Different Uses for “Coke” that You Might Not Know

Since weaning I have been drinking coca cola at least 1 liter a week (in average). Until now I have nothing abnormal and I still go on drinking it. It’s amazing how something as simple as coke can be used for many other things other than drinking. I still don’t understand how if something like this could clean all that, what the damage it will be doing to our bodies and it is still be allowed to be sold as a drink… showing me other uses of Coke; this would further increase the company’s turnover. I have also notice I don’t like things as sweet as I used to. Regular sweet tea is super sweet to me.

Coke as the name indicates, was originally having extractions from coca leaves. Aborigines from the Amazon jungle chew coca leaves when feeling hungry. The coca ingredient in Coke was later removed or being substituted to conform with the FDA regulations.

As as coke cleaning things, wouldn’t club soda work too or Sprit, because coke sometimes stains too. Also it’s not really the cheapest way to do those things and still get the same effect. So unless you drink half a coke and think, Oh wow that’s enough soda for me today. Hum, I guess I’ll just go clean my toilet bowl with the rest, I’m not sure it’s something people would actually do other than to just test to see if these things work.

When your car battery has leaked battery fluid, and it’s caked on the battery top (around the connections) just pour a coke over the battery (put something under the car to catch the drips!) and it cleans up the residue on the battery!

Many years ago, my granddaddy went to laundromat, back when oil was king in TX. A man walked in with very greasy clothes; he put clothes in washer, added detergent & a can of coke. When the washer finished he pulled out clean clothes. Granddaddy decided to not drink coke anymore, but he knew how to get greasy clothes clean.

Any carbonated drink can remove Rust and Calsium build up.

Alkaloids present in drinks can act as a bug repellent.

Stains in this video are phenolphthalein containg base(Na2CO3) which easily reacts with the Carbon dioxide containg in the drink which removes the color of the indicators. That’s a simple acid base reaction with an indicator.



Kids Using Old Tech

Their problem solving skills definitely need work. I don’t see that as generation specific though. My parents are the same age, my father figures things out pretty well but my mother just never seems to get it.

I don’t think they are stupid but you must admit they are a good example of how the school system is letting all our children down. Its obvious if you think about it that the receiver needs to be lifted to make a call. Its simple logic. The phone has two states and in one it cant make calls yet they continue to make the same mistake over and over and over and over and over and over again. Lots of overs eh. I’m trying to stress how often they make the same mistake without resorting to thinking about it.

In my opinion they are stupid for that reason but its not their fault its the education system. Well their parents too share the responsibility but they too are just victims of one of the worst education systems in the developed world. The only thing America is really good at is making, selling and using guns and sending people to prison.

Actually no it’s very simplistic. If that were true we would be confused by a phonograph or the original telephones which are also easy to operate. In actuality, society is DUMBING DOWN. kids today are lazy. Not all kids but also not all kids are this stupid. This is representative of lack of education and common sense.

Getting our children through college to move with technology paying and earning money for the next generation to progress to a new era. Past generations of pioneers have paved the way that must not be forgotten . Remember as I settled into old age I look back knows I have worked hard and your time as the next generation has come to lead the way for the next .

When you are old I hope you are respected for what your generation has done. Hope you read this we all get old . I am glad to be out of the rat race and have made a lot of money to enjoy my travels .

Melania Condemns Cyber Bullying

I think Melania actually does have a kind heart. By all accounts, she’s a devoted mom. I don’t think she has any influence at all over her husband, and may even be abused by him. She should never have married him; I suspect she didn’t know what he was really like until it was too late. And now she’s stuck like a laminated paper.

I know many of you will say she’s a calculated gold digger. Not only do I choose to give her the benefit of the doubt, I also don’t see how someone with her background would have any way to have seen Trump for what he is before it was too late. Certainly plenty of women have found themselves in similar situations with men who are not wealthy.

Unfortunately Her husband is very much a bully among other things she called out as bad behavior and I believe he is aware and proud to be. She must realize that and it makes me wonder if she’s trusting speech writers and whoever to give her good counsel and yet they are using her to make a scanned statement about her husband. It’s very odd, and seems like an underhanded way of saying the POTUS is not a good leader by example.

With all that a side, cyber bullying is a real issue that needs to be addressed. Many people have committed suicide and countless bodily harm has come of it.


