass Cup In 2020 (Oster, Philco And More)

Most blenders have blades made of stainless steel, smooth and with 4 spatulas. flat blades run most recipes, including hard ingredients when associated with good power. There are also serrated, which can be even stronger on the ice grinding and hard food.

See also the amount of blades, for even greater efficiency look for models with more than four blades. Notice also in their position. Lest about food in the cup bottom, some models come with the blades in different positions, up and down.

Opt for More Cups If Great For Family

Top 10 Best Blenders With Glass Cup In 2020 (Oster, Philco And More)

The first decision on the blender jar is already taken. Glasses really stand out for its durability and because they are more hygienic. But you will also have to decide on their ability. Are commercially available, glasses with 800 ml of capacity up to 2 liters!

The ideal glass depends on the use. For one or two cups of up to 1.2 liters are sufficient. If your family is larger, choose glasses with nearest capacity of 2 liters. And remember, the throughput of the glass is less than its size, it is necessary to free space for mixing food!

For More Control and Miscellaneous Income, Look Models with Multiple Speeds

The blender will display different speeds, there are models 3-13 speeds! This variety gives you more control to achieve revenues in the best way. For more aerated mixtures, e.g., higher speed bump. Have to save more food, beat more slowly.

To make different types of income, look for a blender with more speed! And note also that some of them even offer the option pulsar, turbo or ice crushing. They help to break hard food into smaller pieces without damaging the product.

Want More Practicality? Options Joints with filter or cup Extra!

Top 10 Best Blenders With Glass Cup In 2020 (Oster, Philco And More)

There are models with some extra features that can facilitate and using your blender. The key is the total disassembly of the apparatus, which facilitates cleaning and prevents accidents with the blades. There is also the non-slip base, which gives more safety without risk of movement during use.

If your forte is the production of juices, look for models with filter, so you can separate the liquid more easily. Harder to find, but still interesting are the products with extra glass. With it you can prepare more than a recipe almost simultaneously.

Top 10 Best blenders with glass cup

Knowing then what are the key features to consider when buying your blender with glass cup, be sure to check our ranking of the 10 best in the market! No doubt will have a right for you!

Comparison table of the best blenders with glass cup

blender Premium

Liquidificador Expressionist Collection

Oster blender Super Chef

Blender Glass Optima

Prime blender Heavy

Oster blender Versatile

Blender Osterizer Classic Copper

Hamilton Beach blender with Silencer Protection

Compact blender

For blenders with Other Types of Glass, See Our indication!

If you do not have as a priority the use of glass or even want to know what are the other options of material for the blender jar, check out our article of the best blenders with various cups on the link below!

Did you see that the choice of a good blender goes through a number of details ranging from the glass, through the power, blades and speeds. Do not forget, too, pay attention to the voltage (220V or 127V) when buying your order to be compatible with your home!

With these instructions and the tips of our ranking, we hope to help you find the blender with glass beaker that best fits your needs and, of course, in your pocket. Any questions on the purchase, just return to our tips!