Top 10 Best BB Cream to Buy in 2020 (Latika, Missha, L’Oreal and more)

BB Cream is a very versatile product, which promotes excellent benefits to the skin. Here in Brazil this product has become the darling of the chicks, so that brands such as Latika, Missha and L’Oreal are always releasing new features. It is also no wonder, it delivers coverage in a certain extent, without regret. Perfect for the warmer climate of our country.

But you know how to choose the right product? If your answer is no, know that you are not alone. BB cream accumulates so many functions we just lost the time to buy it. But rest assured! The following will explain how to choose the straight-laced BB Cream perfect for your skin. Then we show a ranking of the top 10 products. Check out!

What is BB Cream and What are the differences between him and the Base?

Top 10 Best Bb Cream To Buy In 2020 (Latika, Missha, L'Oreal And More)

In general, the Beauty / Blemish Balm (BB cream) is a lighter and fluid product, ideal for day to day, while the base is a denser cosmetic, perfect for the most special occasions. However, these are not the only differences between them, after all you can find on the market bases that are more fresh and BB creams more full-bodied.

For you to better understand the features of the BB cream it is important to know that initially it was for the people who had undergone aesthetic treatments or surgery and were appreciative of the skin face and reddish. The idea was to have a product that align coverage based moisturizing and UV protection.

So the best way to differentiate between these two products is to keep in mind that BB cream is a multi-purpose cream. Has makeup effect, but it is associated with the sunscreen and broker effect lightens spots, disguises pores and reduces wrinkles. In addition, many brands also incorporate other features to it, such as antioxidant effect, control of hydration and sebum.

How to Choose the Best BB Cream

Below we will explain what points should be considered when buying BB Cream ideal for you. Write down everything as this will help you make the perfect choice!

Select Based on Your Skin Type

Each skin type calls for a type of BB Cream. Discover below which features fit your skin type!

Top 10 Best Bb Cream To Buy In 2020 (Latika, Missha, L'Oreal And More)

Who has dry skin can have a ball in BB Creams developed from moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. It is also interesting bet on the products composed of vegetable and essential oils. They have, in addition to moisturizing action, high nutritional power, being able to repair the skin. burity oil, for example, have antioxidant and anti-aging effect.

Therefore, the BB Creams with these ingredients are indicated for dry skins. These actions are essential to have more freshness and elasticity in the face, significantly improving the long-term skin quality. So do not forget! When choosing your product, look for those assets in the ingredient list!

Top 10 Best Bb Cream To Buy In 2020 (Latika, Missha, L'Oreal And More)

The moisturizing effect is a common denominator in all BB Creams, after all this is one of the main functions of this product. Not to mention that hydration is excellent and essential to maintaining the health of all types of skin, whether dry, oily or combination. However, when it comes to hydrate mixed and oily skin, you need to take some precautions.

Unlike the dry, oily or combination skin can not fully absorb more dense and creamy products. Consequently, this type of cosmetic causes clogged pores and can even cause acne. So if you have this skin type, opt for a BB Cream that hydrates smoothly, ie, those with light texture and oil free.

For Preventing Attacks on Your Skin, Choose Products Ingredients Free Synthetics

If you often have allergies to cosmetics or if you simply want to avoid using chemicals, make sure your BB Cream is free of parabens or petroleum products, or if it is an organic or natural product. See more details below.

Top 10 Best Bb Cream To Buy In 2020 (Latika, Missha, L'Oreal And More)

Studies show that among the many evil arising from the use of cosmetics with parabens and Petrolatum are allergies and skin irritations. So if you have a sensitive skin, look for BB Creams free of such substance. Even better if the product is also free of artificial dyes and genetically modified ingredients.

There are many companies in the market that manufacture BB Creams without these harmful substances, especially the natural and organic brands. After all, besides their products are free of ingredients like these are developed only with 100% natural assets, further reducing the risk of skin problems.