Keeping Kids Cybe Safe

Both of my kids have tablets. Their tablet time is limited and is always used when I have easy access to see what they are doing it the games they are playing. My daughter does have access to YouTube, but only to certain things (cookie swirl c, Hailey’s magical​ playhouse and song lists I’ve already composed). I check her search history from time to time and she hasn’t ever broken from our agreement. She knows that her tablet will be taken away indefinitely. My son did have access to youtubekids but would come ask me if something was appropriate for him. Unfortunately, things being the way they are I had to disable YouTube and YouTube kids from my son’s tablet. However, seeing as both of my kids will ask if something is appropriate for them, that leaves me to think I’m doing something right with the way I handle their internet access. I don’t want my kids seeing unrelated videos like basal thermometers advertised to them.

We have a rule about internet access. If they want to download a game or watch YouTube it has to be around mom or dad. And they always ask if it is appropriate or not. Even in Disney movies they close their eyes on kissing parts. I think that is so cute and shows me that my husband and I are doing great as well…

A lot of parents use it as a tool to keep their kids busy. We are active outdoors and go to parks all the time and there are rarely more then one other child there. There’s a reason all of the tech guys from silicon Valley have tech free children, it’s because they know of they’re addictive properties and that kids miss out on the all important social aspect of life. We as a society are loosing that, hence the absence of kids at the park.

I’m not against computers, I see their benefits and use them daily, I am simply saying that the young influential and fast growing brain of a child needs stimulation, they need to touch trees and dirt and feel the burn of a scraped knee from learning to ride a 4 wheeler or playing using a punching bag for child.

Im not pleased there is not a playground

As one of the co-chair’s for the South Playground Society (fundraiser group for Isabel Public School), I have found this to be very interesting!

I agree whole-heartedly that our government (no matter past or present) should indeed provide funding for our new schools to have playgrounds. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and as parents and community members, we are left to pick up that slack. It’s a lot of slack!

The price tag for a playground the size that Isabel needs is approximately $4-500,000. This does not include swings, or ground prep. It does seem like an outrageous amount, I agree with that as well. But that’s one quote from several companies we’ve received, and it’s an Alberta company, and the lowest quote to date.

On top of that, forming a society is no easy task, and the process was started well over a year ago and only recently were we able to actually start the fundraising portion of the process.
We have a long way to go, a lot of money to raise, and we really REALLY need the help and support of our community as a whole.

The current fundraiser we are running is a BBQ, courtesy of  No Frills, in conjunction with the stores ‘Give a little, help a lot’ campaign, where donations can be made at the till as well. We were there today, we will be there tomorrow, and we will be back next weekend (Sept 3 & 4).

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us so far!


Government stopped funding for playgrounds quite a few years ago. Every new school has to fundraise if they want a playground & it’s usually put together by volunteers. Maybe get more involved with fundraising & volunteering

Baby Reflux – The silent

When Bubba was about 2 weeks old we started to see a change in him. He went from being our contented, sleepy little newborn to being agitated, screaming whilst being fed, taking around 30 mins to drink a bottle, grunting A LOT and getting hiccups A LOT! I know that these may just sound like normal newborn things to you but my Mummy instinct was telling me that something wasn’t right.

To start with, I was told it was colic and I agreed and thought it was too. I tried infacol, baby massage, colif..basically anything and after 2 weeks, nothing was working. It got to the point where one night Bubba screamed for 2 hours straight. He wouldn’t feed (he loves his milk), would sleep and just generally wouldn’t be comforted by anything! As a brand new Mummy I was so worried that there was something wrong with my baby. That night we went to the out of hours doctors at the hospital and I remember that appointment like it was yesterday. I remember telling the doctor what was going on and he just looked at me like I was a total idiot and said that it was colic and to basically go home and deal with it. We got in the car and I just burst into tears out of total desperation that I knew there was something more wrong with my baby.

If anything check out infant car seat review by enflow


Child Safe Org

Child-Safe International has been a leading force in the protection and safeguarding of young travellers since 1995.

Arguably, in 2016 the need for awareness raising, training, and accreditation services exists more than ever. It is therefore with sadness that the Board of Trustees has concluded that the charity no longer has sufficient human and physical resources to remain a viable, effective, sustainable and competitive force within the field. Therefore, the trustees have agreed to close Child-Safe International. The Charity Commission has been informed of this decision.

Child-Safe will not be undertaking any new projects, providing any further training or offering professional advice. However, the e-mail address admin@child-safe.org.uk  will be monitored by the Trustees at regular intervals for the next few weeks in order for any essential loose ends to be wound up as smoothly and quickly as possible.

The Trustees wish to thank all those individuals and organizations who have been involved with or who have supported, directly or indirectly, the work of the charity over many years. We urge all those who share the aims and objectives of Child-Safe to seek ways to continue the essential protection, safeguarding, and accreditation work.