Top 10 Best TV Racks to Buy in 2020

One of the things most family make tasty is watch movies and programs together, is not it? To do this cm comfort can not miss a beautiful TV stand in the living room. It offers practicality in day to day for the organization of objects and devices and still leaves the most complete environment.

Brands like Imcal, Mobly and Madesa offer models with finishes of various colors, and magazines that support different sizes of TVs. To help you in the choice we made a guide to choosing the best TV stand and we list the top 10 market with options with and without panel. Check out!

How to Choose the Best TV Rack

When choosing the best TV stand for your room you need to think about the space it will occupy, if it supports the size of your TV, consider the design, number of compartments, material and practicality. See this and more to follow!

Choose Rack Type Thinking of Practicality and The Space You Need

There are two main types of racks: without the conventional panel, which is simpler and cheaper, and the rack with panel, which provides more space in the room. Check out the following details about each and choose the one that most suits your needs.

Top 10 Best Tv Racks To Buy In 2020

A conventional rack without panel is the right choice for those who can not stick to the wall. These models do not require any installation, simply mount the mobile and use it. Therefore, they are very practical and allow you to change the rack place whenever you want. In these models, the TV is on the sofa height, ensuring comfort.

They also tend to be more expensive than racks panel. However, as the TV is supported on the mobile can often end up leaving no room for speakers and home theater, for example, or any other object that wishes to support on the rack.

Top 10 Best Tv Racks To Buy In 2020

The rack with panel is ideal for those with small room or close and need a mobile that takes up less space. Because TV is hung on the wall your gaze is directed upward and gives the feeling that the environment is greater. And you can put other devices and objects to decorate the free space of the rack.

The panel also helps to fill and decorate the wall, so it may be a great choice for those who do not know what to do it. Remember that as needs to be fixed is important to check if it is allowed to stick to the walls of your apartment. So you will not have problems to leave the property.

Select Rack Compatible with Inches of your TV

Top 10 Best Tv Racks To Buy In 2020

Check the dimensions of the rack is very important to ensure that the mobile will fit in your room. Also, remember to ensure that there is enough space between the rack and the sofa for a coffee table or for people comfortably circulate the environment.

Ideally, the rack is wider than your TV so that on both sides of the space. So the look is more harmonious without looking like you are with a temporary mobile. Also check until TV size in inches, it supports to have no problems with too much weight.

To avoid neck pain, consider the height of the rack. Prefer a model that leave the TV at the time of your eyes when you’re sitting on the couch. So you will not need to bend your neck or too down or too up.

To organize better the room, Many Prefer Racks with shelves, drawers and Niches

Top 10 Best Tv Racks To Buy In 2020

There are racks that have shelves that are open and are great to exhibit decorative objects. Select this style to leave the equipment in sight and put your favorite objects matching the decor of your room. Just be careful not to let the visual too loaded.

There are also racks with drawers and closed niches. Choose this type if you want to put several random things without being exposed to the mess. Great option to store things that are not as beautiful as cables. A combination of the two is ideal, but regardless of the compartment, remember: the more the better!

Wooden models MDP and MDF Have Great Cost-Effective

Top 10 Best Tv Racks To Buy In 2020

When choosing your TV rack consider the material from which it is made. If prioritizes cost-effective, it is best to choose a rack made of wood or MDF that MDP besides offering good resistance are cheap.

In these models, choose those with feet of solid wood, which are even more resistant. made entirely of solid wood furniture they are much more expensive and difficult to find, but are models that last a lifetime.

The finish makes all the difference in the look right? For those who like rustic rack there are those that are made with laser and create a realistic effect of the wood texture. It can be a good solution economy. And some brands use environmentally friendly paint that has no impact on the environment. Good to know right?

Models Feet Tall, Casters or Floating Facilitate Cleaning

If choosing a rack without panel, know that there are models with wooden legs or casters. In models with feet, it is important to choose one that has sufficient space to ensure ease at the time of cleaning. Already in the wheel models do not have to worry about it because it just removes it when sweeping underneath.

In racks with panel, in addition to models with legs and casters, there are also floating models that are completely off the ground. These models ensure total comfort when cleaning, but require great care to secure installation and can not hold much weight.

Top 5 Best Panel without Racks

See below the best of the conventional type TV racks found in the market to complete your living room with elegance and practicality!

Comparison table of the Top Panel without Racks

Top 5 Best TV Racks with Panel

We have put together the best TV racks with panel found on the market that will leave your more spacious and organized room!

Comparison table of the Best TV Racks with Panel

Rack com Painel Classic 2.2

Home panel Suspended Turin

Now that you’ve read all of our tips do not waste time and choose the best TV stand in our ranking! Do not forget to consider the optimal action to your living room and it is compatible with the size of your TV. Organize better with magazines and let your most beautiful room with the rack!

We hope you find your favorite and can enjoy the home theater with your family and friends! And when you need more tips back to our website. Great buy!