Top 10 Best Bb Cream To Buy In 2020 (Latika, Missha, L'Oreal And More)

In general, the conventional BB Creams have in their formulas some not so healthy substances to the skin. These substances may cause irritation, allergies, acne and cosmetic still exposes the body to toxic substances, after all our pores absorb everything we put on them.

People with sensitive skin are more prone to negative reactions to cosmetics conventional. However, any skin is subject to have the same result. So it is more interesting to use natural or organic BB Creams, they developed only with botanical actives such as oils and plant extracts. That is, safe and healthy substances.

Are ingredients that have moisturizing, antioxidant, nourishing and rejuvenating more powerful. After all, the skin will be absorbed only ingredients from nature, which treat the skin in the long run. Not to mention that the quality of ingredients is inspected from the time of planting to the time to pack everything to deliver the very best in raw materials.

The Color Ideal is that if more color Nears His Base

Unlike bases, most brands offer a maximum of 3 colors in their BB Creams, and some have only one color. This is why, in general, the BB Creams do not offer high coverage. They just deliver a uniform light skin.

Anyway, the products have more than one color option, the indication is choose the one that most closely matches the color of your base. Following this tip, do not miss it. If you can test the product before purchase, remember to test it on your own face and not in the hand, as many people often do. Just testing the face you get to know the best color for you!

Opt for BB Creams Promoting Benefits Extras to Skin

We have explained above that the main functions of BB Cream is to deliver coverage associated with hydration and sun protection, but many brands incorporate other functions into their products. Therefore, we suggest you look for BB Creams that also offer antioxidant, essential characteristic to fight free radicals that cause skin aging.

In addition, still have those with lightening action and that improve the elasticity and skin firmness. These extra benefits ensure that, in addition to your skin look beautiful after applying the product, it is long-term treated. That is, the more extra features a product has, the better for the quality, health and aesthetics of your face.

The finish type also matters, Make Your Purchase This Considering Appearance

Whenever we think of BB Creams finish, matte associate the products to more oily skin and in effect “glow” to dry, right? In parts this assumption is true, after all the more sequinha oily skin is, the less likely you are shining or clogged pores. Already dry skin need something thicker, to prevent drying.

So if you have oily skin look opt for BB Creams that have matte or opaque finish or touch dry. If you already have dry skin, choose those with natural effect or “glow”. Recalling that some BB Creams finished “glow” can associate this effect with a touch sequinho. This type of product can also be used for oily skin.

Top 10 Best BB Creams to Buy Online

Now that you know how to choose a BB Cream is time to know the best products on the market. Discover below what they are!

BB Cream Beauty Balm 4 in 1

BB Cream Organico Sensitive Medium Brown

Perfect Cover BB Cream

BB Cream 6 em 1 FPS 20

Anti-blemish Solutions FPS 40 Medium

BB Cream Perfect Hydrating

Super BB Cream 10 in 1

Tips on How to Use BB Cream

Despite the power moisturizing BB Cream, it does not replace the conventional moisturizer. It just ensures basic care to the skin, but a more elaborate treatment should be done with a specific cream. The same goes for sunscreen, despite the BB Cream SPF have, it just enhances the action of the guard and makes a physical protection because of the color.

Note that if you want a higher coverage and opaque, can complement your makeup using the compact. And remember, at the end of the day is essential to clean the face with a tonic before washing it with soap. It turns out that despite the BB Cream texture is light, it is still an item of makeup, requiring more than the soap to remove it.

Mature skin has? Check Our BB Notes and CC Cream Just for You!

Mature skin needs to be treated with much more care. So, if you’re past 40 years, it’s time to treat your skin with even more care. To help you with this, the MyBest analyzed the main products in the market and selected the 10 best BB and CC Creams for mature skin. Click the link below and check it out!

There are many aspects to consider before buying a BB Cream, is not it? Often we end up making mistakes in choosing the product just because we do not neglect them all. But now, with our tips, you will not let any detail escape. And remember, whenever you get a new BB Cream come back to remember the tips.

BB Cream ideial ensures treated skin and flawless coverage!