Top 10 Best Beds Box Queen in 2020 (Ortobom, Castor and more)

The bedroom is the most intimate and cozy house and it should be a place well taken care to offer a quiet and pleasant sleep, and to make this even more cozy room, have a good queen bed box is a great alternative. And buy a base with mattress is the best option!

In this segment, brands like Ecoflex, Ortobom, Angels, California Dreams, Gazin and Castor are excellent choices with good quality and comfort. To help you make the best choice possible, we have prepared a guide with all the necessary information, as well as a top 10 best beds box queen. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Bed Box Queen

The choice of a good queen bed box involves some care, and goes far beyond the aesthetic beauty or even the manufacturer informed softness. To help you in this process, gather all the details to be observed to make a more assertive choice, check!

Note the Size, It Can Vary

Although the “queen” is a reference to the size of the bed, it is important to be sensitive measures of the option you want. This attention is necessary because some manufacturers use a different standard of measurement, which can result in a variation depending on the brand.

Typically, queen measuring 158 x 198 cm. But due to the aforementioned variations, it is possible to find models with slightly smaller or larger sizes such as 150 x 160 x 198 cm and 206 cm. So be sure to notice this detail, which can make a difference in the space of your room.

Box bed with mattress spring or foam? Choose by Price, firmness and durability

While both are excellent choices, you must choose which type fits more to your profile, because they have different characteristics. Durability, smoothness and maximum load are among the differences between them. Check out the details below!

Top 10 Best Beds Box Queen In 2020 (Ortobom, Castor And More)

Beds with spring mattress are the most sought after options. In recent years the technology involved in the manufacturing process has been improved, resulting in the development of new springs, which are better and more appropriate to different types of needs, while comfort and softness side.

By having a more elaborate and sturdy construction, the spring structure has higher durability than the foam even more weight to withstand without deformation. The vast majority supports at least 200 kg of weight, but it can reach up to 300 kg!

Top 10 Best Beds Box Queen In 2020 (Ortobom, Castor And More)

The foam beds have an excellent cost-effective, meet the most varied tastes and have good durability while providing comfort during sleep. Among the available types of foams, they are the most common soft latex and mistletoe. See details.

Another important point is the densidade.Quanto higher the density, the mattress more firm and more weight it supports. You can check the values ​​in this table INER. A D33 mattress, for example, supports up to 100 kg per person, so when buying a mattress for couples, consider a heavier person.

Prefer Beds Queen Box Based bipartite

To contain higher than traditional measures, it is a good idea to opt for models that have bipartisan basis. This feature gives more mobility to the mobile in case of change and also cleaning. After all, after removing the mattress you can move the two parts of the base separately.

Another benefit is the most appropriate support offered to the mattress, which should be bigger and heavier, you need a stronger support in the middle. Because it contains two separate parts, such base is the most suitable for this size mattresses.

For More Comfort and Softness, Opt for models with Pillow Top

If translated literally, pillow top means “top of the pillow”, ie it is an extra layer applied above the mattress that provides more comfort and well-being during sleep, thus being a great option for those who like to sleep in a very soft place.

This layer can be made of several different materials, varying also its density and firmness, as well as being an extra protection to the mattress surface. However, for those seeking a bed firmer the pillow top may not be very suitable, since they add softness.

Box bed with drawers Chest or Offers More Versatility

Top 10 Best Beds Box Queen In 2020 (Ortobom, Castor And More)

For those who need more versatility for day to day, or even an option that makes it possible to optimize the space of the room, the queen bed box with chests or drawers can be an excellent alternative because it add to the mobile a good storage space.

Among these options, the chest with are those that have more usable space available, but can not access it while someone is lying in bed. Already the drawers have less storage space, but can be accessed easily, as are the sides of the bed.

Top 10 Best Beds Queen Box

After seeing everything that involves a good choice, how about giving a top 10 best queen? All listed products are of excellent quality, and can certainly bring many benefits to your nights sleep. Check out the following models that stand out on the market!

Top 10 Best Beds Box Queen In 2020 (Ortobom, Castor And More)
Top 10 Best Beds Box Queen In 2020 (Ortobom, Castor And More)

Comparison Chart of Top Box Beds Queen

Cama Box Queen Size Impressione

Bed Box Queen Monaco

Conjunto Cama Box Pocket Oxygen

Bed Box Queen Mattress Orthopedic

Cama Box Queen Relax Adorabile

Cama Box Queen Size Classic

Cama Box Queen Size Soft Comfort

Bed Box Queen Excelsior Foam Pad

Pilati bed Articulated Sommier Zeus

Even though many of the details involving the choice of a good queen bed box, we’re sure you now know everything you need to make the best possible choice. After all, you simply observe the points listed here, such as size, structure, type, and everyone else.

Do not forget to check in detail the options listed in our top 10 best queen beds, we are sure that some of the models related perfectly meet your needs. If you liked the content be sure to share with everyone you know. Good sleep at all!