Top 10 Best Basketball Tennis in 2020 (Nike, Adidas and More)

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Michael Jordan, all entered the NBA, world’s basketball league, with sponsorship from large companies that provide shoes specially designed for them. The big advantage is that you can also have a basketball shoes inspired and developed for these players!

basketball shoes to deliver superior performance on the court. In addition, basketball shoes Nike, Adidas and other brands are very stylish. But how to choose the best model and what are the top 10 basketball shoes? Check here, separately for male and female models!

Why Use a specific shoes for basketball?

Top 10 Best Basketball Tennis In 2020 (Nike, Adidas And More)

The basketball shoes is made to leverage the performance on the court, and protect the feet and ankles of normal game impacts. With the proper tennis, the player has security to make faster moves, up on the rebound or change direction with agility.

Another basketball shoes feature is the style, suitable for those who love the sport. So it is common to see who likes basketball go for a walk with this type of footwear. This is the ideal tennis to compose more urban looks, for those who love streetwear fashion. It is very stylish!

How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes

To choose the best basketball shoes the first step is to choose the most appropriate type of pipe. After evaluating the cushioning and grip of the sole, it is worth considering the shoes of brands and famous players. Finally, it is important that the shoes be comfortable in the foot, with the right number.

Select the Cano As the needs of your Play Style

There are basketball shoes knee high, medium and low. They are made to different player profiles, aiming to deliver maximum security for performing different moves. Then choose the type of pipe best suited to your play style.

The barrel low basketball shoes resembling the common models of running and gym. The down pipe is characterized by not having a higher ankle protection, which reduces the sense of security for the player. However, it offers greater freedom and speed of movement during the plays.

The pipe base model is ideal for more agile players that move quickly from one side to the other. In general, owners and wings (side) like the barrel low basketball shoes, they are faster players, that make infiltration and run all over the court.

The mid-cut tennis has a higher ankle protection, and the barrel top model this protection is even more robust. The ankle protection serves to provide more security in the games, so the player is not afraid to get on the rebound, jump to a stump or tray and twist your ankle.

The great advantage of the middle pipes and high stability is provided. However, mobility is somewhat compromised. Donut mid-cut basketball shoes or high are playing as pivot, or even as a winger for infiltrations focused on making baskets. That Tennis gives more security to jump!

Check the midsole technology to evaluate the damping

Basketball is a game that really impacts the feet of the player, after all, in a match run many leaps and starts. Damping is one of the most important parts of the basketball shoes, so many manufacturers invest in new technologies to deliver the best performance!

The damping is done in tennis midsole, most often manufactured from EVA foam, a soft and flexible material. In this regard, it is worth noting the technology from manufacturers like Nike Zoom Air cushioning adds that the injection of compressed air in the midsole.

Adidas invests heavily in cushioning technology and created the Bounce. This technology offers softness on impact and returns energy to push for the player. Attention to the technologies of other manufacturers to choose a model that delivers the performance expected!

Consider the comments on the sole of Compliance

All manufacturers talk about traction, grip and possibilities of multidirectional movement that provides the sole. However, it is difficult to assess the sole manufacturer of the description, it is only addressed the traction standard format (wavy, zig-zag and others).

The best way to assess the basketball shoe sole is to consider the comments of those who have bought and used. The user ratings are relevant in this regard, as well as give to know beforehand whether or not the slide shoes, the sole provides a good grip on the court!

Select Shoe brand or character you Identifies

The most traditional brands of basketball shoes are Nike and Adidas, they are sponsors of the major players in the NBA. However, some brands have recently gained prominence as Under Armor and Q4. Check and choose as the brand or player you most identify with?

Undoubtedly Nike is the reference in basketball shoes, for many years it is the main sponsor of several players who excel in the world’s most famous basketball league, the NBA. Nike basketball shoes are modern, colorful and bring constant innovation performance.

If you are looking for a Jordan basketball shoes, LeBron, Mamba (Kobe Bryant) or Kyrie Irving, Nike has several models developed jointly or as a tribute to these players. In addition to the high performance of tennis, you will have the same style of your favorite basketball player!

Adidas is one of the oldest brands of basketball shoes, so it carries experience and tradition. The brand has to stand out recently by damping and superior workmanship in tennis. The Adidas technologies, especially damping, are recognized as innovative!

You will also find tennis famous basketball players like Dame (Damian Lilliard) and Harden (beard, James Harden). In addition, Adidas is one of the preferred brands for those who like the urban and retro style, so the brand basketball shoes match looks very stylish!

The Under Armor produces lightweight basketball shoes, for speed on the court. The brand has recently gained prominence, especially as sponsor of Stephen Curry. However, it is more difficult to find her shoes here with competitive prices, a disadvantage.

Other brands also excel in basketball shoes, as Q4, which is a newer brand than Nike or Adidas. It has remarkable quality in materials and technologies used and is beginning to sponsor some players. It is worth considering less famous brands, but quality!

Buy 1 Number Greater than your Casual Shoes

Top 10 Best Basketball Tennis In 2020 (Nike, Adidas And More)

The basketball shoes should not be tight in the foot, but be comfortable and stable. Therefore, it is worth considering one number higher than your casual shoes to ensure comfort when wearing. Tennis tight can even hurt the player during the game!

The choice of a higher number provides a margin, then the tennis chance to get comfortable on your foot is bigger. Do not worry because the laces and collars will provide adequate tennis fixation, then it will not get out of the foot during play.

Top 5 Best Basketball Tennis Men

Now that you know how to choose the best basketball shoes, check out a selection of the top 5 male models available for you to buy online now!

Top 10 Best Basketball Tennis In 2020 (Nike, Adidas And More)
Top 10 Best Basketball Tennis In 2020 (Nike, Adidas And More)

Comparison table of the Best Basketball Shoes Men

Top 5 Best Women’s Basketball Shoe

Women’s basketball shoes are a little harder to find, however, we present a selection of unisex models with appropriate numbering for women. Check out what are the top 5 female basketball shoes to buy right now!

Top 10 Best Basketball Tennis In 2020 (Nike, Adidas And More)

Comparison table of the Best Women’s Basketball Shoe

When Change Basketball Tennis?

The basketball shoes will deteriorate over time. The foam cushioning will lose its effectiveness, the sole will be wearing and losing the grip, plus the wear on the shoes of the tissue, which can even rip. This compromises the performance and worst of all, it can cause injury.

So it is important to care about the time to change the basketball shoes and do not hesitate to invest in a new model for their matches. On average, one who plays once a week will need to replace the shoes with 1 or 2 years of use, who plays more intense may need to change the tennis in less time!

Bump in the courts with the Best Basketball Balls

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Now easier to choose your new basketball shoes, right? Introducing easy tips and practical about what you should observe to choose the perfect shoes to rock on the courts. In addition, we list what are the 10 best basketball shoes of the moment, male and female.

Introducing Nike basketball shoes, Adidas, Puma and other brands, including famous players like Michael Jordan and LeBron James. If you liked this article and know someone who loves to play basketball or enjoy the style of the sport in fashion, share right now!