Top 10 Best Apple Watch to Buy in 2020 (Series 5, 4:03)

No doubt the Apple Watch is a sales success worldwide. Apple’s smart watch came to change the market and plays its role perfectly, leaving behind all its competitors. The latest model released was the Series 5 that came with the promise of being the best of the generation.

Fine, but how to know which Apple Watch is right for you? Do not worry, this article will introduce the top of the ranking top 10 Apple Watches based on what each model features and offers the following benefits and features. So stay tuned (a) in our tips!

Why Buy an Apple Watch?

Top 10 Best Apple Watch To Buy In 2020 (Series 5, 4:03)

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch developed by Apple and unique to iPhone users (iOS). Its launch was in April 2015 and has had many improvements from there to here, and every new model launched there is always the expectation of great new features.

In addition to the hours, the Apple Watch can organize tasks and schedules, manage notifications, play music and can be used for electronic payment. It is also very popular for health and fitness control, meaning you can manage and check their performance during physical activities and exercises.

Another good thing is the plethora of apps available, which makes the Apple Watch perfect for use at all times of the day to day. So it is an essential item for those who want a life with more quality and technology.

How to Choose the Best Apple Watch

Among the models of Apple Watch has launched, there are small differences that may be essential for choosing the ideal Apple’s smartwatch. For this reason, we will present the points to be compared.

Check out the differences between each Series

The Apple Watch has three variations available in the market (Series 3, 4 and 5). So let us evaluate each version according to specifications, features and functionality and price.

Top 10 Best Apple Watch To Buy In 2020 (Series 5, 4:03)

The first major noticeable difference between each of the Apple Watch series is the processor. The Series 5 and 4 are recommended for those who want a faster and more comfortable performance, because the speed of startup and operation of the App changes a lot, because the processor is up to 2 times faster than the 3 Series model.

The Series 3 has a dual core processor (S3), whereas series 4 (S4) and 5 (S5) is equipped with a 64-bit dual processor. The difference in performance between the processing and Series 4:05 is not so absurd. However, the processor Series 5 is thinner.

Top 10 Best Apple Watch To Buy In 2020 (Series 5, 4:03)

Another major difference between the series is the data storage capacity. The Series 3 has 8 GB or 16 GB of storage for Mobile GPS + release, while models of Series 4 and 5 have storage space of 16 GB and 32 GB, respectively.

So stay tuned as the storage capacity version of Apple Watch, because if you want to store enough music and photos on your device, this is a spot to watch.

Top 10 Best Apple Watch To Buy In 2020 (Series 5, 4:03)

The Apple Watch has several interesting features that are displayed on all released versions (S3, S4 and S5), such as the function of answer calls, receive messages, control of daily steps and even a heart rate sensor.

However, the models of the series 4:05 received updates and two new features that are the electric sensor heart rate and detection of falls. The model 5 Series also includes a compass that allows a great orientation by maps on Apple Watch.

Top 10 Best Apple Watch To Buy In 2020 (Series 5, 4:03)

The size of the Serie 4:05 screen is more than 30% higher than the third, moreover, the screen display area is larger because the borders were reduced. The versions of 44mm and 40 mm Series 5 and 4 show a display area of ​​977 mm² and 759 mm², respectively. While the displays 740 Series 3 mm² (38 mm) and 563 mm² (40 mm).

Moreover, the thickness of the main body is thinner series of models 4 and 5, having a rounded shape and the appearance is slightly different from Series 3 which has thicker edges. So it’s a good idea to choose the screen size.

See also the differences between the manufacturing materials of each “box” of the Apple Watch. There are four types of material, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramics. The Series 3 has only the aluminum model, while the Series 4 also features a stainless steel version.

Stainless steel is characterized by its high resistance to scratches, and has a striking glossy appearance. However, this material is used in a few specific models of Series 4 (GPS + Mobile). Since aluminum has the advantage of being a little lighter and cheaper.

The Series 5 arrived with two new versions of materials, titanium and ceramics. Titanium has twice the strength and durability. Since the ceramic is four times stiffer than the stainless steel and its finish does not scratch or stain. However, these versions are extremely expensive.

Check that connection type is best suited to your routine

After choosing one of the series (3.4 or 5) shown above, let’s compare the “GPS model” with “GPS + Cellular model.” Both are used in a paired way with the iPhone, but the GPS + Cellular model also features support for LTE communication (4G).

If you always carry your iPhone everywhere, it’s recommended to select the GPS model to be cheaper compared to GPS + Cellular model. If you have an iPhone with Internet access around paired, you can use applications and communications smoothly.

The GPS + Cell model has the advantage of having a wider use option, but usually the GPS model is sufficient. In addition, there are advantages such as no restrictions operator and the lowest price, so it’s best to consider which one has the greatest advantage for you.

If you want to use the Apple Watch without an iPhone around, so you should choose the GPS + Cellular model. This model changes for the LTE communication (4G) even when the iPhone is not close, allowing the connection to applications and communication functions such as phone and email.

It is recommended for those who want to leave the house using only the Apple Watch during sports or physical activities. However, to use the GPS + Cellular model, you need to make a contract with any mobile operator. So be careful when choosing.

Choose For Customization Options

After choosing the model, let’s pay attention to the customization options, like bracelets (sports and loop) and colors of the “box”. You can choose from various materials, designs and colors, which will bring a new identity and a personal touch to your Apple Watch.

If you like the convenience and low, sports bracelets are the most suitable. If you choose good ventilation, the type of sport loop is recommended. And for those who want a luxury option, leather and stainless steel are also available in versions of Hermes and Apple Watch Edition.

The new models (Series 5) also added new colors the “boxes” as the golden, space, black gray (Titanium) and white (Ceramics). luxurious and exclusive versions of Nike + and Hermes can also be found, but the price can be quite salty.

Top 10 Melhores Apple Watch

As you already know all the main points that differentiate the Series and smarthwatch models from Apple, we will present the best of the current models in ranking format. Check out!

Comparison Leaderboard Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 5 – Gold (GPS + Mobile)

Apple Watch Series 4 – Silver (GPS + Mobile)

Apple Watch Series 3 – Gray Space (GPS)

Apple Watch Series 4 – Silver (GPS + Mobile)

Apple Watch Series 4 – Dourado (GPS)

Apple Watch Series 5 – Gray Space (GPS)

Apple Watch Series 5 – Nike + (GPS)

Apple Watch Series 3 – Gray Space (GPS + Mobile)

Apple Watch Series 3 – Prata (GPS)

Apple Watch Series 5 – Nike + (GPS + Celular)

We present you the best smartwatch Apple in the form of ranking, detailing each function. It is clear that the Apple Watch combined with your iPhone becomes your best and more convenient life, being almost impossible to imagine their daily lives without this device after use.

Hopefully this article has been helpful in choosing your Apple Watch or helped to take some questions as to existing models. The Apple Watch is also a great way to give someone, then if you want, always going back on our article and see our ideal Apple Watch ranking.